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Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
11-29-2021, 08:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2021 11:18 PM by Dagwood.)
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Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel speaks on Jesuit education/grooming.. confirming top Covid Vax players Vatican - Jesuit military operatives

[Image: VzKQQLc.jpeg]

[Image: 829ea9_0847c6ed79e740f3b7294869967395c5~mv2.jpg]
Pepe "Orsini" (Maximus family of the royal Roman Caesar 13 Black Nobility Papal bloodlines who founded/Emperor Constantine & still own the ROMAN Catholic false church of Christ.. co-opting Yeshua/Jesus Christ, who's movement they were losing control to and could not destroy, making it the new false front of their Roman world empire which has never died)

(03-20-2021 02:57 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  Biggest US Covid-19 Players are ALL Vatican'-"Jesuit-trained/groomed" Agents... Dr.  Faucii - Chief MD Trump CV-19 Task Force, Robert Redfield - CDC Director, Andrew Quomo-Gov NY, Gavin Newsom-Gov CA, Nancy Pelosi & husband , Trump (+ 2 kids) ...+ 80-90% of Trump administration=Vatican/Jesuit-trained. BOTH SIDES!

-Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Trump CV-19 Task Force (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
- Regis High School, New York City  (Vatican Jesuit)
- College of the Holy Cross (Vatican Jesuit)
-Cornell University Medical College

Dr. Robert R. Redfield - CDC Director (Vatican/Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit), BSc
- Georgetown University School of Medicine, (Vatican Jesuit)

Andrew Quomo, Governor of New York (Vatican/Jesuit-trained)/brother of Fordham- Jesuit Head CNN Propaganda Agent Chris Quomo)
- Fordham University (Vatican Jesuit)

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Santa Clara University (Vatican Jesuit)

Donald Trump (Vatican Jesuit-trained/long time family pastor Norman Vincent Peale 33rd Degree Freemason - most famous admitted US Freemason past 50 years)
- Fordham U (Vatican Jesuit)

Gates Foundation/Rockefeller/Jesuit - Event 201 (Oct 2019 CV-19 Global Drill)

Christopher Elias (Vatican-Jesuit trained), President Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation overseeing Emergency Response; Family Planning/Maternal/Newborn & Child Health/Nutrition/Vaccine Delivery (all Eugenics)
- MD, Creighton University (Vatican-Jesuit instution)
- 2000-2012: CEO PATH, Africa focuse child vaccines, women"s reproductive health-abortion/vaccines, immunization, epidemic vaccines.
-1990-2000: Rockefeller Foundation Population Council (depopulation) -
- Schwab (Klaus Schaub, WEF & Global Reset founder) Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the U.S. 2006

[Image: oie-ew-HI8-S1d0-QQk.jpg]
[Image: Jesuit-Dr-Anthony-Fauci.jpg]
[Image: oie-k1-Og3-Yi-Rq-S08.jpg]
[Image: WASHINGTON-DC-SEPTEMBER-24-Pope-Francis-...ding-a.jpg]
[Image: oie-Glqa-F66s3zay-1.jpg]
[Image: oie-wo4-Itb-El5e-Jd-1.png]
[Image: oie-9-Hv-Ap-NEn79u-F.jpg]
[Image: oie-2b-Jk-GV8r13t-D.jpg]
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11-29-2021, 09:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2021 09:50 PM by Dagwood.)
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RE: Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/gr
(03-20-2021 02:57 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  [Image: oie-cgc6-QPs9v-Nq-T.jpg]
[Image: vatican37-78.jpg]
[Image: DTCOv-HIUQAAgds6.jpg]
[Image: qlcDOP.jpg]
[Image: qlcpzF]
[Image: qllt4f.jpg]
[Image: qllb24.jpg]
[Image: ql0EZX.jpg]

(03-20-2021 03:06 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  90% Team Trump=Vatican'-"Jesuit-trained/groomed" Agents. + 10% Zionist Jews

A simple Wikipedia search for each Trump Admin member will confirm...

- Donald Trump (Vatican Jesuit-trained/long time family pastor Norman Vincent Peale 33rd Degree Freemason - most famous admitted US Freemason past 50 years)
Fordham U (Vatican Jesuit)

- Steve Bannon, Trump Chief Strategist/Mastermind (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Benedictine Catholic Military College Prep)

- Gen. Joseph Dunford/ Trump Chair Joint Chiefs Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Catholic Saint Michael's College)

- Gen. John Kelly, Trump WH Chief Of of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Mike Pence, Vice President (Vatican Catholic born)

- Gen. James Mattis, Trump Secretary Of Defense (Vatican Catholic)

- Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump National Security Advisor (Vatican Catholic)

- Mick Mulvaney, Trump White House Chief of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, Charlotte Catholic High School)

- William Barr, Trump Attorney General (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Wilbur Ross, Trump Treasury Secretary (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Xavier High School, NYC/former-partner head Zionist's Rothschild Investments)

- Jerome Powell, Trump nominated Federal Reserve Chairman (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Jesuit Georgetown Preparatory School)

- Ivanka Trump (Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Eric Trump (Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, President Jesuit Georgetow U Alumni Association)

- Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Sebastian Gorka, Trump Deputy Assistant (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Heythrop College-U of London, former-British Intelligence)

- Kellyanne Conway, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Trinity Washington U)

- Johnny DeStefano, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Saint Louis U)

- Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump Secretary Of Homeland Security (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Boris Epshteyn, Trump White House Assistant Director of Communications (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Brett Kavanaugh, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown Prep)

- Neil Gorsuch, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic)

- Mike Pompeo, Trump Secretary Of State (Vatican Catholic)

- Corey Lewandowski, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic)

- Vincent Viola, Trump Secretary Of Defense Nominee (Billionaire Vatican/Jesuit-Tied Huge Donor To Jesuit Fordham U)

- Rudy Giuliani, Trump Attorney/Advisor (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Manhattan College Prep)

- Don McGahn, Trump White House Counsel (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Anthony Scaramucci, Trump WH Communications Director (Vatican Catholic)

- Erik Prince/Blackwater Private Mercenary Army (Admitted Vatican Knights Of Malta, Major Trump campaign funder)

- Roger Stone, Trump Campaign Advisor, #1 Alternative Media Trump Promoter  (Vatican Catholic)



- Mike Pence, born Vatican Roman Catholic, self-described "evangelical Catholic"

- Chris Christie, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Newt Gingrich, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

- Michael T. Flynn, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Rudy Giuliani, Vatican Roman Catholic, 9/11 coadjutor, alleged Knight of Malta

- Steve Bannon, chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump, former executive chair of Breitbart News, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown U

- Lou Barletta, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Chris Collins, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Tom Marino, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Devin Nunes, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Anthony Scaramucci, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

- Eric Trump, Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, and serves as board member of Georgetown's Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative

- Ivanka Trump, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown U

- David Malpass, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown, Vice President of the Council for National Policy, leading appointment selections for positions involving economic issues

- Keith Kellogg, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled at Santa Clara University, leading appointment selections for positions involving national defense issues

- Michael Catanzaro, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled at Fordham University and St. Ignatius High School, leading the policy implementation team for energy independence

- Andrew Bremberg, Vatican Catholic, graduate of Catholic University of America Executive Legal Action Lead

- James Carafano, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown University , reported to be the primary aide to the State Department of Trump administration transition team

- Ed Feulner, Vatican Catholic former President and founder of Heritage Foundation; Jesuit-schooled from Regis and Georgetown Universities

- Ken Blackwell, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Xavier University, leading appointment selections for positions involving domestic issues.

- Boris Epshteyn, Trump's foremost spokesman; Jesuit-schooled from Jesuit Georgetown University


Biden Administration - Vatican Jesuit-Vatican Catholic Led

Joe Biden, President USA (Vatican Catholic)
1st Vatican Catholic Vice President
2nd Vatican Catholic President
Spiritual Advisor, Fr, Kevin O'Brienm (Jesuit), President - Santan Clara University (Jesuit Insitution)

Archmere Academy (Vatican Catholic), Scranton PA (home of Jesuit Universtity of Scranton)
University of Delaware
Syracuse University

Hunter Biden (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Archmere Academy (Vatican Catholic)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)
- Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University  (Vatican Jesuit)

Mike Donilon, Senior Advisor to the President (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)

Louisa Terrell, Director, Office of Legislative Affairs (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Boston College (Vatican Jesuit)

John Kerry - Pres. Envoy Climate/NWO/UN (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Boston College (Vatican Jesuit)

Alejandro Mayorkas, Sec. Homeland Security (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Loyola Marymount University (Vatican Jesuit)

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Jesuit Georgetown Preparatory School  (Vatican Jesuit)
- Georgetown University  (Vatican Jesuit)

Avril Haines, Biden Dir National Intelligence/fmr CIA Director (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)

Pete Buttigieg, Sec. Transportation (Maltese-American/Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- St. Joseph High School (Vatican Catholic)
- born Malta (home of Vatican Knights of Malta)
- trained to be Jesuit priest prior to emigrating to US
- father Joseph Buttigieg (Maltese) trained at Jesuit-founded University of Malta, Jesuit Heythrop College-University of London & was Prof Emeritus at University Of Notre Dame/Vatican Catholic

Symone Sanders, Vice President Sr Adv & Spkpsn (Vatican Jesuit-trained handler)
- Mercy High School (Vatican Catholic)
- Creighton University  (Vatican Jesuit)


Nancy Pelos, Dem Speaker House of Rep (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
Institute of Notre Dame (Vatican Roman Catholic girls school)
Trinity College (Vatican Jesuit & Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur founded)

- husband Paul Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Georgetown U/Vatican Jesuit
- father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University Maryland/Vatican Jesuit
- brother Thomas D'Alesandro III, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University Maryland/Vatican Jesuit
- daughter Christine Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit trained, Georgetown University/Vatican Jesuit
- daughter Alexandra Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University/Vatican Jesuit


World Economic Forum - NWO Great Reset Architect

Klaus Schwab (Vatican Jesuit trained) - Founder/Exec Chair, World Economic Forum/NWO
University of Fribourg, Switzerland (Jesuit founded)
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Nazi Reich-member born son, Ravensburg, Germany
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11-30-2021, 01:30 AM
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RE: Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
Very important information here.
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