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Joe Rogan Leads Exodus Off Twitter To Gettr Over Censorship
02-02-2022, 08:11 PM
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RE: Joe Rogan Leads Exodus Off Twitter To Gettr Over Censorship
(02-02-2022 06:27 AM)GM Roy Wrote:  I don't think we should allow the government to force people to take injections. I don't think people should be forced to do anything. I think people should be "free" in that regard. Having said that, I knew a couple of unvaccinated people who died during the first wave of COVID-19. I decided to take the shots. I don't know what the long term ramifications of it will be -whether it's the next variant or the vaccinations for them, etc. Frankly, I've stopped worrying about what might happen. I've had a fairly great and happy life. If I died right now, my spirit wouldn't feel cheated. I pretty much stay to myself these days, anyway. I don't feel compelled to hang out with the jet set, anymore....other than you guys! heh Wink

Everyone should be able to do to whatever they think is best for them personally, without fear of discrimination or labelling.

My problem is with the new religion of the Covidians, or the Cult of Covid, who act like that are they saviors of the world because they took a vaccine, and who insist that everyone else needs to do the same, or be ostricized from society.

Oddly, it mostly seems to be modern "liberal" types that are doing this, which is ironic on so many levels. They were always the ones bleating about equal rights for everyone, and 'my body, my choice', except when it comes to the vaccine, in which case they'd happily allow the unvaxxed to be taken away to camps, or segregated. I've often seen them cheer when an unvaxxed person allegedly dies from COVID, and they've had Gofundme pages shut down that were raising money for funeral expenses of an unvaxxed person who died. The left movement (which I always identified with) was hijacked some time ago, now they are against free speech, they are pro-censorship, they want more government controls, and they act as the muscle for the big corporations and the establishment. Ironically, it's now the right who support free speech, no censorship and less government controls.

We truly are living in a Bizarro world.

The bioweapon is not the virus, the bioweapon is the fake vaccine - David Icke
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