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Full Version: Sweden 2020 Official Year end Death Stats are out. No diff. from previous years
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no lockdown no diff.

b-b-but.. what about the long term effects? - branch covidians

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it's a religion at this point.

people who previously didn't have meaning in their lives now have meaning enforcing the covid new world order

people who didn't have money or status can now turn the tables on people with money and status.. by preaching the "moral high ground" with covid rules and regulations

people deserve what they get.

it's so obvious it's a plandemic at this point.
according to branch covidians, swedish people should be dying in droves.. no lockdown for the entire period

but no that did not happen.

death rate same or lower than previous years.
communism was very appealing to dupes all over the world precisely because they could turn the tables on the rich

the rich are more likely to not follow the covid rules.. and can be reprimanded by lowly burger flippers at this point

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