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Intriguing Social Study/Commentary of KKKW
10-29-2019, 01:21 AM
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RE: Intriguing Social Study/Commentary of KKKW
(10-28-2019 09:04 PM)Redneck Wrote:  
(10-28-2019 08:08 AM)karasu Wrote:  
(10-28-2019 06:31 AM)Redneck Wrote:  The author is mistaken when he says that McDonalds and Chik-Fil-A are low brow, people from all walks of life and social classes eat there.

This seems like a thinly veiled way of slamming Chik-Fil-A because of it's Christian ownership and conservative values.

perhaps that is also the case yet it is an intriguing social study with elements of present social complexion, manipulation, and clever exploitation of these factors yielding a successful rise to position of powerful influence.

For sure, but I feel that the author starts out with a preconceived idea and then twists the details so that they appear to support his idea.

I would say rather than McDonalds and other fast food outlets being low brow, that they appeal to the lowest common denominator. Meaning that while they do have strong appeal to what this man describes as low brow (a rather prejudiced and derogatory term wouldn't you say?), they appeal to most people who eat on the run or just like the taste of fast food, whether they work on Wall street or at Walmart.

Quote:lowbrow adjective

low·​brow | \ ˈlō-ˌbrau̇ \

Definition of lowbrow

: of, relating to, or suitable for a person with little taste or intellectual interest

I also don't see a connection between the Wests being connoisseur's of McDonalds and Chik-Fil-A and their strong following of superficial people. I could attribute their popularity to many factors, but their choice of restaurant is not high on my list.

a rather prejudiced and derogatory term wouldn't you say?-----

or could we say the author is "social profiling"?

this also inspires a pondering of WB's(Warren Buffett) association with Fast Food in connection to his rise in power. Could KKKW have cleverly taken note of this association and employed this strategy to their own advantage?
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