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Full Version: PRIDE FC MEDIA THREAD. Posters, Videos, Photos
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please post Pride Media in this thread.

[Image: pridegp2006a.jpg?w=614&h=489]
never saw this poster before. awesome

[Image: pridebushido.jpg]
beautiful design. very rare

[Image: tumblr_lf1d6mPjmj1qb5it4o1_400.jpg]
One of the greatest earlier MMA cards/

[Image: nom-1017_white_01_lg.jpg]
This thread will be the new sticky.
[Image: pride_bushido_7.jpg]
awesome graphic design.

As a graphic designer you must appreciate these.
I love the design and the creative liberty they have there. Graphic designer's like: "How bout we put a 1950s housewife in Sakuraba's guard": DSE: "you're on"
yeah they are open to new ideas.

US graphic design is stale and boring.

Their minimalism is very lazy. it all ends up looking the same.

Minimalism is awesome with an edge. i think japanese have spiritualized minimalism.
yup. like here they go for a 2 color scheme, but everything is so centralized and predictable.
[Image: A-NPR6eCQAA-BmY.jpg]

I like the asymmetry and movement here. It's like a short movie in 1 image: samurai strikes you down, blood drop becomes the rising sun, then the PRIDE logo appears.

[Image: Pride_Bushido_5_event_poster.jpg]

US graphic design is way too symmetric.

the one you posted above is in balance, but it looks unbalanced.
or should I say, it's symmetrical with a slight offset
it's not skewed towards either side, but it doesn't look the same either. both sides have different images and shapes but with equivalent "weight".
Bushido Stage. This was their "B" event. still looks 100x better than UFC

[Image: Pride_Fighting_intro.jpg]
[Image: kaujump.jpg]
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