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Full Version: The Official Thread of Amazing Guitar Work
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First comment under this one.
Quote:Holey shit what did I just stumble upon!!!

He didn't hit every note, but still killed it in my opinion.

Simpsons Theme

Marc Knopfler, Brothers in Arms.. this amazed me

Now I need to listen to some dire straits after seeing that! Never listened to them. I'm intrigued.

that first one you posted is amazing. virtuosity!

The best Judas Priest song and she really nails the awesome leads.
^ wow pretty good!

Okay... don't laugh... I will post some of coffee guy's amazing guitar work!

^ good work! I like the color of your fender
That's pretty cool Coffee Guy, thanks for playin' for us!

This is another one I like:

^ raw and skillful! I like
Unknown Hinson.

More for the country music fan than the fan of rock-n-roll.

Unknown Hinson hates rock music and thinks it's a tool of the Devil.

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