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Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
01-07-2018, 06:25 PM
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RE: Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
here's Something About Linda
Tripp may have helped trigger the Lewinsky scandal, but tales of her manipulations may now be key to Clinton's counterattack
By Eric Pooley
TIME magazine

(TIME, October 5) -- Notes for a book proposal: How to Bring Down Bill Clinton, by Linda R. Tripp. Part 1: Befriend a young woman who has caught the President's wandering eye. "Tripp advised Lewinsky that she was the kind of woman the President would like, and an affair with the President would be a neat thing to tell her grandkids," according to an FBI report prepared for Ken Starr. Then she discovered that Lewinsky and Clinton were already involved. "Tripp kept hounding Lewinsky until Lewinsky finally said, 'Look, I've already had an affair with him and it's over,'" the report said.

Part 2: Fuel Monica's obsession with Clinton--and get the evidence. Tripp coached Lewinsky in her campaign to rekindle the affair, secretly tape-recorded her confessions and got her to document her encounters and preserve crucial evidence. Claiming she was good at identifying "patterns" in relationships, Tripp had Lewinsky create a spreadsheet detailing her visits and phone calls with Clinton. She talked Lewinsky out of having the semen-stained dress cleaned, telling her not to wear it because it made her "look fat," and advising her to lock it in a safe-deposit box because "it could be evidence one day," according to Lewinsky. "And I said that was ludicrous." Tripp helped her compose letters to Clinton and sent her e-mail messages praising a tie she had given him ("stupendous, no kidding, clean, crisp, texture, color, pattern, bright, without being at all over the top") and a valentine Monica placed in the Washington Post.

This makes it seem as if Tripp came along after the initial affair and manipulated Monica into reigniting it so they could get evidence. Monica obviously knew what she was doing at this stage, but not necessarily when the affair first began.
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01-08-2018, 04:58 AM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2018 05:01 AM by Rako.)
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RE: Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
Yes, that is how she tells it. It reminds me of the drug running or informant stories where the official story is that the person was a criminal approached by some agency to work for them or become an informant, and in reality they could have been cooperating all along. It seems more likely to me that she already knew Tripp, a good handler, than that her friend just happened to be in that position with those skills. Either way, at some point it became a honey trap.
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08-10-2018, 07:03 PM
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RE: Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
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07-11-2019, 06:15 AM
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RE: Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
Bill Clinton Was Blackmailed by Netanyahu Over Monica Sex Tapes
Quote:Clinton Inc. : The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, states that Netanyahu was using intercepted phone sex conversations between the president and Lewinsky to force the release of American Jonathan Pollard, who had been caught spying on behalf of the Israelis. Clinton was keen to play ball with Netanyhu and soon followed with a desperate plea to release Pollard but was denied at the time by CIA director George Tenet.

The book written by Weekly Standard Editor Daniel Halper, who also claims that other sex calls with other women were intercepted by the British and Russians. “‘Foreign spies weren’t the only ones who knew about the couple’s phone sex,” the book states. One thing is certain here: the Clinton administration was one of the most compromised and vulnerable presidencies in American history.

These and other revelation should put a crimp in the Hillary 2016 campaign, as Americans begin to ask whether or not Hillary only stayed married to Bill to further her own aspirations of power – meaning the marriage – at least from 1995 (conservative estimate), has been one big public act.

Majority of the book was compiled by using paperwork named the “Monica Files” obtained by a team of lawyers and investigators hired by Lewinsky as a legal defense in case action was taken against the President, and obtained exclusively by Halper.

During a 1998 meeting in Maryland, Netanyahu revealed to Clinton that the Israelis had listened to his sex calls with Lewinsky but told the President he’d “threw away the tapes,” assuming Clinton would arrange for the release of Pollard. Of course, “threw away the tapes” is code for, ‘we still have them and if you want them to stay buried then play ball with us’.

According to the “Monica Files,” Clinton often used the White House theater just steps away from First Lady Hillary Clinton’s East Wing office, for many of his sexual escapades. The President would then pleasure himself while describing what he was wearing which consisted of his “blue tighties” and a gray University of Arkansas sweatshirt.
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07-11-2019, 10:43 AM
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RE: Was Monica Lewinsky Part of a Honey Trap?
Oh snap, is that why they made George Tenet the fall guy for the rise of Al-Qaeda?
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