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Poll: Did NASA land men on the Moon, in the late 60s, early 70s?
I dunno
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July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
08-17-2019, 10:53 AM
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RE: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
(08-17-2019 10:00 AM)rezin Wrote:  
(08-17-2019 05:04 AM)pug-thug Wrote:  Russia had nearly all the space firsts, except for the manned moon landing

Russian ingenuity is completely underrated due to terrible portrayals of dumb russians in 80s movies

The fact is that the Americans tried to reverse engineer the Soviet rockets they currently use to get to space and failed despite having the complete rocket engines because Russian metallurgy is better and a mystery to the US.

Russian ingenuity has always been underrated both now and throughout the centuries. As the joke (that I just made up) goes "Russians invented it, the West patented it". The very long winters with nothing to do probably helped a lot with that inventiveness.

The Americans got 90% of the Nazi rocket program (including blue prints and scientists) the Soviets got 10%. And compare what they could accomplish with what they got.

This has to do with the way American and Russian societies are set up. America constantly has to import it's talent from the rest of the world. Everything from scientist and engineers to actors and directors. Once the imports are depleted, it has to import more because it struggles to create such people.

I'm making generalizations for such a big country but exceptions are called exceptions because they are exceptions.

In Russia and China, talented children are identified early and streamlined.

In America, and the West in general, it all comes down to how many boxes you tick. Sexual orientation, minority ethnicity, live in a ghetto, only if you can check the boxes, then are your talents, potential and abilities impressive.

Otherwise it is just 'white privilege' and you have to be held down, for the 'good' of everyone else.
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08-17-2019, 11:26 AM
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RE: July 21, 1969: Man walks on the Moon for the 1st time?
Immigrants have benefited america immensely

take away the non-white immigrants and say bye bye to silicon valley and even much of the tech industries

America has been brain draining asian/indian talent for DECADES now

immigration is the SECRET of US DOMINANCE in tech

yet TRUMPTARDS poo poo immigration
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