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SYRIA - Discussion Thread
04-26-2017, 09:58 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

#FROMTHEFRONT#SYRIA 25.04.2017 - 2,872 views

ISIS ‘Apologized’ To Israel For Attacking Its Soldiers – Ex-Defense Minister

[Image: 1382.jpg]

Moshe Ya’alon

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has accidently acknowledged that Israel has an open communications channel with the ISIS terrorist group, or at least its part operating in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Speaking about Israel’s neutrality in the Syrian war on Satuday, Ya’alon said that the terrorist group apologized for opening fire on Israeli Defense Forces soldiers in the occupied Golan Heights.

“There was one case recently where Daesh [ISIS] opened fire and apologized,” the Times of Israel quoted Ya’alon as saying.

According to the media outlet, it was “an apparent reference to a clash that took place near the Syrian border last November, in which IDF troops exchanged fire with members of the Islamic State affiliate. After a brief gun battle, the Israeli military attacked the terrorist group with airstrikes and tank fire, killing four of them.”

Khalid ibn al-Walid Army, a local branch of ISIS, is a designated terrorist group and communication with it is illegal (ever under the Israeli law). However, Israel is very neutral in this war. So, it can ingore this.
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04-26-2017, 10:22 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread
Quote:Kadyrov: West will use every resource to bring Russia to her knees

5790 Views April 20, 2017 33 Comments

[Image: Ramzan-Kadyrov-864x400_c.jpg]

Kadyrov: West will use every resource to bring Russia to her knees

RT reports:
The US and its Western allies will use any opportunity to harm Russia, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov told RT. He believes the rise of terrorism in Syria was similar to what happened to his native Chechnya two decades ago.

“The West, Europe do not want to help anyone. The important thing for them is to use every resource against Russia. They want to see us kneeling before them,” Kadyrov said in an exclusive interview with RT’s Arabic channel.

“This will never happen,” he added.

The Chechen Republic in southern Russia was the scene of two military campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s. Ramzan Kadyrov said his father’s choice to pledge his loyalty to Moscow was the choice of the Chechen people.

“[Ramzan Kadyrov’s father Akhmad] said: if I am the leader of the republic, you let the Chechen people have its word. If the people say that they want to be part of Russia, I will agree to that too. If they say against it, so will I. That was the arrangement. And the people said they want to live as part of Russia,” he said.

Kadyrov reiterated his loyalty to Moscow, both as representative of the Chechen people and as a devout Muslim.

“My people have entrusted me to serve in good faith. And my religion also obliges me to be loyal to the commander-in-chief. As long as this country and this president allow you to build mosques and pray, your duty is to die for this president,” Kadyrov said.

Kadyrov said that Chechens in the 1990s were lured by false promises of people whose sole interest was demolishing Russia. He personally took up arms and fought against the Russian army when he was a teenager, and that is not an experience he wishes his children to have.

“When I took place next to my father with arms in hands, I was younger than my oldest child is now. She is 18 now, and I was 15 or 16. I don’t want my children or children of Chechens or children of anyone in Russia to see what I saw,” he said.

He says foreign special services were involved in the effort to provoke chaos in Chechnya.

“The Western and European special services over the years did every possible and impossible thing to destroy Russia as a sovereign state. They chose the Chechen Republic as the stage for their game,” he said.

“That was not some bandit gang. There were fighters well trained by the special services. Our intelligence says fighters from 50 nations were involved. But Russia prevailed and has proven that she is a strong nation.”

He said the same orchestrated devastation that Chechnya saw two decades ago can now be witnessed in Syria. A battalion of troops from the Chechen Republic currently serves in Syria as military police overseeing the transition period in Aleppo, a city that had lived for years divided between pro-government and anti-government forces.

“What they saw there is the same thing we had here. The same scenario, the same masters,” he said.

Kadyrov, who is accused by critics of violating human rights and putting sharia law above that of Russia’s federal laws, said his critics stir controversy surrounding his name to attack the country and its president.

“They seek any opportunity to stand against [Vladimir] Putin. And Kadyrov is convenient for them. This name is well known and talked about,” he said. “Why wouldn’t they talk about people, who got busted taking bribes? Nobody ever talks about them.”

“They think they can use our people and our youths against Russia again. This won’t happen. They really don’t like it when 50,000 of our people sing the anthem of Russia. Or when we carry the biggest flag of Russia,” he added. “What they would like is for us to march with banners against Russia.”

“They tricked us once, and a second time. But there won’t be a third one.”

The Chechen leader said his alleged suggestion to target relatives of terrorists an example of distorted reporting by his critics.

“They just distort my words however they like. I was talking about people actively supporting terrorists,” he said.

“They are terrorists too. They may not take arms themselves. But why should we help them [with benefits], feed them and provide for them, when they are helping to kill us. They are accomplices of terrorism. We don’t want such people to live here.”
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Yesterday, 07:55 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread


Ziad Fadel / 3 hours ago

The terrorists of Jaysh Al-Islam are in a most precarious position today. This is evinced by their frenzied theft of medical and pharmaceutical items as they prepare for the impending clean-up that is coming. The SAA is advancing in every location. Yesterday, the Syrian Army reached the Tishreen Thermal Station killing 12 rodents and wounding scores. Today, the SAA liberated the area between Al-Barza Farms and Al-Qaaboon all the way to Western Harastaa and Dhaahiyat Al-Assad. All main tunnels have been destroyed leaving the rodents with few options to transport their instruments of murder. We can also say with confidence that Al-Barza has been separated completely from Al-Qaaboon. The Saudis in Jordan are reporting to their cockroaches in Riyaadh that the campaign is dying.

This is also happening in the south where Americans hoped to stage some coup establishing a new enclave linked to both Jordan and the Zionist Abomination. That is not going well, at all. Yesterday, the SAA pounced on a grouping of rodents on the Dam Road and the Naaziheen Camp destroying a fixed anti-aircraft cannon, a pile of machine gun magazines and a mobile satellite communications truck. The same occurred south of Al-Karak at the water reservoir.

Nusra/Alqaeda, now commanded directly by the Zionist Obscenity, found itself surrounded after it attacked several SAA outposts. I have been informed that the terrorists took heavy casualties.

At Al-‘Abbaasiyya, Haarat Al-Badw, Haarat Al-Hammaadeen, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed along with one rocket launcher and 19 rodents killed.

At Nasb, the SAAF killed the spokesman for Ahraar Al-Shaam, one Usaamaa Nasrullaah Al-Shareef (a/k/a “Abu Zayd”).

And at Dayr El-Zor, ISIS has begun to fight itself over territory. At Al-Maqaabir (Cemeteries), the SAA killed 21 rodents. At Khashshaan, ISIS has begun a campaign of kidnapping women and children as punishment for not supporting their cause. It’s becoming a real mess as the U.S. continues to slaughter innocent civilians in Al-Raqqa with barbaric aerial assaults.

So what is going on? The Russians seem most phlegmatic these days. Imperturbable probably because the war is going their way. In Afghanistan, it appears that Russia has decided to up the ante on Trump by making the American presence there even more untenable. Some U.S. Army commander has “suggested” that Russia is now supplying the Taliban with arms, both medium and heavy, to use against the so-called “coalition”. Is it possible the Cold War is back? I’m afraid it looks that way. Donald Trump, even more inept than Obama, is igniting a conflict which is starting to resemble those decades of old when the CIA and KGB were trying to do the other in in novels written by John LeCarre, Len Deighton, Graham Green and Ian Fleming.

Trump’s attack on the airbase at Al-Shu’ayraat will be his last. Oh, there will be more false flags set up by the French (unless Marine wins) or the British, yet, we don’t suspect Trump will test the upgraded air defenses once more in the airspace over Syria. Somebody must have told him that the Russians won’t tolerate this again. Somebody must have told him that his Tomahawks didn’t work terribly well when they hit a backwater airbase used to store bombers in disrepair. Trump is flirting with disaster as he ramps up the rhetoric over North Korea and Syria and uses meaningless super-bombs over the heads of a few ISIS apes. This president is as mercurial as we thought, only, he is shifting his policies to such an extent that we can now comfortably call him a liar.

As the war in Syria wears on, so does the landscape change. The Syrian Army is on its way to Khaan Shaykhoon, that same town where the most recent false flag event was waved. Despite the balanced opinions of true experts, the U.S. continues with its shenanigans and lies with the unqualified support of the Deep State and the prostituted corporate media. It is obvious that a lesson must be sent to Mr. Trump who treats his failures like water rolling off a duck’s back. If he learns a lesson, then, so be it. If he doesn’t, maybe his lieutenants will have the intestinal fortitude to tell him that he must back off policies which could lead to his own immolation.

The army in Syria has concluded many agreements with former rodents thus releasing tens of thousands of new troops for new fronts which need the full attention of the Ministry of Defense. With Hizbollah now leaving border posts to the Lebanese Army, expect the fronts in Idlib, Der’ah and East Homs to heat up to critical mass. And Iran is boosting its presence with new proxies arriving to aid the SAA. It looks like the war is going to slow down appreciably over the next 4 months as the murderous rodents start to realize that the afterlife may not be worth all this hurly-burly.
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Yesterday, 07:57 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

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Yesterday, 08:00 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

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Yesterday, 08:03 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

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Yesterday, 08:04 AM
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RE: SYRIA - Discussion Thread

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