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An Intriguing Alternative View here:
02-25-2020, 09:41 AM
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An Intriguing Alternative View here:
Maybe Women Won’t Date You Because You’re Awful

The Federalist says Trump is president because women won’t date conservatives. But I thought we were all fat, lesbian, abortion-loving sluts?

Every few months or so, some idiot writes a column postulating that perhaps the reason that angry little men do destructive things is because women won’t date them. Everything from Gamergate to mass shootings have been attributed to women setting men’s feelings intractably in motion. Look what you made them do, women.

Since Trump was elected, there’s been a smattering of these that blame the current state of the world on a similar failure of female responsibility. The New York Times ran something a few months back about the difficulty blue-state Trump voters have dating.

The Federalist piece also presents a confusing portrait of the sort of woman these conservative men are angry will not date them. As a left-leaning woman, I’ve read a lot about how my type are fat unattractive lesbian sluts who are, despite their lesbianism and unattractiveness to men, frequently getting pregnant via having sex with men, and then having abortions. I’ve even seen articles to this published on The Federalist! We’re allegedly terrible. Why would any respectable real tough American-style guy want to date us? Why would our not dating the people who think we are fat unattractive lesbian abortion sluts make any difference to those people?

Maybe women won’t date you because you’re awful.

Women refusing to date Trump-supporting men isn’t what caused those men to react and turn to Trump for solace. That women won’t date them is a symptom of their awfulness

Heterosexual women might be turned off by a man’s politics, by their philosophy, by their musical taste, by their affinity for talking about gadgets, the most boring thing in the world to talk about. But if the man in question is a nice enough person, if he takes care of himself and treats others with genuine respect, somebody will probably date him. The world is full of lonely people who will let things slide in the name of companionship.

If nobody likes you, the problem is you.

Make yourself great again, and then maybe you’ll get a girlfriend.-----

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02-25-2020, 09:42 AM
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RE: An Intriguing Alternative View here:
this "Make yourself great again, and then maybe you’ll get a girlfriend" really made me chuckle Big Grin
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