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David McGowan: The Golden Age of 60's Rock was a Psywar/Psyop
04-15-2019, 03:57 PM
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David McGowan: The Golden Age of 60's Rock was a Psywar/Psyop
Thomas McGrath: Am I right in presuming that you take it as a given fact that power networks are essentially infected by occultism? Are these cults essentially Satanic, or what?

DaveMcGowan.jpg(Left, David McGowen)

David McGowan: Yes, I do believe that what you refer to as power networks, otherwise known as secret societies, are occult in nature. The symbolism can be seen everywhere, if you choose not to maneuver your way through the world deaf, dumb and blind. And I believe that it has been that way for a very long time.

As for them being Satanic, I suppose it depends upon how you define Satanic. I personally don't believe the teachings of either Satanism or Christianity, which are really just opposite sides of the same coin. I don't believe that there is a God or a devil, and I don't believe that those on the upper rungs of the ladder on either side believe so either. These are belief systems that are used to manipulate the minds of impressionable followers.

In the case of Satanism, it is, to me, a way to covertly sell a fascist mindset, which is the direction the country, and the rest of the world, is moving. Those embracing the teachings think they are rebelling against the system, but they are in reality reinforcing it. Just as the hippies did. And just as so-called Patriots and Anarchists are. I don't believe there has been a legitimate resistance movement in this country for a very long time.

Thomas McGrath: Tell us about Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. What is this new book's central thesis?

David McGowan: ...The music and counterculture scene that sprung to life in the 1960s was not the organic, grassroots resistance movement that it is generally perceived to be, but rather a movement that was essentially manufactured and steered. And a corollary to that would be that for a scene that was supposed to be all about peace, love and understanding, there was a very dark, violent underbelly that this book attempts to expose.

Thomas McGrath: How convinced are you by it and why?

David McGowan: Very convinced. It's been a long journey and virtually everything I have discovered - including the military/intelligence family backgrounds of so many of those on the scene, both among the musicians and among their actor counterparts; the existence of a covert military facility right in the heart of the canyon; the prior connections among many of the most prominent stars; the fact that some of the guiding lights behind both the Rand Corporation and the Project for a New American Century were hanging out there at the time, as were the future governor and lieutenant governor of California, and, by some reports, J. Edgar Hoover and various other unnamed politicos and law enforcement personnel; and the uncanny number of violent deaths connected to the scene - all tend to indicate that the 1960s counterculture was an intelligence operation.

Thomas McGrath: You propose that hippie culture was established to neutralize the anti-war movement. But I also interpreted your book as suggesting that, as far as you're concerned, there's also some resonance between what you term "psychedelic occultism" (the hippie counterculture) and the "elite" philosophy/theology? You think this was a second reason for its dissemination?

David McGowan: Yes, I do. Hippie culture is now viewed as synonymous with the anti-war movement, but as the book points out, that wasn't always the case. A thriving anti-war movement existed before the first hippie emerged on the scene, along with a women's rights movement, a black empowerment/Black Panther movement, and various other movements aimed at bringing about major changes in society. All of that was eclipsed by and subsumed by the hippies and flower children, who put a face on those movements that was offensive to mainstream America and easy to demonize. And as you mentioned, a second purpose was served as well - indoctrinating the young and impressionable into a belief system that serves the agenda of the powers that be.

Thomas McGrath: One thing your book does very convincingly, I think, is argue that many if not most of the main movers in the sixties counterculture were, not to put too fine a point on it, horrendous, cynical degenerates. However, one might argue that a predilection for drugs, alcohol, and even things like violence and child abuse, does not make you a member of a government cult. You disagree?

David McGowan: No. I've known a lot of people throughout my life with a predilection for drugs and alcohol, none of whom were involved in any cults, government or otherwise. And I don't believe that a predilection for drugs makes one a degenerate. The focus on drug use in the book is to illustrate the point that none of the scene's movers and shakers ever suffered any legal consequences for their rampant and very open use of, and sometimes trafficking of, illicit drugs.

The question posed is why, if these people were really challenging the status quo, did the state not use its law enforcement powers to silence troublemakers? I do have zero tolerance for violence towards and abuse of children, which some people in this story were guilty of. But that again doesn't make someone a member of a cult - though it does make them seriously morally challenged.


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04-15-2019, 03:58 PM
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RE: David McGowan: The Golden Age of 60's Rock was a Psywar/Psyop
Quote:5.0 out of 5 starsGripping, Well Documented - SHOCKING.
December 16, 2016
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
A Staggering and convincing argument that the entire 60-70's music scene and hippie culture was a Military planned Psy-Op.
I always wondered how and why these "Anti -Establishment" musical acts were signed soley to establishment music labels and appeared on all the Establishment networks?
All your (and mine) favorite musicians are mentioned and are dealt a severe blow by the bizarre, violent and unlikely circumstances from which they arose- I often wondered how and Why such a tiny little hamlet like Laurel Canyon all of a sudden became an epicenter of the entire American Pop music explosion . Now I know why and it's a little more than unnerving. It was not an accident. Every chapter is ripe with excellent journalistic reporting and bizarre 'coincidences' that keep you wanting to read more and faster. Even if you don't believe the premise of the book which is hard to believe but WELL documented you will find this book very entertaining.
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04-15-2019, 04:22 PM
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RE: David McGowan: The Golden Age of 60's Rock was a Psywar/Psyop

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