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Attn Karasu: What does "Lemur like" fitness look like?
06-30-2020, 02:30 PM
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RE: Attn Karasu: What does "Lemur like" fitness look like?
^I would blame the lifestyle. EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION plus INACTIVITY. These HusyFats think they can replace the need for movement with 45minutes of 5x5 STRONG-LIFTING in the evening and CONSUME MASS QUANTITIES of CALORIES to fuel the GAINS and they will eventually get that 80s Action Bod that still eludes them after all these years!

It begins as "BodyBuilding" and when they don't see the same result as those steroid fueled vanity bods in those Fitness Tabloids then they eventually "settle" and tell themselves they are "lifting for strength".

In FACT I believe the classic "BodyBuilding" method is probably superior to "STRONG LIFTING". It's really the SAME EXERCISES but STRONG-LIFTING encourages lifting TOO HEAVY which will lead to damaging the body.

Also I have expressed many times that Weight-Lifting is a recommended Fitness Method for the "Mature" Man and of course it is ideal for women!

and here we observe a matronly beauty quite similar in look and structure to my own GF making an impressive effort to keep herself fit for feminine household management operatoins:

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RE: Attn Karasu: What does "Lemur like" fitness look like? - karasu - 06-30-2020 02:30 PM

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