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SYRIA - Discussion Thread
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SYRIA - Discussion Thread

CIA aids huge arms smuggling to Syria – report

Published time: March 25, 2013 13:59

The CIA reportedly has a hand in clandestine supply of arms to Syrian rebels by Gulf States. At least 3,500 tons of have been delivered - some ending up on the black market, with the Turkish government an active player, a media report says.

The flow of arms continues with the help of US agents as Washington criticizes Iran and Russia for delivering weapons to the Syrian regime, the New York Times says. Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Iraq on Sunday to close its airspace to Iranian flights just as the latest arms delivery from Qatar for Syrian rebels was landing in Turkey, according to the daily’s report.

The newspaper cites air traffic data, US and foreign officials and rebel commanders in its investigation.

The airlift reportedly began in early 2012 with a Qatari Emir Air Force C-130 transport aircraft flight. Saudi Arabia and Jordan have joined in in November, when it became a major operation. More than 160 military flights have landed in Turkey over the time. Esenboga Airport near Ankara was the prime destination, but others were also involved, the newspaper claims.

“A conservative estimate of the payload of these flights would be 3,500 tons of military equipment,” Hugh Griffiths, of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, told the newspaper. He added that it appears as a “well-planned and coordinated clandestine military logistics operation.”

Indeed, CIA agents have a direct input on the deliveries, albeit mostly consultative, NYT says. The spy agency reportedly helps with procurement of weapons in Croatia and vets Syrian rebel groups, which would receive the weapons.

The involvement was supposedly motivated by the fact that the Arab states would supply arms to the Syrian militants anyway. The hopes CIA its can steer away the arms from Islamists’ hands and prevent weapons which can potentially be used by terrorist against civilian targets from being delivered, a former US official told the newspaper.

The operation was a limited success apparently, NYT says, citing two Islamist commanders.

“There are fake Free Syrian Army brigades claiming to be revolutionaries, and when they get the weapons they sell them in trade,” Hassan Aboud of Soquor al-Sham told the newspaper.

The former official described the program as “a cataract of weaponry.” He said: “People hear the amounts flowing in, and it is huge, but they burn through a million rounds of ammo in two weeks.”

Instrumental to setting up the operation was David H. Petraeus, the CIA director until November, the official said. He had prodded various countries to work together on it.

The scale of the operation increased considerably in November, after the Turkish government agreed to it, the report says. The tipping point may also have been the presidential election in the United States.

Ankara reportedly has oversight over much of the program, down to affixing transponders to trucks ferrying the arms through Turkish territory and across the border. Some in Turkey say Ankara is de facto at war with Damascus because of its involvement in the conflict.

“The use of Turkish airspace at such a critical time, with the conflict in Syria across our borders, and by foreign planes from countries that are known to be central to the conflict, defines Turkey as a party in the conflict,” said Attilla Kart, a member of the Turkish Parliament from the CHP opposition party, who confirmed details about several Saudi shipments. “The government has the responsibility to respond to these claims.”



‘Syria could become another Afghanistan’

Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff
Sun Apr 7, 2013 10:58PM GMT

Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he believes Syria could turn into another Afghanistan.

The US general made the remarks in an interview on Sunday with al-Hurra, the Arabic-language satellite TV channel, funded by Washington.

Dempsey, who is on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, also said "...I have grave concerns that Syria could become an extended conflict" that drags on for many years.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of Army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Syrian government has said that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and that a very large number of the militants operating in the country are foreign nationals.

Several international human rights organizations have accused foreign-sponsored militants of committing war crimes.

In an interview recently broadcast on Turkish television, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that if foreign-sponsored rebels fighting against the Syrian government take power in his country they could destabilize the entire Middle East for decades.

“If the unrest in Syria leads to the partitioning of the country, or if the terrorist forces take control... the situation will inevitably spill over into neighboring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond,” he added.



'Germany helping Syria rebels with spy ship intel'

By REUTERS08/19/2012 20:22

According to German paper, country is providing rebels with information gathered by navy vessel off the coast of Syria.

BERLIN - Germany is helping Syrian rebels by providing them with information gathered by a German navy vessel off the coast of Syria, a newspaper said on Sunday, without citing sources.

Germany's Bild am Sonntag said the boat had spying equipment from the German intelligence service on board, enabling it to observe Syrian troop movements up to 600 km inland.

Information on the military operations of Syrian President Bashar Assad's troops that is collected by the ship is passed on to US and British secret services, who then give it to the Free Syrian Army, Bild said.

A spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said a German navy ship equipped with telecommunications and reconnaissance technology that normally patrols the international waters of the eastern Mediterranean was in a harbor in Sardinia.

Ships of this type are used to collect information but the ministry would not comment on details, he said.

A German government spokesman said the government did not comment on intelligence service activities. The German intelligence service declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for Britain's Foreign Office declined to comment. She reiterated that Britain was giving non-lethal support to Syria's opposition.

No one was immediately available for comment at the US State Department.

Bild also said German intelligence service agents were stationed at a NATO base in the Turkish city of Adana, where they were intercepting telephone calls and radio communications from Syria. They are also maintaining informal contact with sources close to Assad's government, the paper said.



Up to 600 European jihadist fighters among Syrian rebels – study

Get short URL Published time: April 04, 2013 09:32
Edited time: April 05, 2013 15:19

Hundreds of European Muslims have joined the Syrian rebels in their fight against the rule of Bashar Assad, the latest study reveals. Most of them hold UK passports.

An estimate of the International Centre of for the Study of Radicalization (ICRS), based on more than 450 open sources, has found that up to 5,500 foreign fighters have traveled to Syria since the beginning of the uprising against the ruling regime. Of them, up to 11 per cent originate from Europe.

"Between 140 and 600 Europeans have gone to Syria since early 2011," researcher Aaron Y. Zelin says.

Britain accounts for the biggest number of arrivals, with up to 134 people joining the cause. The Netherlands comes second with up to 107 people, next are France (up to 92), Belgium (up to 85) and Denmark (up to 78).

"As with previous conflicts, the picture is far from complete and will probably remain so for years to come," said Zelin on the numbers presented in the study.

"There is no 'true census' of foreign fighters, and publicly available sources are inevitably incomplete."

The research suggests most foreigners have not yet returned to their home countries.

"Based on the conflict totals, we estimate that 70 to 441 Europeans are still currently present in Syria," ICSR report states. "This suggests that most of the Europeans who have travelled to Syria are still on the battlefield."

Some of the data for the research was pulled from the so-called online martyrdom notices of jihadists, ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Out of 249 such martyrdom notices, about 3 per cent identify countries of origin as European. People travelled "to die in Syria" from Albania, Britain, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Kosovo, Spain and Sweden.

The researchers say, neither political motivations, nor jihadist ideology are among the primary reasons for the people to go to Syria, but the atrocities of war.

"The most commonly cited reasons for joining rebel forces are the horrific images of the conflict, stories about atrocities committed by government forces, and the perceived lack of support from Western and Arab countries," ICSR reports explains.

"In many cases, these individuals fully adopt the jihadist doctrine and ideology only when they are on the ground and in contact with hardened fighters."

This 'ideological' borrowing cannot but worry the European governments. For instance, the Netherlands raised the threat of a terror attack to "substantial" last month, saying the increased risk stemmed mainly from jihadists returning from fighting in Syria. British security services are also concerned the returnees may use their military know-how to wreak havoc back home.

The researchers, however, do not believe there is an immediate connection between fighting in Syria and terrorism in Europe.

"Not everyone who has joined the Syrian rebels is Al-Qaeda, and only a small number may ever become involved in terrorism after returning to Europe," Zelin said.

"That said, it would be wrong to conclude that individuals who have trained and fought in Syria pose no potential threat," he remarked. He pointed at the recently-published research by the Norwegian academic Thomas Hegghammer, which reveals that terrorists with foreign experience are far more lethal, dangerous and sophisticated than purely domestic cells.


CIA trains and spies for Syrian rebels – report

Get short URL Published time: March 23, 2013 09:33

Some Syrian rebel groups get training and intelligence straight from CIA officers, US officials told media. The helping hand is meant to bolster the secular opposition against both governmental troops and Islamist forces.

The CIA’s increased involvement in Syria is part America’s greater engagement in the war-torn country, according to The Wall Street Journal. The spy agency has selected some small rebel units from the Free Syrian Army to receive combat training and fresh intel they can act upon, the newspaper says, citing unnamed US officials and rebel commanders.

The training is provided by the CIA, working together with British, French and Jordanian intelligence agencies. The rebels are taught to use various kinds of arms, including anti-tank weapons. They are also schooled in urban combat tactics and counterintelligence tactics.

The experience will supposedly help them stand against the professional Syrian army, which scores victories against the armed opposition thanks to both more advanced weapons and better organization.

The rebels are also receiving fresh intelligence collected by the CIA, which they can act upon at short notice. The extent of the info provided remains in secret, but the US can potentially provide what they gather trough satellite and signal surveillance as well as intelligence coming through exchanges with Israeli and Jordanian agencies.

The CIA is said to keep this part of dealing with the rebels limited, withholding sensitive types of information, like the suspected locations of Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles.

The US spy agency was previously working in Turkey vetting rebel groups for receiving arms shipments from Gulf monarchies. The effort aimed at preventing the weapons from being funneled to Islamists had mixed results, the WSJ says. The CIA also works with Iraqi counterterrorism units to counter the flow of Islamist militants across the border to Syria.

The White House has been reluctant to send combat-worthy equipment to Syrian rebels, despite calls inside the US and from Gulf and some European countries to do so. It is concerned that those would end up in the hand of the more powerful Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist force, the Nusra Front. Unlike arms, the intelligence from CIA is operationally useful for a short period of time and would not be traded for years to come, a US official explained.

Washington’s concern over the growing influence of the Nusra Front was reiterated on Friday by President Barack Obama, as he was visiting Jordan as part of his Middle Eastern tour.

“I am very concerned about Syria becoming an enclave for extremism because extremists thrive in chaos, they thrive in failed states, they thrive in power vacuums,” Obama said after meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

The Nusra Front is believed to be responsible for the bloodiest bombings in Syria over the past months. The latest such attack was the assassination of Mohammad Buti and influential Sunni preacher and supporter of the Syrian government. Buti was killed on Thursday along with some 50 others when a car bomb was detonated near a Damascus mosque.

The US is reportedly gathering intelligence on Nusra Front commanders and fighters for a possible campaign of targeted drone killing similar to those the CIA wages in Pakistan and Yemen and the Pentagon in Afghanistan.


Tunisian Newspaper: 2000 Tunisians Are Fighting in Syria

Mar 23, 2013

TUNIS, (SANA)- The Tunisian e-newspaper 'Al-Jarida' revealed that around 2000 Tunisians are fighting among the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Abo Qusai, a Tunisian who fought in Syria, told the newspaper that the Tunisian fighters are of various ages and include students, workers and jobless people.

Abo Qusai revealed that there is a direct line through which those terrorists go to Syria which is that of Libya/Benghazi.

He referred to a terrorist group called 'al-Darneh Battalions' which arrived in Syria from Libya two weeks before he fled Syria.

The Tunisian terrorist said that he and his Tunisian colleagues are being treated as slaves by the armed terrorist groups in which ranks they are fighting, which made him flee Syria and return to Tunisia.

H. Said


At least 25 dead in Syrian 'chemical' attack as govt and rebels trade blame

Syrian rebels have used a rocket chemical warhead in Aleppo, killing 25 people and injuring 86, says Syria's Information Minister. The attack escalates the Syrian conflict and brings the violence to a new level, believe Russian diplomats.

The Syrian government's SANA news agency reported that terrorists fired a rocket containing chemical substances in the Khan al-Assal area of rural Aleppo and confirmed that at least 25 people, most of them civilians, were killed.

The World Health Organization has pledged on Tuesday to send medical aid and supplies to Aleppo the following day, but said it could not ascertain the use of chemical weapons. The organization’s spokesman told Reuters that on Wednesday the “WHO [would] send medical supplies (for trauma cases) to Aleppo from its pre-positioned stocks in Tartous.”

A photographer working for Reuters in Aleppo reported that the witnesses of the attack complained of a strong smell of chlorine near the epicenter of the attack. Reportedly, people had breathing problems and some of them died of suffocation.

"They said that people were suffocating in the streets and the air smelt strongly of chlorine,” the photographer said, stressing that most of the victims he saw while visiting the University of Aleppo hospital and the al-Rajaa hospital were women and children.

"People were dying in the streets and in their houses," he said by phone.

The UN Secretary-General and the director general of the independent Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have both expressed deep concern at the prospect of chemical warfare in the country. Later, Ban Ki-moon’s office has issued a statement saying that

“the Secretary-General remains convinced that the use of chemical weapons by any party under any circumstances would constitute an outrageous crime”. A statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website says that “According to information coming from Damascus, the armed opposition used chemical weapons early in the morning on March 19 in the province of Aleppo” .

“This is an extremely alarming and dangerous development of events in the Syrian crisis,” believe Russian diplomats.

The Foreign Ministry stressed it is “seriously concerned” about the fact that WMD has fallen into the hands of the armed militia.

“This aggravates the situation in Syria and brings unfolding confrontation in this country to a new level,” the ministry states.

The Obama administration announced it is looking carefully at the chemical warfare allegation coming from Syria, but instantly called into question the possible use of such weapons by opposition groups.

"We are looking carefully at the information as it comes in," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says the watchdog so far does not have independent confirmation of chemical weapons use in Syria.

“I don't think we know more than you do at the moment," maintained at a seminar in Vienna the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ahmet Uzumcu.

"Of course we have seen those reports and we are closely monitoring the situation," he said.

Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi stated Turkey and Qatar bore "legal, moral and political responsibility" for the "dangerous escalation" in violence because of their support of rebel groups fighting to oust President Bashar Assad. He decried the incident as the interim government’s “first act.”

The Turkish government has immediately rejected Syria’s accusations of taking part in the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo.

"This is a baseless accusation. The Syrian government has accused Turkey in the past as well," an unnamed Turkish official told Reuters.

Syrian rebel commander Qassim Saadeddine immediately denied the accusations and claimed the Syrian regime had launched Scud missiles containing chemical agents on Khan al-Assal.

Opposition group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 26 people killed following the attack, saying that 16 died on the scene, while the other 10 died in hospital. A spokesperson for the organization said it was unclear how many civilians perished in the attack.

The British envoy to the UN told reporters on his way to the Security Council that the reports on chemical weapon attack in Syria “haven't yet been fully verified."

“But clearly if chemical weapons were used then that would be abhorrent and it would require a serious response from the international community," Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant told reporters.

Syria's Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi said on Tuesday the country's armed forces would never use internationally banned chemical weapons.

“The Syrian army leadership has stressed this before and we say it again, if we had chemical weapons we would never use them due to moral, humanitarian and political reasons," Zoabi said at a media conference.

"Our armed forces absolutely could not use, not now, nor at any time, nor in the past, any weapon banned by international law,” he stressed.

Fears that Syria’s chemical weapons could fall into militant hands have been a source of constant concern for the international community over the past few months. The US and the UN have repeatedly warned President Bashar Assad’s government against deploying its own chemical arms stockpile.

Damascus maintains that it would never use such weapons against its own people, but would consider their deployment if threatened by outside forces.

Reports that Syrian rebels had seized control of a number of chemical weapons depots in the Aleppo province emerged on Sunday.

"Opposition fighters gained control over weapons and ammunition stores in the village of Khan Toman in southern Aleppo province on Saturday after fierce fighting that went on for more than three days," an anonymous military source told AFP. Reports of the weapons seizure came after days of brutal clashes between opposition and government forces.

The source said the rebels only managed to steal a few crates containing ammunition, as a large part of the weapons stockpile had been transferred out of the facility. Activists disputed this, maintaining that rebels had taken control of “huge reserves.” A video posted online showed fighters looking over crates of weapons and ammunition, and claimed the attack was mounted by opposition group the Martyrs of Syria.

UK-based opposition group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the attack, but did not mention chemical weapons among the arms that were reportedly seized by the rebels.


Syrian Rebels Name Texan as New PM
Ghassan Hitto Played Role in Syrian American Council's Dallas Chapter

by Jason Ditz, March 18, 2013

Syrian rebels have announced that they have agreed on an interim prime minister for their “government in exile,” which is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ghassan Hitto, an American, will serve in that role.

Hitto was born in Syria but has spent much of his adult life in metro Dallas, working as the Director of Operations for a small telecom company called Integrated Telecom Solutions. He also was the president of the Dallas chapter of the Syrian American Council (SAC).

The SAC got its start as a “media outreach” group, but since the 2011 Syrian Civil War began they have spent much of their time lobbying for the US to arm rebel fighters in Syria and potentially to get directly involved in the war.

Hitto won a solid majority of the votes cast, beating out Canadian Osama Kadi and Dubai real estate agent Walid al-Zoabi. Ahead of the vote, the group announced that it will never negotiate a settlement with the Syrian government, insisting that only a military victory or a government surrender was acceptable.
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
Syrian rebels have announced that they have agreed on an interim prime minister for their “government in exile,” which is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ghassan Hitto, an American, will serve in that role.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

Israel treating wounded Syrians at border, evacuating them to Israeli hospital

Israeli soldiers provided medical treatment to wounded Syrians who approached the countries’ border and then transported them to a hospital in Israel for further treatment, the military said Saturday.

JERUSALEM—Israeli soldiers provided medical treatment to wounded Syrians who approached the countries’ border and then transported them to a hospital in Israel for further treatment, the military said Saturday, in the first instance of Syrians finding shelter from their country’s civil war in the Jewish state.

A military spokeswoman says soldiers gave the wounded Syrians initial medical treatment near the security fence along the frontier in the Golan Heights and then evacuated them to an Israeli hospital. She would not elaborate further and spoke on condition of anonymity in line with protocol.

The seven wounded Syrians are receiving medical treatment at Ziv hospital in the northern city of Safed. A hospital spokeswoman said they sustained serious injuries to internal organs and limbs. She said one is in critical condition and the rest are in serious condition.

Israel and Syria have fought several wars and although the two nations have been enemies, Israel is concerned that if the Assad regime is toppled, Syria could fall into the hands of Islamic extremists. Israel also worries that anti-Israel groups such as Hezbollah could gain access to President Bashar Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons. There also are concerns that Al Qaeda-linked groups battling Assad could turn their focus toward Israel.

“It was on a humanitarian basis,” Israeli Vice-Premier Moshe Yaalon told channel two TV. “Refugees approached the border, received medical treatment, and we decided to bring them in for treatment in our territory in light of their condition,” he said. Yaalon stressed that there is no change in Israeli policy and that a large influx of Syrians will not be allowed.

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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
^ man.


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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

Israel treats wounded Syria militants

An Israeli hospital is treating the foreign-sponsored militants who have been injured in clashes with Syrian government forces along the Syrian-Israeli border fence in the occupied Golan Heights.

From a reported number of seven militants recently admitted to the Israeli hospital, one was found in critical condition with shrapnel wounds to his abdomen, four were moderately wounded and two had light wounds. Israeli troops took the militants to the Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s northern city of Safed on Saturday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The anti-Syria militants are being kept under round-the-clock watch in separate rooms in the Israeli hospital, and there are Arabic interpreters who can communicate with them.

A hospital spokesman, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the seven wounded militants are likely to be hospitalized for about a week.



Foreign-backed Syria opposition pledges allegiance to Israel

The leader of the foreign-backed Syrian opposition coalition, Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib, has pledged allegiance to the Israeli regime if he manages to form a “new regime in Syria.”

In a recent interview with the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Khatib stated that Israel should not be worried about the Syrian government’s chemical weapons as his so-called Syrian National Coalition 'is working with other countries to prevent chemical munitions from falling to the hands of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.'

This is while the Syrian government has taken measures to further secure its chemical arsenal and has warned that the militants may use such arms against the people.

Khatib added that, “We’ll spare no effort to prevent any military or chemical weapons passing to it (Hezbollah). We realize that this topic is of major concern to Israel.”

Khatib also admitted to having received information from US, French and German intelligence agencies on the bases and movements of the Syrian army.

The remarks come nearly two weeks after an Israeli airstrike on a military complex near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The Syrian army said in a statement on January 30 that two people were killed and five others injured in an Israeli airstrike on a scientific center in Jamraya, located 25 kilometers (15 miles) northwest of Damascus.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The Syrian government says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.



The many faces of Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib
by Thierry Meyssan

Completely unkown to the international public only a week ago, Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib has been catapulted to the presidency of the Syrian National Coalition, which represents pro-Western opposition in the Damascus government. Portrayed by an intense public relations campaign as a highly moral personality with no partisan or economic attachments, he is in truth a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and an executive of the Shell oil company.

The dislocation of the armed Syrian opposition is a reflection of the conflict between the various States which are trying to "change the regime" in Damascus.
We should pay particular attention to the Syrian National Council (SNC), also known as the Istanbul Council, since it was instituted there. This council is guided with an iron hand by the French DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), and financed by Qatar. Its members, who have obtained residency and various other privileges in France, are under constant pressure from the secret services, who dictate every declaration they make.

The Local Coordination Committees (LCC) represent those local civilians who support armed action.
Finally, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is principally managed by Turkey, unites most of the combatants, including the d’Al-Qaida brigades. 80% of these units recognise the Takfirist Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour as their spiritual leader. He is based in Saudi Arabia.

Seeking to regain leadership and bring a little order to this cacophony, Washington ordered the Arab League to call a meeting in Doha, sabotaged the SNC, and obliged as many of the tiny groups as possible to integrate a single and exclusive structure – the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. Behind the scenes, ambassador Robert S. Ford himself allotted the seats and privileges for this assembly, and has imposed as President of the Coalition a personality who has never yet been mentioned in the Press - Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib.

Robert S. Ford is considered to be the State Department’s principal specialist for the Middle East. He was the assistant of John Negroponte from 2004 to 2006, while this master spy was busy applying in Iraq the methods he had developed in Honduras – the intensive use of death squads and Contras. Shortly before the events in Syria began, Ford was nominated as Ambassador to Damascus, and assumed his functions despite Senate opposition. He immediately applied the Negroponte method to Syria with obvious results.

While the creation of the National Coalition objectifies Washington’s take-over of the armed opposition, it does not solve the question of representivity. Very quickly, various components of the SLA withdrew. In particular, the Coalition excludes any form of opposition which is hostile to armed struggle, especially Haytham al-Manna’s National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change.

The choice of Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib responds to a clear necessity – in order for the President to be recognised by the combatants, he has to be religious figure, but in order to be accepted by Westerners, he has to appear moderate. And especially, in this period of intense negotiations, the new President has to have a solid understanding of the subject in order to discuss the future of Syrian gas - but this is not a subject to be introduced in public.

US spin doctors quickly gave Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib a make-over, dressing him in a suit but no tie. Some of the media speak of him as a "model" leader. For example, a major US daily newspaper presents him as "a unique product of his culture, like Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma" [1]

Here is the portrait of him drawn up by the Agence France Presse (AFP):

"Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib, the consensual man

Born in 1960, Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib is a moderate religious figure who was for a time the Imam of the Omeyyades mosque in Damascus. He belongs to no political party.
It is this independence, and his proximity to Riad Seif at the origin of the initiative for a wider coalition, which makes him a consensual candidate for the leadership of the opposition.
His background is in Sufi Islam. A religious dignitary, he has studied international relations and diplomacy, and is not linked to the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Islamist organisation in the opposition.
Arrested several times in 2012 for having publicly called for the end of the regime in Damascus, he was forbidden to speak in Syrian mosques by order of the authorities, and found refuge in Qatar.
Born in Damascus, he played a decisive role in the mobilisation of the suburbs of the capital, notably Douma, which was active from the very beginnings of the peaceful demonstrations in March 2011. "Sheikh al-Khatib is a consensual figure who enjoys true popular support on the ground", underlines Khaled al-Zeini, a member of the Syrian National Council." [2]

The truth is quite different.

In reality, there is absolutely no evidence that Sheikh Ahmad Moaz Al-Khatib ever studied international relations and diplomacy, but he does have training as an engineer in geophysics. He worked for six years for the al-Furat Petroleum Company (1985-91), a joint-venture between the national company and other foreign enterprises, including the Anglo-Dutch Shell, with whom he has maintained contact.
In 1992, he inherited the prestigious charge of preacher at the Omeyyades mosque from his father, Sheikh Mohammed Abu al-Faraj al-Khatib. He was rapidly relieved of his functions and forbidden to preach anywhere in Syria. However, this episode did not occur in 2012, and has nothing to do with the present contestation - it happened twenty years ago, under Hafez el-Assad. At that time, Syria was supporting the international intervention to liberate Kuwait, in respect of international law, in order to get rid of their Iraqi rival, and also to forge closer ties with the West. As for the Sheikh, he was opposed to "Desert Storm" for the same religious motives which were proclaimed by Oussama Ben Laden - with whom he aligned himself - notably the refusal of Western presence on Arab lands, which they consider sacrilegious. This position led him to deliver a number of anti-semitic and anti-Western diatribes.
Following that, the Sheikh continued his activity as a religious teacher, notably at the Dutch Institute in Damascus. He made numerous trips abroad, mainly to Holland, the United Kingdom and the United State. Finally, he settled in Qatar.
In 2003-04, during the attribution of oil and gas concessions, he returned to Syria as a lobbyist for the Shell group.
He came back to Syria again at the beginning of 2012, where he inflamed the neighbourhood of Douma (a suburb of Damascus). He was arrested, then pardoned, and left the country in July to settle in Cairo.
His family is indeed steeped in the Sufi tradition, but contrary to what the AFP claims, he is a member of the Muslim brotherhood, and declared this quite clearly at the end of his speech of investiture at Doha. According to the usual technique of the Brotherhood, he adapts not only the form, but also the content of his speeches to his audience. Sometimes leaning towards a multi-religious society, sometimes towards the restoration of sharia law. In his writings, he qualifies Jewish people as "enemies of God", and Chiite muslims as "rejectionist heretics", epithets which are the equivalent of a death sentence.

In the end, Ambassador Robert S. Ford has played his hand well - once again Washington has duped its allies. Just like in Libya, France has taken all the risks, but in the major compromises which are to come, Total will have gained no advantage.

Thierry Meyssan
Pete Kimberley

[1] “A model leader for Syria ?”, Christian Science Monitor editorial, 14 November 2012.

[2] "Un religieux, un ex-député et une femme à la tête de l’opposition syrienne", AFP, 12 November 2012.


Netanyahu says concerns over Syria reason for resuming ties with Turkey

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the true motive to resume ties with Turkey is Tel Aviv’s concerns over Syria’s chemical weapons.

On Saturday, Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page that Israel and Turkey should communicate over the unrest in Syria.

Turkey had previously demanded an official apology from the Israeli regime for the deadly attack on the flotilla, compensation to the families of the victims, and an end to the blockade of Gaza as preconditions for normalization of the mutual relations.

On December 17, 2012, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari said in letters to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that the foreign-backed militants could use chemical weapons against Syrians and try to shift the blame to the government.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of Syrian army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.

Damascus says the West and its regional allies including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey are supporting the militants.

On Friday, Israel announced a full resumption of diplomatic relations with Turkey after Netanyahu phoned Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and apologized to him over the deaths of nine Turkish activists in an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound international flotilla.

The Israeli military attacked the Freedom Flotilla in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea on May 31, 2010, killing nine Turkish nationals aboard the Turkish-flagged MV Mavi Marmara and injuring about 50 other activists that were part of the team on the six-ship convoy.

The Israeli apology was brokered by US President Barack Obama during his recent visit to Israel. Netanyahu had previously only expressed regret for the killings and refused to publicly apologize.

(04-09-2013 02:35 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  ^ man.


Shouldn't come as a surprise. Destabilization in Syria benefits Israel since it eliminates a regional foe and paves the way for attacking Iran.
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04-09-2013, 03:40 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
LOL @ these syrian rebels being some homegrown movement.

We already know the egyptian riots were fomented with the help of Google.

When will americans wake up?

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 04:17 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
(04-09-2013 03:40 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  LOL @ these syrian rebels being some homegrown movement.

We already know the egyptian riots were fomented with the help of Google.

When will americans wake up?

[b]"SYRIA: 95% of 'Syrian rebels' not Syrians" - German Intelligence

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04-09-2013, 04:21 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
Just like Yuri bezmenov said.. when the people are subverted.. no facts will matter.

they simply will not react.

A lot of the 'rebels' in Libya were AL FUCKING QAEDA LMFAO.

They even admitted this.

I think the NWO is totally losing their mandate. They've lost hearts and minds.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 04:22 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

you can post videos by clicking on the TV button.. and then clicking youtube, then insert link

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 01:21 PM
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Re: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
These MSM retards in the American media are hyping up the idea that Bashir al Assad is some sort of crazed Hitleresque dictator who is, of course, the worst thing on earth since Ghadaffi. And of course, we're not exactly saying that we have to go to war against Syria, but, ummm, democracy! Freedom! Terrorists! USA numbah one! What a bunch of shit heads.

The worst thing is that if you watch Al Jazeera or Russia Today, you will HEAR these Sunni rebels openly declare that as soon as they get into power, they will oppress the Christians, Shia, and Allawites, institute Sharia law, declare hostility to the West, etc.... and these retards are freedom powers to you goat scrotums?? Is something wrong with your frontal lobes?

They said the EXACT same thing about Ghadaffi. Did he commit some atrocities? Sure. But not because he was a uniquely oppressive guy. Both he and Assad are strongmen who 1) wish to maintain the status quo, and 2) mercilessly crush anyone who challenges their rule. You are a tard if you assume, therefore, that anybody who opposes him is a "freedom fighter". No. This is like calling Communists who fought against the Chinese warlords in 1920 "freedom fighters", instead of dangerous thugs.

These Islamic radicals are 100% more oppressive and dangerous than any Arab dictator. Saddam Hussein was a declared ENEMY of Al Qaeda. And yet the American shitheads had to depose him, because, uhhh, he was gonna make nukes out of camel turds and date palms. And now they act all surprised when Christians are being murdered in the streets every day, and the entire country has descended into chaos.

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04-09-2013, 01:22 PM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
^ one christian is killed ever 5 min. according to certain stats.

this is a holocaust folks!

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 01:29 PM
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Re: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
Like I said:

1) Assad is murdering rebels against his authority, and unfortunately, some innocent women and children have gotten in the way.

2) Neocons are hyping this like MAD to claim he needs to be deposed militarily.

3) But Assad's atrocities will look like child's play, compared to what Sunni rebels will do once they get into power.

4) DEMOCRACY IS NOT AN UNIVERSAL GOOD YOU FOOLS. Egypt is about to have sharia law because the people democratically want it. The government is even MORE hostile to the West than it was under Mubarak.

5) Arab countries are full of fractious, rebellious, violent people who thrive best when they are under the rule of a dictatorship. People are NOT the same everywhere. Democratic consensus works in Switzerland and Japan, it does not work so well in a third world shithole like Libya.

6) Ideally, the only goal of the dictatorship should be to remain in power at all costs, and should not be tied down to any agenda. Saddam Hussein was a Baathist, only out of convenience, who only made alliances with Islamic radicals when it was in his favor, but was a staunch enemy of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.This makes it easier to control their behavior.

7) If you care about non-Muslim minorities in Arab countries, IT IS YOUR MORAL DUTY TO SUPPORT ASSAD. Once the Muslim rebels gain power, there will be a bloodbath across the entire country.

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04-09-2013, 01:36 PM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
Of course, the western powers have always supported these extremists.. stability and good goverenance means they don't need WESTERN SUPPORT/HELP.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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04-09-2013, 01:58 PM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2013 06:34 PM by Megatherium.)
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
(04-09-2013 01:22 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  ^ one christian is killed ever 5 min. according to certain stats.

this is a holocaust folks!

Syria, the land of the ancient Arameans will be the final resting place of Syriac-Aramaic Christianity. This has been the end game for the Anglo Saxon powers for close to two centuries.

The final solution against Christianity in it's most original, authentic form is at hand!





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04-09-2013, 03:03 PM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
(04-09-2013 02:35 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  Syrian rebels have announced that they have agreed on an interim prime minister for their “government in exile,” which is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ghassan Hitto, an American, will serve in that role.
And of course this Hitto is not only an American, but a Kurd, the traditional henchmen of the Anglo powers. I'm curious about the French position in all of this. I recall they were quite heroic in their opposition in the UN to the invasion of Iraq. And Iraq was a post WW1 British province/gas station. Syria was French.

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