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Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
11-01-2014, 11:23 PM
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Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
In America: The social environment is isolating, lonely, cliquish, paranoid, antisocial and devoid of human connection.
[Image: SDC11371.JPG]
· America’s social culture is exclusive and all about cliques. Meeting people does not come easily or naturally. You have to break into cliques to meet people. The social vibe feels very cliquish, antisocial, segregated and paranoid, which is not healthy. There is no social connection or camaraderie. Social life sucks in America.
· People live in their own bubble and are disconnected. There is an ice wall between strangers (hence the term “breaking the ice”). People are cold and distant with superficial smiles. They don't talk to strangers unless it's business-related. Every stranger is seen as a potential creep. Deep down, people don’t seem to like other people.
· You don’t really meet people when you go out. Out in public, everyone keeps to themselves and minds their own business and expect you to as well. The social vibe is very antisocial. Talking to strangers is taboo. There is no real social scene like there is in Europe and Latin America. So there’s no point in going out. In America, only elderly people and senior citizens are open to talking to strangers and are down-to-earth.
· Generally, people don’t talk to strangers in America unless it’s business-related. I don’t know about you, but my gut instinct tells me there’s something wrong with that. It’s not natural or normal. And it’s very antisocial.
· If you go out alone, you stay alone and are invisible. People don’t talk to you. So what’s the point of going out?
· People don’t even talk to their neighbors. Never before in human history has there ever been a society where people don’t even talk to their neighbors. Throughout all of history, people have always been very social and connected with their neighbors. Modern America is an abnormal aberration in this sense.
· Friendships are superficial and families lack closeness. Everyone is out for themselves. No one cares about you. No one will help you if you hit rock bottom. As they say in America “It’s a cold cruel world”.
· In work environments, most co-workers do not eat together during lunch nor invite their co-workers to their home. Immigrants from Latin America, I heard, are shocked by this, because that is unheard of in Latin America.
· There is no real culture in America, at least by European, Russian and Latin American standards. There is only a consumerist culture, which is not a real culture, because true culture is not commercial, it is about the soul of the people. And in that regard, America is basically soulless. You can see it in the empty eyes of most Americans. And you can see it in the architecture of buildings (e.g. offices and strip malls), which is bland, soulless and conformist.
· America is a consumerist culture where people focus on consumerism rather than developing social relationships with others. That’s why it’s such a lonely country with no true social life, social connection or real friendships.
· Key point: American social culture is very fake and artificial. Thus if you are authentic and down-to-earth, you will feel alienated and out-of-place. What’s worse, you will feel like you can’t be yourself. That’s why down-to-earth people tend to feel withdrawn in America, not because they are shy, but because they can’t be themselves. Logically, to fit into a fake social culture, you must develop a fake pseudo-self, which divides you from your real self and results in psychological imbalance and fragmentation (aka mental disorder).
· Historical note: Americans weren’t always like this though. Before 1980, Americans were far more down-to-earth and acted more real and natural. During the interim between 1980 and 1990, American people and culture became more and more fake, inauthentic and toxic. And trash culture gradually became mainstream.
· Important point: Being free to “be yourself” is the ultimate meaning of freedom, and in this regard, America fails miserably. Ironically, in the “land of the free”, the authentic and deep are not “free to be themselves”.
· America is in a state of moral, cultural, spiritual and economic decline, which began in the late 20th century. Trash culture, trash media and tattoos are now mainstream. There are no virtues or strong family values, except in rural small towns. Being bad is cool, but being good and wholesome is abnormal. Everything is upside down. Good is bad and bad is good, etc. Dark forces seem to be behind it all.
· Trashy degenerate culture is now mainstream in America. You can see it in TV and movies. Back in the 50’s or 60’s, trash content was never allowed on TV. Only good quality wholesome shows were allowed to air. But nowadays, 99 percent of what’s on TV is trash content. It’s a huge difference and downgrade. There are no wholesome shows promoting family values anymore, such as “Little House on the Prairie” or “The Waltons” did back in the 70’s. Hollywood also no longer makes true romantic movies anymore either like it did decades ago.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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11-01-2014, 11:24 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:Important point: American women are conditioned to be independent (aka “liberated”) and not need men. This is an aberration of nature and totally inconsiderate of the needs of men, who need love, affection and sex from women. Men and women were created to need each other. That’s what God or Mother Nature intended. Thus America is going against nature and is paying the consequences. Put simply, if men need women but women don’t need men, then there is a great schism that can only lead to frustration, deprivation and oppression for men. It is easier to socially engineer women to not need men, than vice versa, because women are more conformist by nature and will follow any trend society gives them, even if it’s wrong, bad or stupid.
· Young women are arrogant, self-absorbed and spoiled with an off-chart sense of entitlement. Many have a bitchy, toxic vibe with a bad attitude. Being around them feels like walking on eggshells and is emotionally draining. They have terrible social skills and are very difficult to connect with, let alone date. Even foreign females who visited America report that they don’t connect with American females, only with American males.
· Hot American girls usually act very fake, snobby and airheadish. And the hotter they are, the more true this will be. To connect with fake airheadish girls, you have to be fake and airheadish too. Otherwise you won’t vibe with them and they won’t like you, even if you’re handsome. This really sucks if you like hot girls.
· You won’t find attractive women with down-to-earth personalities in modern America. That’s the sad truth. If she’s hot, she will have an attitude and act bitchy and snobby. This is especially true in Los Angeles and New York. However, back in the 60’s and 70’s, you could find beautiful American women that were sweet, feminine and down-to-earth. You can see this in the female TV characters of that era. Examples: Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers), the women on “Charlies Angels” etc. Fortunately, the good news is that today you can find hot girls with down-to-earth personalities all over the place in Russia, Europe, Latin America and Asia! I swear it. I’ve met so many of them abroad. Being able to connect with and date so many attractive girls with down-to-earth personalities is the most refreshing thing!
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11-01-2014, 11:25 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
3. Psychology and Mental Health

Quote:In America: The culture is toxic to one’s self-esteem, personality and mental health. It is fake and inauthentic and does not accept you for you. The sane are considered insane, and vice versa.
· American culture is highly toxic and inauthentic, which undermines your mental health and tries to tear you down. It makes people feel insecure and inadequate to the core, like they’re always “not good enough”. So they constantly grapple with self-esteem issues. No one feels accepted for who they are. One must fight to stay sane.
· Americans have to constantly pump themselves up with “confidence” and “positive thinking” lest they slide into negativity and depression. That’s why there’s such a big self-help industry in America with gurus such as Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc. who promote exaggerated New Age BS, such as “The Power of Positive Thinking” and “The Law of Attraction” to help keep people sane. Only in a toxic inauthentic culture, do people have to resort to New Age BS to stay sane. Why is it that people in other countries don’t need to constantly pump themselves up with “positive thinking”, “confidence” and New Age BS? Think about it.
· Americans cope with their insecurity in dysfunctional ways, by developing toxic personalities and traits. Some develop big egos, brag, become assholes, or act tough and arrogant, to compensate. Others act fake and phony to fit in with the fake and phony culture. And some just lose it and go crazy. Just look at the epidemic of public mass shootings in America for proof of this. No other country is suffering a mass shooting epidemic. There are so many messed up people with issues in America. In urban areas, you see depressed degenerates everywhere. It’s very sad.
· Important fact: America has the highest rates of mental illness, loneliness and depression in the world. It has the biggest mental health industry in the world, with the highest rates of psychiatric visits and use of anti-depressants. Reportedly, at least one third of Americans have seen a mental health professional. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), if you live in America, you have a 50 percent chance of developing a mental disorder.
· Shocking secret: What most Americans don’t know is that people in other countries do not go to therapists or psychiatrists. Having to see a shrink is primarily an American thing. If Americans knew this, it would speak volumes to them about how dysfunctional, insane and artificial their country is. They would realize that the problem is not them, but the toxic insane society they live in. That’s the biggest secret being kept from them.
· Important point: In order to fit into the fake toxic culture in America, one must develop a fake toxic personality. In doing so, one creates a schism between one’s authentic self and the pseudo-self created for society. This internal struggle eventually leads to mental problems. This, I believe, is the major cause of mental disorder in America. It’s a pity that the American Psychiatrist Association won’t acknowledge this. Instead, they only care about maintaining their profitable drug industry. They prefer to medicate as many people as possible and constantly try to find new excuses to do so. It’s a very sick and insane industry.
· Key point: If you are a down-to-earth or deep person, you will feel out-of-place in America, which has a fake and inauthentic social culture. This is why down-to-earth types tend to be withdrawn in America, not because they are shy, but because they can’t be themselves in a fake social culture. Only older folks and senior citizens are down-to-earth in America, because at their age, they no longer care what others think and are not trying to conform.
· Americans have overinflated egos and are the most arrogant in the world. They are the biggest braggarts too. There is no humility or modesty. Even Canadians and British people seem humble and modest in comparison. They also have a massive entitle complex. Such toxic traits can only lead to dissatisfaction, disappointment and delusion.
· Everyday life in America is stressful and demanding, yet feels empty, depressing and meaningless at the core. Suicide rates are high in America. And there are so many depressed degenerates in urban areas.
· The culture and education system conditions you to become a robotic slave by crushing your soul and turning you into a worker bee. Hence, most Americans look like zombies with empty eyes and plastic smiles.
· There is too much political correctness in America, brought on by liberalism, which was a mask for socialism. Political correctness restricts free speech and honesty, which suppresses your freedom to say what you really think and feel. Some believe that political correctness is a stepping stone toward fascism and mass control.
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11-01-2014, 11:26 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
^ I agree with his analysis on mental health in the US. US culture forces you to fake and inauthentic which causes severe subconscious rifts in the brain between the real self and the fake self.

This is probably the root of most of the mental disorders in the US. the US has the highest rate of mental disorders.
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11-01-2014, 11:29 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
In America: Cost of living and inflation are too high. Healthcare costs are astronomical and ridiculous.
· In America, the cost of living is higher than in most countries, forcing many people to submit to employment, often working jobs they don’t like. They become debt slaves with little or no freedom or free time. What’s the point of making a living, after all, if all you don’t have time to enjoy your life? It defeats the purpose of working.
· Inflation is out of control, causing prices to become exorbitant. In the 20th Century, the US dollar lost 95 percent of its value, due to corrupt usury practices by the banking elite who run the private Federal Reserve central bank.
· Money can buy freedom if you have enough of it. But with the high cost of living in America, it becomes more difficult to buy your freedom in “the land of the free”, ironically. Thus it’s harder to be financially free in America.
· Healthcare costs are astronomical and ridiculous. Medical expenses are the #1 cause of bankruptcies. America is the only industrialized nation with no universal healthcare. (See the Michael Moore documentary “Sicko”)
· You are expected to “live to work”, rather than “work to live” (as they do in Europe). Thus American freedom means “being free to work”. Americans get very little vacation time off. They live like hamsters on a wheel.
· All that matters in America is working and making money. Everything is a business. The system is too business-oriented to enjoy life. Competition is placed over cooperation. People are conditioned to try to fill their void with consumerism, which is flat and only leads to dissatisfaction and grouchy faces.
· The gap between rich and poor in America is wider than in any other country, which indicates that something is way out of whack. With wealth over-consolidated into the hands of the few, democracy is impossible. America is an oligarchy, where corporations rule government, and an elite class rule the country.
· Many immigrants I’ve talked to feel that ultimately, in coming to America, they’ve traded their freedom, happiness and even their own soul, in exchange for money and comfort. They either feel disappointment and regret about it, or they have mixed feelings. Try this: Ask many first generation adult immigrants to be honest with you about whether they have a better life in America and are happier there. You will find that most of them have mixed feelings about it. Many will tell you that they had an illusion of America that wasn’t true and are disappointed.

it seems the system is rigged to keep people on the edge. high property taxes ensure you must always work to pay rent to the government. they don't want you to have a lot of free time.. or else you might be visiting Ey.com
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11-01-2014, 11:36 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:In America: Food and lifestyle are unhealthy, unnatural and toxic.

· American food is very unhealthy. Harmful toxins, chemicals, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and high sugar in processed food and water have ruined the health of America. As a result, the nation has the highest rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes in the world.
· Everyone knows that America is the fattest nation in the world. Even foreign immigrants become fat in America.
· The food industry obviously places profit over health. Nothing could be more insane than that.
· Eating healthy in America is expensive. One has to go to health food stores and pay higher prices to eat organic. Only those who are well off can afford that. This is not right. Healthy food should be available to all.
· Growth hormones are put in livestock, which then go into the meat sold in America. When people eat it, it goes into their bodies too and makes them bigger and fatter. That’s insane.
· Most food in America now contain GMO’s, which are “genetically modified organisms”. This means that the food’s genes have been altered to increase production, protect against insects, and prolong preservation. Most food in American supermarkets is GMO and thus they are hard to avoid. GMO’s have had disastrous consequences on the health of Americans. There is no proof that GMO’s are safe, and plenty of evidence that they are toxic and harmful. (See the documentary film “Genetic Roulette”) GMO’s likely mutate our bodies. After all, if you genetically modify food then you are genetically modifying people as well. (Could that be why women look so masculine and manly, I wonder?) That’s why they’ve been dubbed “Frankenfood”.
· The US government refuses to put labels on GMO foods, because if they did, people would not buy them, so they prefer that people don’t know about them. What could be a more bad sign than that?! To find non-GMO food, you have to search for “Non-GMO project” labels on food, which is hard work. The company that produces and engineers GMO’s, Monsantos, is in bed with the US government and FDA, so they are given free reign to do whatever they want. It’s a high level of corruption that is destroying America’s health. What could be more insane than that? Fortunately, GMO’s are banned in other countries, like Europe, Russia and China. No one there wants to eat them. For more info on GMO’s and how to avoid them, visit the Non-GMO Project’s website: http://www.nongmoproject.org
· America has a forced vaccination policy. Children in America are now forced to get 36 vaccines, which is excessive and dangerous. In the 80’s, kids got 12 vaccines. Then in the 90’s, it was raised to 24. And now it’s 36. But you don’t have a choice in the matter, because the US government made vaccination a law. There is plenty of evidence that vaccines are linked with autism and other disorders. Dr. Andrew Wakefield found conclusive proof of this and published it, but his research was suppressed and attacked by government and big pharma, which have a vested interest in vaccines. It’s crazy and wrong to force children to get toxic dangerous vaccinations. I’ve known people who never vaccinated their children and say that their kids are healthier than other kids their age that did get vaccinated.
· Most Americans spend their days sitting in offices and driving cars. So they don’t get enough exercise and physical activity. Public transportation in the US sucks compared to Europe and other nations, so one is forced to have a car. Having to work too much also takes time away from recreation and exercise.
· The paranoid fearful social vibe in America rubs off on you and is bad for your health, spiritual energy and aura.

lmfao. no wonder youtube is banning this guy's account left and right.

he is telling people plain facts for the most part.
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11-01-2014, 11:38 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:· In Europe, Russia, China and many other countries, GMO foods are banned. Foreign countries have enough sense to know that GMO’s are bad for you, and people don’t want to eat them. This means that other countries are saner, and know good from bad, unlike the US. So rather than having to search for foods labeled “Non-GMO” in America, why not just get out of the country so you don’t have to deal with it?
· In Europe, the food industry does not place profit over health. Thus they are saner and more rational.

even the chinese have banned GMOs. THE CHINESE who are not known for food safety. what does that say folks?

I can't believe americans are this docile and subservient to authority.
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11-01-2014, 11:43 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:In America: Public schools are oppressive prison-like environments, designed to dumb kids down and turn them into robots. Education quality and student performance are low. School bullying is an epidemic.

· Public schools in America are oppressive environments with all the qualities of a prison. Thus kids hate school.
· Education in America has greatly declined. Since the 80’s, student scores have fallen, while they’ve risen in other nations. Also, due to teacher unions, teachers cannot be fired, even if they suck, so there is no quality control.
· It has come out that there was a government policy to use public education to dumb down the population. Government whistleblowers such as Charlotte Iszterby have revealed this agenda. As conspiracy lecturer Jordan Maxwell said in his film “Matrix of Power” (also used in the popular documentary “Zeitgeist”) regarding public education in America: “What the government pays for, it gets. Logic will tell you that if the government did not get the results it wanted, it would change things. Therefore, the government is getting exactly what it wants.”
· Public education in America consists of taking tedious notes and memorizing large volumes of useless data to regurgitate on exams. It does not encourage freethought, creativity or self-expression. No wonder kids why hate school, it feels so mind numbing and enslaving. This can only serve to turn kids into obedient robots.
· School bullying is an epidemic in America. It is cruel, toxic and leads to psychological scarring on its victims, or worse, even suicide. Try this test: Go to Google and type “school bullying in America” and then do the same for other countries. There will be no comparison in the number of hits you get.
· Nerds and introverts are bullied and teased in school. There is a negative stigma against them. They get ostracized from social life and fun. This results in a vicious cycle which makes them even more introverted and withdrawn.
· Most kids and teens act like spoiled, selfish brats with entitlement complexes. They have a toxic relationship with their parents and treat them badly. It is common for kids and teens to even cuss at their own parents, which is unheard of in other countries. They listen to trashy degenerate music and defile their bodies with tattoos.

correct. The american school system is very cliquish and bullying is out of control. I know so many american expats who are STILL SCARRED due to getting bullied in high school or middle school.

Bullying exists worldwide but it is the WORST in the US. In China there is basically no bullying.. if someone is a prick they are ignored and socially isolated, but they won't take proactive action to make your life a hell.
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11-01-2014, 11:44 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:Nerds and introverts are bullied and teased in school. There is a negative stigma against them. They get ostracized from social life and fun. This results in a vicious cycle which makes them even more introverted and withdrawn.

this is also why nerds when they grow up can become one of the largest threats to society, esp. in terms of creating toxic systems like NSA, toxic food like GMO, toxic websites like facebook.

nerds are one of the BIGGEST threats to society possibly because of the immense bullying they receive in high school.
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11-01-2014, 11:46 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote: The US government has become increasingly tyrannical after 9/11, taking more freedoms away and subverting the US Constitution. Many say it is part of an agenda to instate world government, aka the “New World Order”. There are entire subcultures in the US (conspiracy movements) that are trying to expose and resist this NWO.
· Key point: The US has the highest number of laws in world. More laws = less freedom. Thus America cannot claim to be the freest nation. While some laws are necessary to protect people, many are excessive and control-freakish and only serve to give government too much power and control, requiring more taxation. Too many laws begin to create impediments to your freedoms, rights and liberties. Other countries have far fewer laws in comparison. Any Mexican immigrant, for example, will tell you that Mexico is far freer than America.
· Key point: After WWII, the US government grew 10 to 20 times larger into a monstrous size, which resulted in ever increasing control and taxation. Big government needs ever more power, control and taxation to be sustained. That’s why the founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, emphasized a small government of minimal size that served only to defend basic freedoms and liberties. Otherwise, as government gets too big, it starts interfering in people’s private affairs and business, and begins overtaxing people, while becoming increasingly tyrannical. This is what happened in Ancient Rome, which led to its downfall. Once government grows, it will not shrink, but tries to grow ever larger. That’s why the founding fathers of America placed strict limitations on government.
· The size of the US military industrial complex, which ballooned during WWII and which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech, has become the biggest monster and threat to world peace. It has made war the chief industry in America, requiring perpetual wars to sustain its profits. Thus it always needs to find a war, and if there is none, it will find excuses to start one. Thus it is the biggest threat to freedom in the world, and has made America the #1 terrorist nation in the world. A big war industry is the worst thing that can happen.

this guy has a very very clear mind. He speaks clearly without any pretention.
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11-01-2014, 11:54 PM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
You cannot claim to be the most free when you are the most regulated on earth.

Any country can claim to be free by this measure.. FOLLOW THE RULES and you're free to do what you want. but what happens when nearly everything is illegal like in the US?

Are americans truly this brainwashed?
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11-02-2014, 12:00 AM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:Overall, America is a land of excessive greed and corruption, lacking in soul, culture and human connection. People and cultures are toxic and antisocial. Money has replaced the human soul. In America, money and profit is more important than truth, justice, love, family, health, reason, Mother Earth and even life itself. It’s truly an insane country, where the sane are insane and vice versa. Everything is upside down – good is bad and bad is good, normal is abnormal and abnormal is normal, etc. Trash degenerate culture is mainstream now. The country is in decline culturally, morally, spiritually and economically. It’s truly become a zombie nation. The only sensible solution is to get out of the country. If a ship is sinking, the obvious solution is to get off the ship.

yes winston, the US is full of gnostic kaballists and masons. up is down and down is up.

the snake is the true god, while the real god is jealous and stupid.

this is why everything is topsy turvy in the US.. we have a group of psychopaths that hate nature, hate god that they want to reverse everything to prove they are God.

They will fail.
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11-02-2014, 12:52 AM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
I agree with some of what he is saying about people being disconnected from others. I honestly think television starts forming that in young kids and later it's reinforced with things like computers and cellphones. Interaction early on is stunted by watching some box that we don't really communicate with.
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11-02-2014, 01:12 AM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
the only thing I don't really agree with him on is some of the dating stuff.

obviously he's not very attractive so that is one of the reasons why it's hard for him to date in the US. Americans are more image conscious.

and image matters worldwide, and even more so in places like Europe, Asia etc.
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11-02-2014, 06:27 AM
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RE: Winston Wu : "Us social culture is Toxic and Dehumanizing"
Quote:That's why America is all about illusion, mind control and conformity, rather than truth, freedom or a happy healthy sense of self and relationships. Now, if America were honest and admitted that it is a conformist society and culture, truth seekers like me would have less of a problem with it. But instead, it tries to pass itself off as a "society of freedom, free thought and free speech" and that's where the hypocrisy lies. It's totally deceitful, since the reality is that at every angle, you are pressured to conform in America.

The BIGGEST LIE is that America constantly seeks to take away more and more of your freedoms and control what you do and think, while at the same time tells you that you are living in the only country where freedom exists! Likewise, while America seeks to dominate and control other nations, it lies to its own people that it is fighting for freedom and democracy abroad! This is hypocrisy and deceit of the highest magnitude.

We all need to WAKE UP and realize that we are living in the "Borg Collective", not in the "land of the free", and stop chanting and raving about how free and democractic we are like mindless automatons. Only when the spell over your mind is broken, will you be truly free. And that begins with your mind. The rest will flow from there. Once you are attuned to the truth, more truth will come as your consciousness seeks it out.

this guys just tells it like it is. IN PLAIN LANGUAGE. this is commendable.

this mind control has to stop.
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