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04-22-2022, 10:46 PM
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What has been happening has been going on since the end of the Second World War.

They have used technology to enslave the west and ripped apart our values and morals. They have set out to do the same across the whole world. Russia is trying to stop them.

I believe Russia decided on this action when ‘COVID’ broke out. They knew this is the final play of those destroying everything and they waited. China is also involved and Shanghai lock down isn’t about COVID it is about preventing infiltration.

This will escalate and continue until one of two scenarios take place…….

1. Whoever is behind Gates/Soros/western demise stops their destruction and genocide.

2. One side is completely wiped out.

I know which side I stand on. That doesn’t mean taking up arms against my one’s governments but making a moral choice. I am old fashioned in the sense of family values, peace, love and hope. All of these things I have seen slowly erode in my world and I can solely blame technology. The people behind that technology are those at the forefront of pushing our genocide now. People really need to open their eyes. See the path they have led us on. Just look at what they created and how it affected society. Then ask yourself how did it affect society. The same people who create the technology, release the technology then use their media to convince us we must have that technology and we must make it a priority in our life. Another piece of what and who we are is then lost and it has been repeated again and again and again and because it our way of life now we are too blind to see what we have been brainwashed into becoming. They’ve headfked us into what we are now and it has taken centuries to accomplish but we are at the final stages. Some of us have broken free but we are still prisoners after all I wouldn’t be typing this now if I weren’t so reliant on their ‘technological releases’ and you wouldn’t be reading this.

One thing that you must get clear this is all about control - full control - you will not have the capacity to make a choice - they will control every thought, decision, crave etc. and this what mRNA technology is about and it is about depopulation. They admit we are useless people. They believe they can now create and control life so they are at the pinnacle and we populations have simply been a tool used to get there. They don’t need us now. Our unique brains are replace by quantum computing. They believe that these super computer can think every thought possible to man in mere seconds.

This is all real. We are living the age of sci-if now and it doesn’t have a bright outlook for us ‘normal’ people. Those who survive will exist in a type of global prisoner camp. While those in control pretend they are Zeus and Poseidon.

Are we too late. Is this war our final stand. Is it part of their script to reduce us down and trap us further. Will it be used an excuse for the real pandemic - they are threatening us with bio-warfare. They are warning us it’s coming. I think it’s already in us well in those who took the vaccine. I think a breaking story will come that Russia has released some agent and suddenly when people are ‘activated’ and start dropping dead it will be blamed on this ‘agent’.

I’m not religious people but I understand the value of religion and I have prayed. I’ve prayed for some heavenly intervention and yes when big orange man came along I hoped but I was fooled and what’s the saying “ Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.”

I believe nothing anymore and simply exist. I look at the way we were and the way way we are now and it seems life has never been perfect and it really does seem man is man’s worse enemy. So dilemma is do we succumb and just go out on a whimper knowing what is happening and about to transpire. Do we educate and attempt to life a parallel life within the one we are being given a sort of black market life where telling your loved ones you love them could get you sent to solitary. Do we hope until the very last day that some Devine intervention is going to suddenly make it all ok. Or do we fight. All 7 billion plus of us. Do we look at each other and know our lives are already over. Our childrens lives are already over but what about the next generation and the next - opps there won’t be one. Every war that our ancestors ever fought was a waste of time. Every time you saved your child from choking or you rushed someone to hospital just in time - you wasted but their time and yours because you saved them for nothing. Right now you are sat doing NOTHING. What needs to happen to make you look at your mother/father/daughter/husband/wife/lover/even your dog what is it that needs to happen that ignites that fight to the death to keep them safe mentality because guess what WE ARE AT THAT POINT right now. Open your eyes look at the ones you love and become protectorate. Now if someone is hurting them what do you do. What is the right thing to do. What is the lawful things to do. Are they both the same. Has one been created to prevent you doing the other. Who created that first one and why. To protect us or them. To protect our past or their future.

Good luck and love.
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06-03-2022, 05:27 PM
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Quote:Red dragon elder died

Red queen ai network still running

'Man' in the 'moon'

Saturn entity

Orion empire

Plemora inside the galactic core

Multiverse string pullers / scriptors / our higher selves beyond finite linear spacetime

Source Origin - Creator of Universes is all higher self personas / all universes / multiverses combined as a single body of many parts

Remains nameless / boundless / without fixed form / passive / busy providing eternal outpouring for newest layers of creation - not meddling in shell games or blood magick

See you along the way
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06-23-2022, 07:07 PM
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for reference only

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