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The Militaristic Grip of Breitbart on Alternative News Audiences and the White House
01-07-2018, 11:53 AM (This post was last modified: 01-07-2018 11:55 AM by Rako.)
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Sad The Militaristic Grip of Breitbart on Alternative News Audiences and the White House
Quote:Up to June 2016, Breitbart News was the most cited news source on Trump's presidential campaign website, Donald Trump.com
Former editor at large Ben Shapiro wrote that under Bannon's leadership, 'Breitbart has become the alt-right go to website... the comment section turning into a cesspool for white supremacist memakers', describing the website as Trump Pravda. However, the owners of Breitbart News deny their website has any connection to the alt-right [21].
In July 2010 Shirley Sherrod was fire from her appointed position as Georgeia State Director of Rural Development... Her firing was largely in response to coverage in Breitbart News of video excerpts from her address to an event of the NAACP... Both NAACP and White House officials apologized for their statements [against Sherrod] after a longer version of her address was reviewed.
National Security BigPeace.com ... became the National Security component of Breitbart.com... National Security covers foreign policy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism....

In July 2010, Bretitbart News released an edited video titled proof NAACP Awards Racism, which featured USDA official Shirley Sherrod speaking at [the] NAACP. In the video admits to a racial reluctance to help a white farmer obtain government aid. As a result of the video ... Sherrod [resigned]. The NAACP later posted the longer 43 minute video of the speech. In it, Sherrod said her reluctance to help a white man was wrong, and she had ended up assisting him.

The Alt-Right A Reference for the Far-Right Political Movement
By Corey Tillerson

Breitbart's reference to "Big Peace" is apparently a reference to the complaint against "Big Government" and "Big Industry". The movement for peace on a global level is being derided by Breitbart, which apparently prefers a militaristic stance.

The Jerusalem Postdescribed his work this way:
Quote: In January, Breitbart tweeted about my Post exclusive on a raging anti-Semitism scandal at the liberal Washington think tank the Center for American Progress (CAP). He wrote: “Email Proves ‘Anti-Semitism’ at Lib Think Tank: Will Faiz Shakir fire Zaid Jilani over ‘Israel Firster’ slur at CAP?” Utilizing his pugnacious style in a typical microblog flash to his large twitter following of over 75,000, he pushed his liberal opponents up against the ropes. CAP eventually distanced itself from Jilani and severed employment ties with him, due to his crude anti-Jewish and anti-Israel writings.

In short, Breitbart was the raging bull of the World Wide Web but with a Lenny Bruce sense of humor and Saul Alinsky-style tactics, which he used to illustrate the soggy hypocrisy of a score of liberal-Left politicians, media outlets and organizations.

...it was noted that Breitbart was on the board of the Republican gay organization, GOProud. Though not a supporter of gay marriage, Breitbart, the married father of four children, worked to advance the modern conservative gay movement.

How ironic to compliment him as using "Saul Alinsky" tactics? And how should one explain his standing on the board of GOProud while also leading one of the main "Alt-Right" news organizations.

Here is a Breitbart article on the controversy about the Think Progress reporter's term "Israel-Firster":
Quote: Zaid Jilani wrote on his Twitter account, where he identifies himself as a “Reporter-Blogger for ThinkProgress,” that “…Obama is still beloved by Israel-firsters and getting lots of their $$.” The e-mail recognizing the anti-Semitism of a CAP blogger was sent from FShakir@americanprogress.org in December.

The term “Israel Firster” evokes old anti-Jewish slurs of “dual loyalty” and implies that Americans of all faiths who support Israel, and especially those who oppose the Obama administration’s hostility to Israel, are disloyal to the United States.

MMfA senior fellow M.J. Rosenberg is particularly fond of the term “Israel Firster,” and frequently uses it–and worse–terms to attack the pro-Israel cause.

This article talks about the goings-on in Trump's circle with McMaster. It looks like McMaster defended Trump when the Russian accusations came up, but Breitbart turned on McMaster over his positions on the Middle East:
Quote:The knives are coming out for H.R. McMaster
Natasha Bertrand, Aug. 4, 2017
Allies of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon intensified their battle against national security adviser H.R. McMaster this week as McMaster began asserting more control over the National Security Council and fired officials appointed by his immediate predecessor, Michael Flynn. ... "There is a split in the White House between the Bannon camp of ideologues and the McMaster-Mattis-Tillerson camp of more centrist intellectuals," Pete Mansoor, a retired Army colonel who worked closely with McMaster, told Politico.
[Image: donald%20trump%20hr%20mcmaster.jpg]
Trump shaking hands with McMaster

McMaster has gone to bat for Trump in the past. He defended him to reporters after Trump disclosed Israeli intelligence to Russian diplomats in the Oval Office. And he said he "would not be concerned" if Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, had asked to set up a secret back-channel method of communication with Moscow during the transition period.

But right-wing media outlets like Breitbart have long harbored suspicions about McMaster, who persuaded Trump to stay away from the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" in a speech to Middle Eastern leaders in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Since the firings, administration officials speaking anonymously to conservative-leaning news outlets have accused McMaster of being "anti-Israel" and opposing "everything the president wants to do." ... Shares of a Breitbart story titled "NSC Purge: McMaster 'Deeply Hostile to Israel and to Trump'" have increased by 2,300% since Wednesday, according to the site, and "clearance," "McMaster," and "Susan Rice" were among the top and trending topics.

They are covering this over on the MMO Champion forum, talking about how Breitbart is trying to take out McMaster over the Mideast stuff:
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01-07-2018, 12:09 PM
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RE: The Militaristic Grip of Breitbart on Alternative News Audiences and the White House
This Breitbart article was posted on the MMO Forum:
Quote:According to senior officials aware of his behavior, [McMaster] constantly refers to Israel as the occupying power and insists falsely and constantly that a country named Palestine existed where Israel is located until 1948 when it was destroyed by the Jews.

Many of you will remember that a few days before Trump’s visit to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – .... and his advisers were blindsided when the Americans suddenly told them that no Israeli official was allowed to accompany Trump to the Western Wall.

What hasn’t been reported is that it was McMaster who pressured Trump to agree not to let Netanyahu accompany him to the Western Wall. At the time, I and other reporters were led to believe that this was the decision of rogue anti-Israel officers at the US consulate in Jerusalem. But it wasn’t. It was McMaster.
[McMaster] fires all of Trump’s loyalists and replaces them with Trump’s opponents, like Kris Bauman, an Israel hater and Hamas supporter who McMaster hired to work on the Israel-Palestinian desk. He allows anti-Israel, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Iran Obama people like Robert Malley to walk around the NSC and tell people what to do and think. He has left Ben (reporters know nothing about foreign policy and I lied to sell them the Iran deal) Rhodes’ and Valerie Jarrett’s people in place.
You can't really trust Breitbart for anything, like whether McMaster said Palestine "was destroyed by the Jews" or someone is actually an Israel "hater" instead of a liberal critic. Breitbart is like an old "yellow press" tabloid that focuses on politics on behalf of a special interest group and got a 10 million dollar loan from some shady source and now is covering millions of viewers.


The pro-Israel aspect of it? Well Breitbart and Bannon have deep ties with the far right in Israel, who are not too happy they aren't getting what they imagined Trump would deliver for them: A blank check on settlements.
They want McMaster gone and are pressuring Trump to do so.

[Image: DGUEX4PUMAIoZ8L.jpg:large]

It's a hit job on McMaster.
Article after article on Breitbart appearing targeting him.
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01-08-2018, 11:49 AM
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RE: The Militaristic Grip of Breitbart on Alternative News Audiences and the White House
nice compilation of info
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01-08-2018, 12:01 PM
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RE: The Militaristic Grip of Breitbart on Alternative News Audiences and the White House
Breitbart will lose if it tries to bring down Trump, just like the leftist media lost.

Wouldn't surprise me if their ratings are already in decline.
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