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Mob hitman who claims to have killed JFK to be released
11-09-2015, 01:17 AM
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Mob hitman who claims to have killed JFK to be released
A lot of these old hitmen and gangsters greatly exaggerate and outright fabricate their deeds. I read a lot of books where they do that, one about Joe Dogs, one about Monster Kody, one about the Iceman. They were all some truth and a lot of fiction. It's still fun to consider this stuff, though.

Mob hitman who says he was the man on the grassy knoll and killed JFK to be released - and he still insists he did it

James Files claims in the documentary I Killed JFK that he was the man who killed President John F. Kennedy
Files was moved from a high security jail to a less secure one in Illinois as he prepares for his release next spring after 36 years behind bars
Files says he was standing on the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 and fired the shot that killed Pres. Kennedy
He also claims that Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a single shot, and that his boss Charles 'Chuckie' Nicoletti was in the book depository
Files claims that the CIA turned against Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs Invasion and plotted with the mafia to kill the president


A man who claims he assassinated President John F. Kennedy has been moved this week from a high security jail to a less secure one in Illinois in preparation for his release next spring after 36 years behind bars.

James Files, 72, says that he was the man on the grassy knoll back on November 22, 1963, and that he fired the bullet into Kennedy's head that ultimately killed him.

Now, the CIA and other US secret agencies are preparing for scores of conspiracy theories as Files identifies himself yet again as the missing piece of the Kennedy story.

[Image: 235_B407200000578_2843665_image_8_1416553017465.jpg]
Confession: James Files (above) says he is the man who assassinated Pres. John F. Kennedy

Files says the other shot that hit Kennedy came from his boss, Charles 'Chuckie' Nicoletti, who was hiding out in the book depository, the same place Lee Harvey Oswald is believed to have been at the time of the shooting.

The Sunday Express reports that Files claims there was a conspiracy between the mafia and the CIA to kill Kennedy. Such claims could lead to Files being called to Washington to give a testimony under oath.

Files was a Vietnam war veteran who was also part of a team that trained a militia for the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

He said that many in the CIA turned against Kennedy when he called for a stop of the secret operation.

Files was kicked out of the military and became the right hand man to Chicago mafia chief Charles 'Chuckie' Nicoletti, who was a hitman for Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana.

Files, who is currently serving time for being an accessory incident and feared Kennedy was going to shut down the agency. He claims that the CIA called in mobsters to carry out a killing in Dallas.

[Image: 235_B35_E000000578_2843665_image_9_1416553044910.jpg]

Files also says that Oswald, who was charged, but then shot dead before he could be tried or convicted in the killing, never fired a single shot.

He described what happened in a new documentary that aired on Newsmax TV, I Killed JFK.

He says he chose the grassy knoll so he could pretend to be a worker at a nearby rail yard, and come and go without being noticed.

Then, as President Kennedy's motorcade approached, he sprung into action.

'I was aiming at his right eye. When I pulled the trigger it was almost like looking from six feet away through the scope,' he explains.

'As I squeezed his head moved forward. I missed and got it right along the temple, right behind the eye. I squeezed off my round. I hit him and blew his head backward. I fired one shot and one shot only.'

He then walked off with no one noticing, not even the two police officers he claims were standing 25 feet away.

[Image: 235_B2_DBB00000578_2843665_image_10_1416553053770.jpg]
Hideout: Files also claims his boss, Charles “Chuckie” Nicoletti, was in the nearby book depository (above), and not Lee Harvey Oswald

He did however leave a trinket, biting down on the shell casing that came from his gun.

The documentary claims that casing matches one a young boy and his father found buried in the knoll over 20 years later.

At least one former FBI agent, Zack Shelton, believes Files story, including the location from which he shot Kennedy.

'I have tried to verify Files' story. A lot of that story I have been able to verify,' says Shleton.

But five government investigations since the assassination have determined it was Oswald who shot Kennedy.

Oswald always denied being the assassin, but was shot dead by nightclub boss Jack Ruby before he could go on trial for murder.

Assassination expert and British author Matthew Smith said: 'I have always thought there were two shooters on the grassy knoll. I have no doubt the CIA was involved.'

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11-10-2015, 08:43 AM
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RE: Mob hitman who claims to have killed JFK to be released
Lamar Waldron has written a trilogy of books claiming that the Mafia was behind JFK's killing, in particular New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, along with Santo Traficante (Miami boss) and Sam Giancana, mentioned in the article.

It will be interesting to hear Waldron's take on James Files.


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11-29-2019, 08:23 PM
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RE: Mob hitman who claims to have killed JFK to be released
The newest Martin Scorsese film "The Irishman" on Netflix endorses the mafia JFK assassination theory.

In early 2018, Vulture ran an interview with then 85-year-old composer and producer Quincy Jones. The exchange stretched beyond the typical bounds of celebrity-reporter lunch chatter, expanding, almost immediately, into a semi-fantastical realm, as Jones lobbed assessments on everything from Michael Jackson to Big Pharma to astrology to the Clintons within the first few paragraphs alone. At one point, interviewer David Marchese asked: What’s something you wish you didn’t know? Jones answered: “Who killed Kennedy.”

When Marchese pressed the producer, he singled out Sam Giancana, a Chicago gangster whose name has floated around Kennedy conspiracy circles for decades. Jones was hinting at a well-trod conspiracy theory that the mob had helped elect John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1960; that they had turned on him after Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy began targeting their ranks; and that they orchestrated JFK’s murder in revenge.
In the background of The Irishman, Jones’ theory looms large. During a dinner scene, Bufalino warns that Hoffa may be in danger: “If they can knock off a president,” he says, “they can knock off the president of a union.” And Kennedy’s alleged mafia ties are omnipresent in the film, as Scorsese draws a tight comparison between Sheeran—an Irish guy embraced by the mob, who turned against the man who made him—and the first Catholic president, accused of doing the same.

The Kennedy-mob ties theory dates back to the 1960 election, when a tight race between JFK and Richard Nixon was decided by a difference of just 113,000 votes—the smallest margin in history. The verdict was instantly shrouded by conspiracy claims. “You gotta swallow this one,” a strategist says in Oliver Stone’s Nixon (1995) of Kennedy’s victory. “They stole it fair and square.” Rumors swirled that Kennedy’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, had used mob connections in Chicago to fix votes in Illinois, one of two key states in determining the election. Decades later, when journalist Seymour Hersh published The Dark Side of Camelot in 1998, he claimed that Kennedy Sr. had set up a meeting with Sam Giancana—of Quincy Jones’ theory fame—to leverage the power of his Chicago mob syndicate in the election.

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11-29-2019, 08:34 PM
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RE: Mob hitman who claims to have killed JFK to be released
In the book version of I Heard You Paint Houses, Sheeran and Brandts’s allegations about the JFK assassination are quite clear. Citing Mob Lawyer, a 1994 memoir from Hoffa’s lawyer Frank Ragano, Brandt described a conversation where Hoffa and Bufalino imagined killing Bobby Kennedy. “The consensus reached in the discussion,” Brandt wrote, “was that if something happened to Bobby, Jack would unleash the dogs. But if something happened to Jack, Vice President Lyndon Johnson would become the president, and it was no secret that Lyndon hated Bobby. Lyndon, it was agreed, definitely would get rid of Bobby as attorney general... Jimmy Hoffa said, ‘Damn right he would. He hates him as much as I do.’”
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