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Alex Chilcott talks about getting harrassed by cops in Canada
06-20-2020, 03:52 PM
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Alex Chilcott talks about getting harrassed by cops in Canada
Quote:by Alex Chilcott


My mother is a doctor and my father an engineer. They came to Canada from Haiti. Because we live in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, my family was under constant harassment by the police. My mother had to go to court and get a restraining order on one officer because he would follow my mom home from work, or sit outside our house for hours, and issue her tickets.

My father received 3-4 tickets in a month sometimes more. He stuck out because he drove a luxury car. He was once even arrested for trespassing at his own workplace. When he tried to explain, the officer struck him and arrested him (little did the officer know my father was an accomplished decorated martial artist.) After being brought to a holding cell, he got into a fight with two men because they wanted his clothes. He ended up beating them up. The police came in beat him up again and put him in a single cell holding cell.

His boss picked him up and brought him home, and when they gave him his wallet back there was two hundred dollars cash missing from it that they denied taking. After getting a lawyer, nothing came of it. As always, the officers were given slaps on the wrist.

I have been constantly harassed by police officers. Coming in and leaving my home, I have been pressed up against my car and interrogated six times I can remember, for suspicions of robbing my own house or looking like a wanted person (or so they say, a common excuse to bring black people to spend the night in jail.)

I've had them search my wallet, car, even enter my home or property all without my permission. I've even been arrested for what they believed was attempting to break into my own house. It's not until they pull out my license that they see I am who I said I was and I do live here.

One day, my the family had left to Montreal and we had traded cars because mine had more cargo room, however. I didn't realize the set of keys given to me had no house key on it till much later in the day. So I went to the bank to make a big withdrawal for a purchase I was planning on making that day and went to pick up my girlfriend from work, came home, realized my problem. I spent an hour in front of my house trying to get in, then gave up.

As I was pulling out of the driveway, a police officer pulls up, blocks off my car, blares his lights, demands I step out of the car. As soon as I stepped out, he proceeded to twist my right arm up my back till it wouldn't rotate any longer but he continued and it was going to break. My girlfriend was screaming; I'm screaming in pain; he's yelling that I'm resisting arrest.

After scrambling to resist arrest, he handcuffs me and puts me into the cruiser, my pregnant neighbor comes to my rescue but by then it's too late. So I spend a night in a holding cell; a drunk guy picks a fight with me; I defend myself, get beat up by officers thrown into a single cell. In the morning my uncle comes to get me, my belongings are returned to me and the big withdrawal I made ($800), gone....sound familiar?

This time we didn't even pursue legal action as we knew that we would be spending a couple of grand to hear "sorry." That was by far my worst experience with the Ottawa police.

Another incident, I was still in high school and had decided to go to a BBQ with two other friends. We had a lot of fun, eating, socializing and playing games. We decided to take a walk around the park on the sidewalk, less than 5 minutes into our walk a police cruiser down the street blares his light while sound his sirens bolts towards us as if he was going to run us over.

His car slides upright behind us, tires screeching, tells us to put our hands on the hood of his car and not to move. As we do as we were instructed, he begins patting us down, interrogating us, his main question is what are you doing here.

I tried explaining that I live in the neighborhood and even pointed at my house which was across the street, but he didn't believe me. As he's patting me down, he pulled out my wallet and begins taking it apart, finds my I.D., realizes I was telling the truth. At that moment adults from the bbq approached the officer telling him to leave us alone and that we are children of this community.

The officer in irritation tells us to go home or he will arrest us if he sees us again. Later, that night my mother called the city to make a complaint but nothing ever comes from it. I've also been stopped multiple times walking my dog in the morning and evening to be interrogated, then told to go home or be arrested.

I as well get harassed non-stop with tickets and I learned my lesson quickly to just take it even if you didn't do it, as I've almost been in a physical confrontation with an officer for telling him he was wrong. When I saw that he tried to open my locked door I rolled up my window just enough so I could still hear him.

He then stated for the third time I sped through a stop sign as if he were a Jedi trying to get me to agree with him but he was getting ready to punch my window with his arm cocked. I stared at him and said nothing preparing for the worst. Then he walked back to his car and gave me the ticket, and left.

From what I had been told after this incident is to never make eye contact with a passing officer or he will harass you, which is what I did when I came to a complete stop looked right then left and noticed him sitting in his cruiser while making direct eye contact, as I began to drive he blared his light to pull me over. Ten minutes later, I'm driving by the same area and he pulled over another teenage Black.

Those who know, know! Big Grin
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06-20-2020, 03:52 PM
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RE: Alex Chilcott talks about getting harrassed by cops in Canada
Quote:First Comment from Al Thompson:

I have a different view of racism. I used to think that it was mostly an issue of black versus white but my views are based on my own experience with black people. Please understand that my views are my reaction to these issues in general and there will always be exceptions.

I was in prison for 6 years and I was there with the various races. The biggest assholes were the white guys. One day, I sat down at a table at an outside work area and some of the blacks were standing around the table. A white supremacist type came over and told me to get off the table because it was reserved for the blacks. I got pissed off and took my stuff and sat on another bench. The blacks sat down and spoke among themselves for a few minutes. One said: "Hey Thompson, you can sit here with us if you want to and maybe we can argue about a few things." So, I took my place at their table and we spent a lot of time debating the issues of the day. These blacks had a better sense of justice and were more fun than the white guys. They realized that what just happened was discrimination and they resolved the problem.

I found that as a group of people, I've had more fun with blacks and they seem to be a happier group of people; until they have to deal with the white Freemasonic asshole. The white political elite hates it when people are generally happy so they do everything to make everyone miserable.

I think that the modern police are programmed to be evil and mean. They work for a corrupted system and they know it. They are the bad fruit from the corrupted tree. A black man like Alex should never fight with the police as that is the wrong way to struggle against them as he's outnumbered. It's better to fight it out in the courtroom with no attorney. The political elites are mostly white communist assholes who profit from the misery of other people.

What I found in prison was that black people were more pleasant and white people were more uptight. Black people were strikingly more intelligent and when they came to me for legal help, they asked good questions. But then, you had the blacks who would have voted for Obama just because he's black. Blacks have their dummies too. So, it really can't be about race so much as it is about communism. Communism is the problem and the cops are enforcing the communism. The racist angle is used to hide the communism.

Just about every nation in the world is communist promoted by white communist Jews and other libtards. Blacks should be pissed at the communism and not so much by the racism.

Makow reply: Thanks for this reminder that most cops are Freemasons.
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