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Wish.com sells the weirdest stuff
09-22-2019, 09:18 PM
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Wish.com sells the weirdest stuff
This thing called Wish.com is being pushed hard on facebook and some of the things that show up in my feed are quite bizarre. I wonder who is behind Wish.com? It looks like it might be a Chinese enterprise.

[Image: 5aa9f45c2d659f65ef313881-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5693c9933c966826d03afea2-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

10 X Tire Tyre Puncture Triangle Nail Spike Anti-theft Security Car Vehicle New

[Image: 5bd2e0d1d2045320637880fb-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

They also seem to have a large range of Nazi themed products.

[Image: 5ac202a675599a3a54488f6b-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 58467daa15b9d76933802829-large.jpg?cache...94e4805995]

[Image: 5784c7a812df04781d1bc512-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5c63d06ba1bdfb778581342d-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5982b7215c5d2463ec23d8b1-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5b7b43198501f42c6b7c52df-1-large?cozy=1]

[Image: 593fb6e64b560739bcf68506-22-large?cozy=1]

I'm just trying to figure this shit out like you are.
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09-22-2019, 09:22 PM
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RE: Wish.com sells the weirdest stuff
[Image: 5955962d537a2e088b2e8d4c-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5d5e2e0c3f0ca71d0e71737f-large.jpg?cache...ca1ae73d6a]

[Image: 5c20a61f2b9e5e0254937498-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 580ce403c886921a35026d0e-large.jpg?cache...e81c835336]

[Image: 5d0c77d351727776eadfa014-large.jpg?cache...8b590bec0b]
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09-22-2019, 09:41 PM
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RE: Wish.com sells the weirdest stuff
[Image: 5c93a14036022447278fc6bf-large.jpg?cache...fb192b1019]

[Image: 5a4cb28ee05e33317794de97-large.jpg?cache...ca5378ce04]

[Image: 5a93d274e114ef0b08ea7555-large.jpg?cache...3f8f87bc4a]

[Image: 5bc6d42dcb6e3158be8023f7-large.jpg?cache...c1ef9aec6e]

[Image: 5c93366c7d5c926c5594f237-large.jpg?cache...bafa2cfefc]
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09-22-2019, 09:54 PM
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RE: Wish.com sells the weirdest stuff
Apparently these are fishing lures.

[Image: 5ad740626931da47344dfbd0-large.jpg?cache...5ca59a5955]

More Occult themed stuff.

[Image: 5aa457fe8304252305af1ff5-large.jpg?cache...930697ca01]

[Image: 5b1737b51aba167238816989-large.jpg?cache...412f96b31d]

[Image: 5c6a17659027bb4276f2fa4c-large.jpg?cache...48cb07e941]

[Image: 58dde93bdb9df7500b6c2483-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5c42e46267404051164436a3-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 5b3f3c933b856b6ecca3515f-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]

[Image: 591f105e4f0e6e4ce8809c0d-large.jpg?cache...9f88aa104e]

[Image: 5926a262dfc41c2c5896e822-0-large?cache_b...amp;cozy=1]
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