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Alex Chilcott talks about getting harrassed by cops in Canada
06-20-2020, 03:52 PM
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RE: Alex Chilcott talks about getting harrassed by cops in Canada
Quote:First Comment from Al Thompson:

I have a different view of racism. I used to think that it was mostly an issue of black versus white but my views are based on my own experience with black people. Please understand that my views are my reaction to these issues in general and there will always be exceptions.

I was in prison for 6 years and I was there with the various races. The biggest assholes were the white guys. One day, I sat down at a table at an outside work area and some of the blacks were standing around the table. A white supremacist type came over and told me to get off the table because it was reserved for the blacks. I got pissed off and took my stuff and sat on another bench. The blacks sat down and spoke among themselves for a few minutes. One said: "Hey Thompson, you can sit here with us if you want to and maybe we can argue about a few things." So, I took my place at their table and we spent a lot of time debating the issues of the day. These blacks had a better sense of justice and were more fun than the white guys. They realized that what just happened was discrimination and they resolved the problem.

I found that as a group of people, I've had more fun with blacks and they seem to be a happier group of people; until they have to deal with the white Freemasonic asshole. The white political elite hates it when people are generally happy so they do everything to make everyone miserable.

I think that the modern police are programmed to be evil and mean. They work for a corrupted system and they know it. They are the bad fruit from the corrupted tree. A black man like Alex should never fight with the police as that is the wrong way to struggle against them as he's outnumbered. It's better to fight it out in the courtroom with no attorney. The political elites are mostly white communist assholes who profit from the misery of other people.

What I found in prison was that black people were more pleasant and white people were more uptight. Black people were strikingly more intelligent and when they came to me for legal help, they asked good questions. But then, you had the blacks who would have voted for Obama just because he's black. Blacks have their dummies too. So, it really can't be about race so much as it is about communism. Communism is the problem and the cops are enforcing the communism. The racist angle is used to hide the communism.

Just about every nation in the world is communist promoted by white communist Jews and other libtards. Blacks should be pissed at the communism and not so much by the racism.

Makow reply: Thanks for this reminder that most cops are Freemasons.
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