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01-16-2022, 09:22 PM
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(01-16-2022 12:00 PM)Redneck Wrote:  Facing a backlash that he was presenting misleading medical information, Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson defended his Monday news conference in which five people disclosed what they said were serious side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Among those who spoke was Stephanie de Garay of Cincinnati, whose 12-year-old daughter Maddie participated in the Pfizer trial in the winter. After receiving her second dose, Maddie experienced severe side effects that resulted in three hospitalizations over two months, her mother said.

Maddie, sitting in a wheelchair, listened as her mother told her story of developing "severe abdominal and chest pain."

She said her daughter told her: "It feels like my heart is being ripped out."

Maddie suffered from "unbearable" abdominal pain and developed additional symptoms, including brain fog, headaches, dizziness and seizures and "loss of feeling from the waist down," her mother said.

Maddie's mother said symptoms persist but "some days are worse than others."

Kristi Dobbs, a dental hygienist from Webb City, Missouri, said she received the Pfizer vaccine in January. Since then, she said, she has experienced severe side effects, including pain, paresthesia and heart palpitations.

Three days after receiving her first vaccine dose, she suffered severe pain she said, including "internal vibrations."

"It feels like you have this electric shock running through your body, like you're stuck in a vibrating chair," she said. "It never stops."

"I have tremors in my hands, which makes me leery that I will ever practice as a hygienist again," she said.

She said she has swollen lymph nodes, muscle weakness, convulsions and seizures.

"I had to have my 6-year-old daughter wake me up from a fit in the middle of the night," she said. "No 6-year-old should have to do that."

As he has done in the past, Johnson again raised the issue of possible vaccine-related deaths by passing out charts showing there were 4,800 deaths that had been linked to COVID vaccines that were reported to the federal government's vaccine adverse event website.

sad story.
How could so many parents be so cruel and give their kids an experimental vax when the chance of a child dying of COvid is near zero?
I also saw many adult parents justify getting the vax because of their kids. it was clearly stated by the CDC early on that a child had a near zero chance of dying from Covid.

people are very very irrational.

the covid debacle shows how programmed people are. very very few people actually possess FREE WILL

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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01-17-2022, 09:07 PM
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The heartbroken family of a "beautiful" young woman who died on a night out have paid moving tribute to her. Jessica Lally was just 26-years-old when she died suddenly while on a night out in Sheffield, last October. Her mum, Joan, said Jessica and her friends had been at the Bronco's Rodeo bar in West Street, Sheffield, when tragedy struck. The bar, an American-themed eatery, has a mechanical bull that customers can ride and Jessica's mum said that - like many other customers - Jessica decided to give it a go. Joan said: "She was in the Bronco Bar and she went on the ride and fell off and had a cardiac arrest. "She was just on a night out, she'd not had a lot to drink, they'd been for a meal actually and they called in there afterwards. "I don't know why she decided to go on it, but was just having fun I suppose." Recalling the horrific moment she learned of her beloved daughter's death, Joan said: "She'd just gone out for a night out and then we had police at the door at midnight.
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