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WHACKY out there theories thread
06-23-2022, 08:18 PM
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WHACKY out there theories thread
Post your whacky theories or ones you find here.

Exhibit 1

Quote:The Russia v Ukraine War is to start WW3 to prevent massive ET Alien Invasion from happening since COVID isn't stopping Aliens from invading Eart
These are the reasons why the war is happening.

The real reason COVID pandemic began a couple years ago, was to stop the ET Aliens from their massive Invasion plan of invading Earth in their long awaited invasion plan that has stalled for years.

Aliens have been visiting Earth for centuries but more so after humans detonated Atomic bombs in the 1940's , but now their massive invasion plan of taking over Earth and enslaving humans for good was supposed to happen in the last decade but the World governments can keep up with their Alien abductions because Aliens want more humans, so now that the Alien mothership is hiding behind the sun and is disguised as a "planet" aka Niburu, they're getting impatient with the world's leaders alien abduction operations because not enough humans to abduct, so the Aliens want to invade in massive quantities, which is why the world leaders released the COVID viruses worldwide to scare ET Aliens from invading a "contaminated" planet, but the ET Aliens are impatient and seem to be going forward with their invasion plan despite the COVID pandemic, so now the world leaders realizing that their COVID pandemic plan is not going to keep ET Aliens from invading the planet, the world leaders are using the Russia v Ukraine war to scare the Aliens into not invading Earth or the world leaders will start World War 3 from the Russia Invades Ukraine war and threaten to use Nuclear bombs to destroy ourselves and the Earth population, which is what ET Aliens do not want to happen because they do not want us to destroy ourselves because we are their "livestock" for their Alien-Hunans Hybridizations programs

Re: The Russia v Ukraine War is to start WW3 to prevent massive ET Alien Invasion from happening since COVID isn't stopping Aliens from invading Eart
This is also why the Mask Mandates are being lifted in many places because its not working to scare off ET Aliens from invading.

THe Government wanted people to wear masks worldwide to scare Aliens to not invade earth, if they see from space that earthlings are wearing masks because of a worldwide Covid "virus".

But now it seems that the ET Aliens arent buying into thinking that Earth is contaminated with Covid, so now its seems that the ET Aliens are on their way to invade so the World Governments dont care anymore if people dont wear masks anymore, and are now focusing into starting World War 3 from the Russia vs Ukraine "crisis", to keep ET Aliens from invading earth.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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06-23-2022, 08:19 PM
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RE: whacky out there theories thread
Quote:Vaccine is to kill Alien/Human Hybrids
I'l let you in on a little secret.

The reason they are pushing the vaccine so much is because the planet has been severely infiltrated by Alien/Human hybrids placed here in order to take control of this planet.(Read up on Dr David Jacobs books - he is the closest to the truth)

They are living amongst us as normal citizens with social security numbers etc. All legit. The ones who refuse the vaccine are then put on some list to confirm suspicions as they have, by proxy, revealed their hand that they are a hybrid and will be dealt with accordingly.

Obviously there's humans who dont want it. (They know this) but by eliminating millions, they have narrowed it down to a small percentage in every country to then target and find these hybrids.

The vaccine will eventually kill these hybrids through their dna.
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06-23-2022, 08:19 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
Quote:Silicon based androids are controlling us on behalf of an advanced alien species
These androids look just like you and me, except the difference is, that we are carbon based life forms, whereas they are silicon based. The fact that they are silicon makes them easily programmable (like a computer silicon chip), and they are void of emotion.

Again, like a computer, their programming is being remotely streamed into them from their alien creators / programmers mother base (like a wireless internet connection).

The androids are so sophisticated that you can't notice a difference with them, unless you spend enough time around them, then your human intuition tells you something is 'off', although you wont be able to put your finger on it directly.

There are many famous people who are silicon based androids, and many of them (who were formerly human) have been abducted and replaced by these silicon clones.

It is of the upmost importance for the 'aliens' to remain in control of the human race - while remaining unseen at the same time. For this reason they use these android infiltrators as their middle men to do the job for them.

If the aliens want one of their androids to assassinate someone, crash the economy, start wars, etc, then they just program them to do so.

The aliens can observe everything that is going on in the world through the androids eyes (cameras); they can hear what's going on through the ears (audio device). All of this data is recorded and streamed back to mother base (inside Earth). The aliens then analyze the data and change the programming according to their agenda.

Now, what you also don't realize is, you are a carbon based android, and despite your level of free will, you can still be programmed by the aliens, except you have the free will to contest it... whereas the silicon based androids have no free will and cannot go against the programming (like a computer).

The fact that the silicon ones make more compliant puppets, is the very reason they have been placed in positions of power over us.

BTW you may have read about the Illuminati exhibiting strange ritualistic behaviours?? This ritualistic behaviour is caused by their programming because they are androids with no free will.

And do you know why these people mingle mainly with eachother? It has nothing to do with class divide, it is based solely upon the fact that they prefer (or rather their programmers prefer) not to be foiled by humans.

If you check out the most sophisticated human made androids, they are nowhere near the level of advanced complexity of the alien created androids. You can pass one in the street (and have done from time to time), and you wont notice the difference.

How do I know all of this? Because I uncovered this conspiracy when working for a certain company many years ago. In other words, I discovered that my boss and colleagues were androids, so I made my excuses and got out.

Now, if you think I'm pulling this out of my ass, I have come across various insiders who have told me that this is exactly what was going on.
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06-23-2022, 08:21 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
Quote:The Anomaly is currently in a Scientific state called 'Static Equilibrium' which is the reason for your unease.
He's put an equivalent amount of 'tension force' on all priority apparatus and social bodies.

Think of it as a meditative state.

As soon as he starts to destabilize the tension force in different directions, all hell breaks loose again.
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06-23-2022, 08:22 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
Quote:Covid and ET
The reason for the PCR/DNA testing is to identify the Aliens who look like us just different DNA

The VAX is to kill anyone who has Alien DNA in any amount.

Even if you don't know you have Alien DNA, sorry

The 90%-100% Aliens will not take the VAX which is why the HUGE push to VAX every living thing. To flush them out.

This is all an ET war like everything else the last 70 years
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06-23-2022, 08:24 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
Quote:Everything bad going on in this world can be linked to two immortal beings. You are currently being conquered by an invading alien force.
Well the nonhumans who are behind this believe all humans are stupid, including the rich elite that follow them mindlessly.

Many of these rich elites who are following and carrying out their agendas don't realize the Vanir Anunnaki that are behind all this have their deaths and eradication planned as well.

This is the end of a 3600 year long campaign staged by the immortal Anunnaki Gods, a faction known as the Vanir of the Sirius Empire.

The purpose of the events that are taking place now are being put in motion to finish the conquest of Earth, and eliminate all the human bloodlines connected to the former rulers of Earth.

Earth was invaded and Earth's original creator and father, Ea/Enki/Odin/Ptah/Poseidon and his people were defeated and enslaved. At the time of the Vanir Invasion, Earth was a paradise that was home to many races, the Red Haired giants of the Atlan Pleiades, the blonde and platinum haired men of Orion(Arians), as well as the serpent like Naga people, the Reptilians, and the aquatic sea people.

The Vanir invaded Earth just as they invaded Mars and plan to Harvest all of Earth's resources until it dies just like they did to Mars.

The beings behind this are most often refered to by the elite as Ba'al and Moloch/Saturn. Moloch means King and Ba'al means Lord. The king of our world is Khan Nannar-Sin Allah. The lord of our world is Ba'al Adad/Ishkur.

The symbol of Ba'al is the Hammer and the symbol of Moloch is the scythe. You might recognize those two symbols within this picture.

The current Satan/Moloch is the Moon God Nannar-Sin Allah and is currently the ruler of Earth and responsible for everything going on in the world. He's the one that tells leaders like the Pope, Klaus Schwab, Rothechilds, etc what to do.

He has also convinced most of the world's holy men that he is the true god.

Satan's earliest recorded names in our currently known history were Yah, Sin, or Nanna®.

The son of the Anunnaki Overlord, Enlil/Zeus/Beelzebub, Sin has gone by many names. Sin is Enlil's 2nd eldest son, and Ba'al is his third eldest.

In the earliest ages of Egypt he was known as Iah or Yah, and later become known as Khonsu.

In ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria, Sumeria,and Babylon he was known as Nannar, Sin, Suen, or Sinai.

In Norse Mythology he was known as Njord.

To the Greeks he was known as either Dionysus or Hyperion.

He is also worshiped today as Saturn.

Today he is most commonly known as Allah or Yahshua.

Here is an ancient statue of him holding a particular black cube from one of the oldest temples in Egypt.

Did you know that Abraham's father Terah was the High Priest of Sin in the city of Ur? And that when Abraham traveled to Harran and built his temple, it was an exact replica of Sin's temple in Ur.

Ever wonder why his people call their temples Sin-a-gogs?

Ever wonder why all the ancient Kings of the Middle East added Nannar or Sin to the end of their names claiming to be descendants of that God?

Its because the Phoenician Bloodline that all the current royalty in power on Earth claims to be descended from him. The entire Black Nobility of Rome has Phoenician roots traced back to Nannar Sin.

Did you know that John the Beloved wrote and spoke only in Greek?

What did he really see?

So why did the Roman Elite whose bloodlines can all be traced back to the Phoenicians change the name of Yeshua Ben Yosef in the Bible to Jesus?

Did you know in Greek that Jesus means son of Zeus? Did you know it was another name for Dionysus?

Did you know that Yeshua Ben Yosef's birthday was March 3rd, and Dionysus's birthday was December 25th?

Did you know that the Roman Holiday Saturnalia was a Holiday to celebrate Saturn that was celebrated during the week of December 25th and the major event was decorating trees in his honor?

Ever wonder why Christians have been convinced to use the weapon of Christ death's the Cross as their Holy Symbol?

Why Communion is a blood sacrifice ritual roleplaying feasting on the flesh and blood of Christ? Why is it an almost exact copy of an ritual to worship Dionysus that involves drinking wine?

Did you know Yeshua Ben Yosef wasn't even a "*%#" but was born among a people known as the Arimatheans who were a red haired people who settled in Galilee that ran the trade ports in the area, which was the primary hub for Tin in the middle east coming from Cornwall, England.

And that Yeshua Ben Yosef actively preached against Yahweh, not for him. He went to Jerusalem because he believed it was where the House of Satan was on Earth.

The word Apocalypse means Great Awakening, and its time you fools woke up to the truth. Satan has tricked even Christians into worshiping him, and they are none the wiser.

All the Elite of this world answer to Ba'al and Moloch(Allah/Njord/Khonsu/Dionysus/Yahweh).

These two immortal beings have been behind nearly all human history over the last 3600 years.

The agenda of the Vanir is the complete enslavement of humanity and all humanoids on this planet.

4000 years ago Humanity united behind the Son of Earth's creator, Lucifer/Marduk/Ra/Thor and fought back against these Vanir from Sirius and freed the planet from their enslavement. It was the Vanir that attacked and sank both Lemuria and Atlantis.

After Ra/Thor/Lucifer lead a rebellion that chased the Vanir Anunnaki off of Earth, the leaders of the Vanir returned to the throne world of Sirius and petitioned the ruler of the Sirius Empire God King Bor Anu(El) for the use of the greatest weapons of destruction within the Empire. They were able to convince God King Anu to do so because he was given a prophecy that he would die to a human.

Meanwhile Lucifer/Ra/Thor was gifting humanity the full knowledge of the gods so that they would be able to fight back when the Anunnaki returned to retake Earth. Humanity was given all kinds of tech, including free energy and space travel. One of the greatest gifts that they were given was the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel allowed every human that got what was called a Halo device the ability to access a psychic internet that allowed them to send and receive telepathic messages to each other and even download information like Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix. The halo device was a ring that was surgically implanted onto the skull.

When the Vanir arrived with their weapons of destruction, it was more than humanity could handle. This is when Sodom and Gomorrah happened. When most of the Earth's deserts were created, when the Grand Canyon happened. At the time Egypt was Ra/Lucifer's capital of his one world government. This is why Egyptian artifacts have been found in ancient sites around the world including the Grand Canyon.

The Vanir laid waste to large areas of the world's surface, before this event the Sahara was a tropical paradise. But they burnt it down and continued to burn the Earth from the Sahara to the Gobi desert. They nuked Australia, Peru, and nearly every location where a desert now exists.

This destruction was carried out by Archangel Michael(Ninurta/Ares) and Hades(Nergal).

The worst part of this destruction was that when the Tower of Babel fell, almost all of humanity was mind wiped, most unable to even remember their names.

Without humanity to help him defend Earth, Lucifer/Ra/Thor was defeated in a coup by his reptilian allies and was forced to flee the planet and headed to Venus.

Those reptilians began to infiltrate the human civilizations around the Mediterranean quickly sabotaging the Greeks, Egyptians, and Middle East. They took over control of these societies from within.

Meanwhile, the Vanir tried to return to Earth and bring people back under their control again, but they found humanity no longer remembered them and attacked them on site.

This began the long game of infiltrating the societies of Earth and slowly conquering it from within. God King Bor Anu(El) put Nannar-Sin Allah in charge of our solar system and his younger brother Ba'al Adad in control of Earth. Together they were to lead efforts in regaining control of the human populations by the next time the Vanir returned around the year 2030.

Abraham was chosen as the family that would lead the Vanir's war efforts on Earth.

You will find that every King or Queen currently on a throne today now possesses the same bloodline connecting them to Abraham. This is because Abraham was a member of a demigod bloodline descended from Khan Nannar-Sin Allah himself. Before the Roman conquests most of the kings of Northern Europe were not members of this bloodline and had Atlantean bloodlines.

The current war that is just starting has been planned for 100 years or more.

The purpose of this war is to finally destroy what is left of the Atlantian bloodlines.

This is because these bloodlines possess DNA leading back to the ancient Orion(Arian) people that lived on this planet before the Vanir first invaded. Some of those Orion bloodlines are directly connect to Orion royalty, and the Orion Empire rules this galaxy and the Sirius Empire answers to them.

Because of this fact, the Vanir of Sirius can not directly engage in combat with humanity due to mandates, laws, and sanctions put in place by the Orion Empire over Earth humans. So the Vanir have to make these humans destroy themselves from within.

The rich elite and secret societies and power holders are being manipulated by these immortal beings to turn against their own people in exchange for gifts of wealth and power, not realizing that those that are giving them this wealth and power are an invading alien force who wishes to destroy this world and will sacrifice their pawns when it is over.

There are two major financial institutions pushing forth this agenda, one with a name that is short for Vanir guardians and another named after The Black Rock Cube of Islam.

Every member of the elite who possesses an Atlantean bloodline that can be linked to Orion will be eliminated before this war ends, whether they are loyal followers of the Vanir or not.

The current goal of this world war is the complete destruction of the West, followed by Islam and China/Japan to inherit the Earth. That is because the bloodlines that make up these countries are galactically patented by the Sirius Empire and they can legally own them as slaves.

It is possibly that some with extremely purest DNA with large levels of Abraham's blood might be allowed to survive to rule over the remaining humans, but it is very likely they will only pick a single family to do so, and all the other noble families will be disposed of.
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06-24-2022, 02:05 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
The Rapture was in 2020. The lockdowns were imposed so that no one would see all the faithful being caught up to Heaven. All the supposed Covid deaths were really people who were Raptured. People weren't allowed to have funerals because there were no bodies.
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06-24-2022, 02:15 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
(06-23-2022 08:18 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  The Russia v Ukraine War is to start WW3 to prevent massive ET Alien Invasion from happening since COVID isn't stopping Aliens from invading Eart
These are the reasons why the war is happening.

this sounds like typical pot paranoia.
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06-24-2022, 04:30 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
(06-24-2022 02:15 PM)CTsar Wrote:  
(06-23-2022 08:18 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote:  The Russia v Ukraine War is to start WW3 to prevent massive ET Alien Invasion from happening since COVID isn't stopping Aliens from invading Eart
These are the reasons why the war is happening.

this sounds like typical pot paranoia.

hahaha yeah

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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07-03-2022, 10:02 PM
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RE: WHACKY out there theories thread
Quote:My partner is a physic - guess what she said?
1. 50% of the worlds population will be dead by 2025

2. 70% of western block nations populations will be dead by 2025

3. Russia will invade Ukraine and NATO will do nothing

4. China will invade Taiwan and NATO will do nothing.

5. Western nations will be in complete collapse by the end of 2023

6. Canada, Austria, New Zealand will announce their membership into the Peoples Republic of China as NATO begins to dissolve.

7. The US dollar will be worthless

8. Many people in the USA that pushed the vax will be arrested and ---- this will include people on social media pushing the shot as well. No one will be safe. The international court will find the USA as the reason for the world holocaust and demand the USA pay reparations.

9. The US power grid will go offline. It will be suspected it was the dying US government in an attempt to cover the vax crime. Many more will die from this, reducing the US population to 88 million.

10. The USA will balkanize into many Waring states
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