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Full Version: The Newtown & Virginia Reichstag Fires
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Human history shows that the sheeple mass majority never wake up until it is too late for them.

No matter what crimes the overseers commit, or how riddle with holes their operations against us are upon close scrutiny... they will continue to win. The masses walk around anesthetized looking down at the pavement endlessly. We are doomed to their evil wishes until someone/something destroys them. We no can defend.

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[Image: nazi-r10.jpg]

[Image: Nurnberg27.jpg]
Communists (elite Satanists) view man as (I quote) "a mechanism without individuality." He is "basically an animal" with a "civilized veneer." Like an animal, he can be forced to believe and do anything given the right combination of terror, deception, drugs and brute force.

The goal of "psycho politics" is to "produce the maximum chaos in the culture of the enemy," and to "leave a nation leaderless."

"The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,"

[Image: 9319350.jpg]

"In order to induce a high state of hypnosis in an individual, a group, or a population, an element of terror must always be present on the part of those who would govern." (Part II, Ch.6)

But if we say so, we are "paranoid."

"The by-word should be built into the society that paranoia is a condition "in which the individual believes he is being attacked by Communists." It will be found that this defence is effective." (II- Ch 10)

"The populace must be brought into the belief that every individual within it who rebels ... against the efforts and activities to enslave the whole, must be considered to be a deranged person ...and... be given electric shocks, and reduced into unimaginative docility for the remainder of his days." (II-Ch.12)

- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/#sthash.V1GpxxO0.dpuf
Oh yeah, people in large groups are super duper easy to program en masse. Plato had it down way way back in the day, and methods have only gotten more sophisticated since then.

Super simple stuff.
if people don't buy into it they are forced to change their ways.

the people are the power. always have been always will be..


the robots take over.
Humanity will end, and we won't put near a dent in the dinosaurs' run, but I have faith for at least a few more generations.

The controllers have been trying to breakdown the power of blood and kin since there have been controllers.

When they try too hard to control everything, we overthrow them and get new controllers.

That's just one of humanity's cycles and we're about due for a soft reset.

We need new controllers. The ones we have now have gotten too greedy and sloppy, just like they always do before they get replaced.

You don't need to hope for power to the people. The people have always had it, and always will. It's the controllers that ALWAYS learn that lesson when their time has come to an end.

It's just about that time.

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I don't understand the purpose of this thread but in response to the Soviet "Art" of brainwashing:

The Soviet citizens (and Warsaw pact countries) were far less brainwashed than their western counterparts. In fact if their government told them one thing, they thought the opposite was true.

The soc block told it's citizens that America was a warmongering nation that had within it many people living in poverty. We were much smarter than to believe such ridiculous nonsense.

The Soviets were far more brainwashed by the enemy side than their own media could hope to achieve in it's wildest dreams.

They believed what the enemy side said about itself was true. And they loved western art, movies, music and so on.

That part of the media is where the strongest brainwashing occurs, as people integrate emotions they feel from the art forms with their place of origin.

As the joke goes: In Soviet Russia media told the truth and no one believed, in democratic America media lied and everyone believed.
^ true. even today the post soviet bloc countries are for less trusting of media than their western counterparts

eastern euros aren't as brainwashed as people think. they were forced to comply at the barrel of the western funded GUN

i think there is something about the western man that makes them far more susceptible to brainwashing than the rest. they are very idealistic and naive.. but they have another side where they want to control it all

in most places people know what's up they just don't say it for fear of govt. reprisal

in the US they actually believe establishment lies. they actually believe we are spending trillions and thousands of lives to free brown people in Iraq.
^ Interestingly the eastern euros had to comply with "democracy" at the barrel of a gun after the com bloc fell off - Yeltsin orders tank fire on the democratically elected parliament and it's electorate, cause they chose wrong.

But like I said the eastern euros also believed what western media told them, so I don't think they are less susceptible than their counterparts.

I just think we have seen through our own eyes both worlds (by way of immigration) and can compare what they told us and continue to tell us with reality on the ground.

Democracy turns out to be the most effective way to prevent democracy. Everyone blames everyone and no one is accountable for anything.
^Democracy in a nutshell. It's the ultimate scam for the Gov't.

Your vote is super secret! Don't tell anyone how you voted, but trust us to tally those super secret votes right!

Because Democracy!
The Reichstag fire was not set by National Socialists. Marinus van der Lubbe, a sane, intelligent man, albeit a pyro, set the fire, admitted it and maintained such 'til execution. There is no credible evidence to the contrary. The National Socialists did think he must have been working with other Communists and attempted to prove such, but they did not manage to convict van der Lubbe's alleged accomplices in the fair trial which took place. In any case, the Enabling Act was likely to pass anyway for purely economic reasons. With a body count already in the tens of millions nearby and much agitation within Germany, there was no need to exaggerate the threat of Communism by destroying the building they legislate in while the country was in financial ruin, especially with NSDAP/German National Party coalition making up the majority of the government by this time anyway.

(all Reichstag info in first 11 minutes)
Thanks, Reflexion. Always enjoy seeing solid counter arguments to well known conspiracies.
thank you for the back up at mma.tv fugazi. appreciate. they are truly mouthbreathers over there.

(08-31-2015 04:01 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]thank you for the back up at mma.tv fugazi. appreciate. they are truly mouthbreathers over there.


No prob, bro.

But it reminds me exactly why I TRY to avoid that site (accept to update my MMA knowledge)...

Altovski is quite the angry bird. He seems to know where I live? lol
I was very close to taking him up on his offer if he indeed does live near me. Silly, i know. But the dark side wins out in me from time to time and smashing him would be a nice contribution to that shithole OG.
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