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18th Century UFO sightings
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18th Century UFO sightings
A piece of evidence that the UFOs are not all government secret craft are the reports of them from before Roswell, and even before the invention of airplanes.

Quote:Date: August 1700, Location: Sahalahti, Eastern Finland
Time: mid-day
Summary: An old man, a smith named Tiittu, is said by a local story to have disappeared shortly after a flying disk hovered over the village. His son went to search for him, and met a being he perceived as a “bear” who said he had flown off. “After Tiittu had gone to the forest, the same day villagers saw a huge disc hovering above the village. It stayed without moving for a moment, then started to fly out to the direction where Tiittu had gone to. Villagers believed that it was a mark of the end of the world. They were horrified. “For two days they stayed inside praying, singing religious songs and confessing their sins. Only in the third day they were calm enough to go back to their normal work. When Tiittu didn’t return, the villagers started to look for him. In the forest Tiittus son suddenly met a big being looking like a bear. The being started to speak in Finnish: ‘Don’t be 178 afraid. I can tell you that you are looking for your father in vain. You saw that ‘sky ship’ like a rainbow—it took your father up to the heights, to another, better world, where lives a race much higher than your people. Your father feels good there and doesn’t miss his home.’ The bear disappeared, and they stopped looking for Tiittu. “All the people of Sahalahti were talking about the mysterious case. Then they got a new priest, who announced in the church: “This story speaks of sinful witchcraft, and it represents the imagination of drunken and mad people, so youd better forget it.”


Quote:Date: 1704, Location: Hamburg, Germany
Summary: People saw the sky “crisscrossed with sparkling boat-like objects” chasing one another, blending and separating, multiplying in plain view.

Date: December 18, 1707, Location: Southern coast of England
Summary: A huge cylinder and an odd cloud moved along with nocturnal lights, low on the horizon. The phenomenon was described by “the Worshipful Charles Kirkham, Esq.” as “a long dark Cloud of a Cylindrical Figure which lay horizontally, and seemed to divide the Brightness into two almost Equal Parts. It had little or no motion, tho’ the Wind blow’d brisk. But on a sudden there appear’d a swelling Brightness in that Cylindric Cloud, which broke out into Flames of a pale-coloured Fire.” The flames lasted less than half a minute, with “the Cloud from whence they proceeded still keeping its first Position, and not diminish’d. It was wonderfully frightful and amazing.”
Source: Rev. John Morton, Natural History of Northamptonshire (1712),

Date: May 11, 1710, Location: London, England
Summary: At 2:00 A.M. multiple witnesses saw “a strange comet” which seemed to be carried along with two black clouds. “After which,” according to the report, “follow’d the likeness of a Man in a Cloud of Fire, with a Sword in his Hand, which mov’d with the Clouds as the other did, but they saw it for near a quarter of an Hour together, to their very great surprise…” The scene was depicted in a woodcut.
[Image: XM10049834.jpg]

Date: April 2, 1716, Location: Tallin, Baltic Sea
Summary: Two large dark clouds engaged in combat, and many smaller fast clouds. The phenomenon was observed over the Baltic Sea, near Revel (modern Tallinn). The reports come from various official documents and ship logbooks. It was the second day of Easter, at around 9:00 P.M., when a dense or black cloud appeared in the sky. Its base was wide but its top was pointed, and it seemed to travel upwards quickly, “so that in less than three minutes its angle of elevation reached half of a right angle.” As the cloud appeared “there manifested in the WNW direction an enormous shining comet that ascended up to about 12 degrees above the horizon.” At this moment, a second dark cloud rose from the north, approaching the first one: “There formed between these two clouds, from the northeastern side, a bright light in the shape of a column that for a few minutes did not change its position…” One version states that this column of light remained still for around ten minutes. Then the second cloud moved very quickly through the column, “and hit the other cloud that was moving from the east.” The collision produced “great fire and smoke” for about fifteen minutes, “after which it began to gradually fade and ended with the appearance of a multitude of bright arrows reaching an [angular] altitude of 80 degrees above the horizon.”
Source: M. B. Gershtein, “A Thousand Years of Russian UFOs,” RIAP Bulletin (Ukraine) 7, 4, October-December 2001. The two accounts provided here were made by Baron de Bie, the ambassador of the Netherlands, and Russian Commander N. A. Senyavin.

Date: November 1719, Location:Bristol, England
Time: Pre-dawn
Summary: Great lights appeared over the city, and streams whereof (beams of light?) came down to the houses


See also:
1750 – 1799: UFO & Alien Sightings

Quote:Though uncommon before the classic contactee cases of the 1950s, many individuals have claimed outer space contacts or psychic visits to other planets. The most distinguished of the early contactees was the 18th- century Swedish philosopher, Emanuel Swedenborg.
Swedenborg I think claimed that he was able to spiritually travel through the universe. I didn't notice him claiming to have actually met a UFO that physically transported him. This makes his claim sounds more like his own imaginings. For example:
Quote:Swedenborg’s interplanetary error

But first, let’s deal with that pesky ol’ elephant that puts its big ol’ self right in the middle of the room whenever Swedenborg’s 1758 book about people on other planets comes up.

Here’s the problem: Swedenborg believed that every planet has people on it.

Today, that looks just a wee bit optimistic. Present-day science makes it clear that none of the other planets in our solar system is now or ever was capable of supporting complex life forms.

Quote:UFO Sighting from Westminster, England in 1742

Quote:As I was returning home from the Royal Society to Westminster
on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 1742 h. 8. 40' p. m. being about the
Middle of the Parade in St. James's Park, I saw a Light arise from
behind the Trees and Houses in the S. by W. Point, which I took
at first for a large Sky-Rocket ; but when it had risen to the Height
of about 20 Degrees, it took a Motion nearly parallel to the Hori-
zon, but waved in this manner,


and went on to the N. by E. .Point over the Houses. It seemed
to be very near, that I thought it passed over Queen's Square,
the Island in the Park, cross the Canal, and I lost sight of it over
the Haymarshes. Its Motion was so very slow that I had it above
half a minute in view; and therefore had Time enough to contemplate
its Appearance fully, which was what is seen in the annexed figure,

A seemed to be a light Flame, turning backwards from the Resist
-ance the Air made to it. B B a bright fire like burning charcoal,
inclosed as it were in an open Case, of which the Frame CCC was
quite opaque, like Bands of Iron. At D issued forth a Train or
Tail of light Flame, more bright at D, and glowing gradually
fainter at E, so as to be transparent more than half its length.
The Head seemed about half a Degree in Diameter, the Tail next 3
Degrees in length, and above one Eighth of a Degree in Thickness.

A, B, C, D, and E in the paragraph above refer to parts of the diagram of the object in the writing below:
[Image: ufo1742.gif]

[Image: windsor1783.jpg]

The above illustration depicts a sighting that occurred at 9.45pm on the evening of 18th August 1783 when four witnesses on the terrace of Windsor Castle observed a luminous object in the skies of the Home Counties of England. The sighting was recorded the following year in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. According to this report, witnesses observed an oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the horizon. Under this cloud could be seen a luminous object which soon became spherical, brilliantly lit, which came to a halt; This strange sphere seemed at first to be pale blue in colour but then its luminosity increased and soon it set off again towards the east. Then the object changed direction and moved parallel to the horizon before disappearing to the south-east; the light it gave out was prodigious; it lit up everything on the ground. The image was captured in this by Thomas Sandby (a founder of the Royal Academy) and his brother Paul, both of whom witnessed the event.


You can read "Wonders In The Sky - Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity To Modern Times - Jacques Vallee, Chris Aubeck", which has a section on the 18th century here:
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09-22-2019, 12:05 PM
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RE: 17th Century UFO sightings
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09-23-2019, 01:29 AM
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RE: 18th Century UFO sightings
BTW: 18th century years start with 17.....
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09-23-2019, 05:46 AM (This post was last modified: 09-23-2019 07:30 AM by pilgrim.)
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RE: 18th Century UFO sightings
I have often wondered how many saucer sightings were actually some form of early drone that people were seeing. Drones tend to move the way saucers were known to move.
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