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Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
11-29-2021, 08:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2021 11:18 PM by Dagwood.)
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Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel speaks on Jesuit education/grooming.. confirming top Covid Vax players Vatican - Jesuit military operatives

[Image: VzKQQLc.jpeg]

[Image: 829ea9_0847c6ed79e740f3b7294869967395c5~mv2.jpg]
Pepe "Orsini" (Maximus family of the royal Roman Caesar 13 Black Nobility Papal bloodlines who founded/Emperor Constantine & still own the ROMAN Catholic false church of Christ.. co-opting Yeshua/Jesus Christ, who's movement they were losing control to and could not destroy, making it the new false front of their Roman world empire which has never died)

(03-20-2021 02:57 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  Biggest US Covid-19 Players are ALL Vatican'-"Jesuit-trained/groomed" Agents... Dr.  Faucii - Chief MD Trump CV-19 Task Force, Robert Redfield - CDC Director, Andrew Quomo-Gov NY, Gavin Newsom-Gov CA, Nancy Pelosi & husband , Trump (+ 2 kids) ...+ 80-90% of Trump administration=Vatican/Jesuit-trained. BOTH SIDES!

-Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Trump CV-19 Task Force (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
- Regis High School, New York City  (Vatican Jesuit)
- College of the Holy Cross (Vatican Jesuit)
-Cornell University Medical College

Dr. Robert R. Redfield - CDC Director (Vatican/Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit), BSc
- Georgetown University School of Medicine, (Vatican Jesuit)

Andrew Quomo, Governor of New York (Vatican/Jesuit-trained)/brother of Fordham- Jesuit Head CNN Propaganda Agent Chris Quomo)
- Fordham University (Vatican Jesuit)

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Santa Clara University (Vatican Jesuit)

Donald Trump (Vatican Jesuit-trained/long time family pastor Norman Vincent Peale 33rd Degree Freemason - most famous admitted US Freemason past 50 years)
- Fordham U (Vatican Jesuit)

Gates Foundation/Rockefeller/Jesuit - Event 201 (Oct 2019 CV-19 Global Drill)

Christopher Elias (Vatican-Jesuit trained), President Global Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation overseeing Emergency Response; Family Planning/Maternal/Newborn & Child Health/Nutrition/Vaccine Delivery (all Eugenics)
- MD, Creighton University (Vatican-Jesuit instution)
- 2000-2012: CEO PATH, Africa focuse child vaccines, women"s reproductive health-abortion/vaccines, immunization, epidemic vaccines.
-1990-2000: Rockefeller Foundation Population Council (depopulation) -
- Schwab (Klaus Schaub, WEF & Global Reset founder) Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the U.S. 2006

[Image: oie-ew-HI8-S1d0-QQk.jpg]
[Image: Jesuit-Dr-Anthony-Fauci.jpg]
[Image: oie-k1-Og3-Yi-Rq-S08.jpg]
[Image: WASHINGTON-DC-SEPTEMBER-24-Pope-Francis-...ding-a.jpg]
[Image: oie-Glqa-F66s3zay-1.jpg]
[Image: oie-wo4-Itb-El5e-Jd-1.png]
[Image: oie-9-Hv-Ap-NEn79u-F.jpg]
[Image: oie-2b-Jk-GV8r13t-D.jpg]
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11-29-2021, 09:02 PM (This post was last modified: 03-03-2022 11:15 AM by Dagwood.)
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RE: Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/gr
(03-20-2021 02:57 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  [Image: oie-cgc6-QPs9v-Nq-T.jpg]
[Image: vatican37-78.jpg]
[Image: DTCOv-HIUQAAgds6.jpg]
[Image: qlcDOP.jpg]
[Image: qlcpzF]
[Image: qllt4f.jpg]
[Image: qllb24.jpg]
[Image: ql0EZX.jpg]

(03-20-2021 03:06 AM)Dagwood Wrote:  90% Team Trump=Vatican'-"Jesuit-trained/groomed" Agents. + 10% Zionist Jews

A simple Wikipedia search for each Trump Admin member will confirm...

- Donald Trump (Vatican Jesuit-trained/long time family pastor Norman Vincent Peale 33rd Degree Freemason - most famous admitted US Freemason past 50 years)
Fordham U (Vatican Jesuit)

- Steve Bannon, Trump Chief Strategist/Mastermind (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Benedictine Catholic Military College Prep)

- Gen. Joseph Dunford/ Trump Chair Joint Chiefs Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Catholic Saint Michael's College)

- Gen. John Kelly, Trump WH Chief Of of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Mike Pence, Vice President (Vatican Catholic born)

- Gen. James Mattis, Trump Secretary Of Defense (Vatican Catholic)

- Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump National Security Advisor (Vatican Catholic)

- Mick Mulvaney, Trump White House Chief of Staff (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, Charlotte Catholic High School)

- William Barr, Trump Attorney General (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Wilbur Ross, Trump Treasury Secretary (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Xavier High School, NYC/former-partner head Zionist's Rothschild Investments)

- Jerome Powell, Trump nominated Federal Reserve Chairman (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U/Jesuit Georgetown Preparatory School)

- Ivanka Trump (Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Eric Trump (Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, President Jesuit Georgetow U Alumni Association)

- Paul Manafort, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Sebastian Gorka, Trump Deputy Assistant (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Heythrop College-U of London, former-British Intelligence)

- Kellyanne Conway, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Trinity Washington U)

- Johnny DeStefano, Trump Counselor to the President (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Saint Louis U)

- Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump Secretary Of Homeland Security (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Boris Epshteyn, Trump White House Assistant Director of Communications (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Brett Kavanaugh, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown Prep)

- Neil Gorsuch, Trump Supreme Court Appointee (Vatican Catholic)

- Mike Pompeo, Trump Secretary Of State (Vatican Catholic)

- Corey Lewandowski, Trump Campaign Mgr (Vatican Catholic)

- Vincent Viola, Trump Secretary Of Defense Nominee (Billionaire Vatican/Jesuit-Tied Huge Donor To Jesuit Fordham U)

- Rudy Giuliani, Trump Attorney/Advisor (Vatican Catholic/Catholic Manhattan College Prep)

- Don McGahn, Trump White House Counsel (Vatican Catholic/Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U)

- Anthony Scaramucci, Trump WH Communications Director (Vatican Catholic)

- Erik Prince/Blackwater Private Mercenary Army (Admitted Vatican Knights Of Malta, Major Trump campaign funder)

- Roger Stone, Trump Campaign Advisor, #1 Alternative Media Trump Promoter  (Vatican Catholic)



- Mike Pence, born Vatican Roman Catholic, self-described "evangelical Catholic"

- Chris Christie, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Newt Gingrich, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

- Michael T. Flynn, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Rudy Giuliani, Vatican Roman Catholic, 9/11 coadjutor, alleged Knight of Malta

- Steve Bannon, chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump, former executive chair of Breitbart News, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown U

- Lou Barletta, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Chris Collins, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Tom Marino, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Devin Nunes, Vatican Roman Catholic

- Anthony Scaramucci, Vatican Roman Catholic, Council on Foreign Relations

- Eric Trump, Jesuit-schooled Georgetown U, and serves as board member of Georgetown's Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative

- Ivanka Trump, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown U

- David Malpass, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown, Vice President of the Council for National Policy, leading appointment selections for positions involving economic issues

- Keith Kellogg, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled at Santa Clara University, leading appointment selections for positions involving national defense issues

- Michael Catanzaro, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled at Fordham University and St. Ignatius High School, leading the policy implementation team for energy independence

- Andrew Bremberg, Vatican Catholic, graduate of Catholic University of America Executive Legal Action Lead

- James Carafano, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Georgetown University , reported to be the primary aide to the State Department of Trump administration transition team

- Ed Feulner, Vatican Catholic former President and founder of Heritage Foundation; Jesuit-schooled from Regis and Georgetown Universities

- Ken Blackwell, Vatican Catholic, Jesuit-schooled from Xavier University, leading appointment selections for positions involving domestic issues.

- Boris Epshteyn, Trump's foremost spokesman; Jesuit-schooled from Jesuit Georgetown University


Biden Administration - Vatican Jesuit-Vatican Catholic Led

Joe Biden, President USA (Vatican Catholic)
1st Vatican Catholic Vice President
2nd Vatican Catholic President
Spiritual Advisor, Fr, Kevin O'Brienm (Jesuit), President - Santan Clara University (Jesuit Insitution)

Archmere Academy (Vatican Catholic), Scranton PA (home of Jesuit Universtity of Scranton)
University of Delaware
Syracuse University

Hunter Biden (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Archmere Academy (Vatican Catholic)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)
- Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University  (Vatican Jesuit)

Mike Donilon, Senior Advisor to the President (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)

Louisa Terrell, Director, Office of Legislative Affairs (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Boston College (Vatican Jesuit)

John Kerry - Pres. Envoy Climate/NWO/UN (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Boston College (Vatican Jesuit)

Alejandro Mayorkas, Sec. Homeland Security (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Loyola Marymount University (Vatican Jesuit)

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Jesuit Georgetown Preparatory School  (Vatican Jesuit)
- Georgetown University  (Vatican Jesuit)

Avril Haines, Biden Dir National Intelligence/fmr CIA Director (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- Georgetown University (Vatican Jesuit)

Pete Buttigieg, Sec. Transportation (Maltese-American/Vatican Jesuit-trained)
- St. Joseph High School (Vatican Catholic)
- born Malta (home of Vatican Knights of Malta)
- trained to be Jesuit priest prior to emigrating to US
- father Joseph Buttigieg (Maltese) trained at Jesuit-founded University of Malta, Jesuit Heythrop College-University of London & was Prof Emeritus at University Of Notre Dame/Vatican Catholic

Symone Sanders, Vice President Sr Adv & Spkpsn (Vatican Jesuit-trained handler)
- Mercy High School (Vatican Catholic)
- Creighton University  (Vatican Jesuit)


Nancy Pelos, Dem Speaker House of Rep (Vatican Jesuit-trained)
Institute of Notre Dame (Vatican Roman Catholic girls school)
Trinity College (Vatican Jesuit & Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur founded)

- husband Paul Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Georgetown U/Vatican Jesuit
- father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University Maryland/Vatican Jesuit
- brother Thomas D'Alesandro III, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University Maryland/Vatican Jesuit
- daughter Christine Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit trained, Georgetown University/Vatican Jesuit
- daughter Alexandra Pelosi, Vatican Jesuit-trained, Loyola University/Vatican Jesuit


World Economic Forum - NWO Great Reset Architect

Klaus Schwab (Vatican Jesuit trained) - Founder/Exec Chair, World Economic Forum/NWO
University of Fribourg, Switzerland (Jesuit founded)
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Nazi Reich-member born son, Ravensburg, Germany
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11-30-2021, 01:30 AM
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RE: Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
Very important information here.
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03-01-2022, 07:34 PM
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RE: Covid Vax 100% Vatican : Moderna CEO on his Jesuit Vatican militia education/grooming
Add to that the Church also groomed Uğur Şahin, founder of BionTech.

“Exactly. The second is science, very early on for me, and the love for mathematics.
I got enthusiastic about wanting to understand things very early on myself, even very enthusiastic about math, and wanted to understand things, and was lucky that where we lived there was a one Catholic library, and I always gave up and the library for me, then i was one of the few children who came in on Sundays that was always open for two hours, on sunday mornings, and that shaped me, and later also helped me to become a scientist, and later, of course, studying that medical degree.

*no mention found yet as to which order this church belongs. Wonder if anyone can dig into this or any Cologne locals can help identify this church.

clip from TV interview
Kölner Treff - Talkshow Debüt Biontech Gründer innen Özlem Türeci und Uğur Şahi

and then we have

Austrian PM · Alexander Van der Bellen / University of Innsbruck
Italian MP Mario Draghi also succeeded Giuseppe Conte 2018-2021
GAVI president · José Manuel Barroso / Georgetown University
Melinda Gates / Ursuline Academy of Dallas = sister school of Jesuit Dallas, where she took classes as noted by her autobio "The Moment of Lift", p20

-recent leaders-
Malcolm Turnbull, Australian MP 2015-2018 - trained by Emmet Costello SJ
Tony Abbott Australian MP 2013-2015, st Ignatius' College, Riverview
Mariano Rajoy, PM of Spain 2011-2018 - Jesuit College in León, Vigo
Martin Schulz, Heilig-Geist (Holy Ghost Fathers, jesuit offshoot), President of the European Parliament 2012-2017
Park Geun-hye, - South Korean President 2013-2017 - Sogang University
Benigno Aquino III - Philippines President 2010-2016 - Ateneo de Manila University
Mauricio Funes - El Salvador President 2009-2014 - Externado San José (San Salvador)

James Clapper, 4th DNI(2010-2017)Georgetown University
John Ratcliffe, 6th DNI(2020-2021)University of Notre Dame du Lac
Avril Haines, 7th DNI(2021- )Georgetown University
John Brennan, CIA director(2012-2017)Fordham University
Bill Clinton, John Kerry, John Podesta

-historical leaders-
Fidel Castro - Colegio de Belén
Raúl Castro - Colegio Dolores, Colegio de Belén
Adolfo Calero Nicaraguan Contra + FDN leader, - Notre Dame
Enrique Bolaños - Nicaraguan president 2002-2007 - Saint Louis University

Edmund Aloysius Walsh, architect of cold war, founder of Georgetown School of Foreign Service in 1919

Joseph Stalin, Seminary of Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia; covert jesuit school, as told by Stalin himself in an interview published in 1932) "Joseph Stalin an interview with the German author Emil Ludwig" (p11)
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