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Full Version: Boston runners were warned: Squamish man
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Boston runners were warned: Squamish man
Heiliger 'stunned' by explosions, but escapes injury in marathon finish-line blasts

April 15, 2013

Ben Lypka

Runners getting set to take part in the Boston Marathon were warned beforehand that they were going to die, said a Squamish resident who took part in the race.

Mike Heiliger, 59, said a woman holding several bags was telling runners who were picking up their pre-race packages in downtown Boston on Saturday (April 13) that they were going to die if they participated in the event.

“I was downtown on Saturday and you know, you see these people on the street and think it's just some nutbar,” he told The Chief from his Boston hotel on Monday (April 15). “It was a little creepy because you can identify who the runners are and I heard her say to this runner two feet away from me that, 'If you run tomorrow you're going to die.'”

Heiliger said he thought about telling the woman that the race was Monday, but decided not to correct her.

Heiliger was in the process of calling the police after his conversation with The Chief.

“I thought it was just a nut and maybe she was a nut but she was holding a couple of bags like she just got off a plane and was accosting runners on Saturday,” he said.

The Squamish resident was one of a group of about 15 runners from the North Shore and he said they're all fine.

“We all run in a run club and as far as I know all of our people are OK,” he said. “Some of them didn't get to finish, unfortunately, because when the bomb went off — that was it. They [race officials] stopped everybody.”

Heiliger finished the race in 3:29:51 and was making his way back to his hotel when the explosions went off.

“I was just coming to the hotel and I heard all these sirens,” he said. “But you're in a big city and when you hear sirens you think nothing of it.”

It was the fourth time Heiliger had raced in Boston and said the scene was disturbing.

“I'm just stunned right now,” he said. “It's a terrible situation. Boston has really embraced this race, they really get up for this thing and they're so friendly. For something like this to happen it's mind boggling.”

He said whoever set up the explosions had put some thought into it.

“Whoever did this knew what they were doing,” he said. “They knew where to put where the most people were.”

Despite the disastrous day, Heiliger said the tragedy will not dampen his enthusiasm for the race.

“I think I would still come back to Boston,” he said. “I bet security will be insane from here on in but I take the attitude that if you stay away, you let the crazies win. Time will tell what comes of this. This is huge. They [locals] want to hang someone out on the streets.”

For updates on this developing story, check back with http://www.squamishchief.com or see this week's print edition of The Chief.

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Could someone post this on the OG? lol

Just got frozen because i posted a thread about a Boston news story from last week about 50 bombs found on the streets of Boston area.

Fucking ridiculous over there........mention my name too, ok. lol
Are you from Squamish Fugazi? If so, we're practically neighbors.
(04-16-2013 10:00 AM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]Are you from Squamish Fugazi? If so, we're practically neighbors.

Nope. Michigan. I'm just a googling mother fucker.
Great find.

lesson is... don't write people off as nuts.
That's a shame. Squamish is a really beautiful town nestled in the coastal mountain valley just north of Vancouver along the sea-to-sky highway on the way up to Whistler. Good economy too!

[Image: DSCF0413.jpg]

[Image: dtown-squamish.jpg]

[Image: ShannonFalls3.jpg]

[Image: howesound.jpg]

^^^That was for Fugazi, of course!
British Columbia is so beautiful. I would live in Vancouver over Seattle any day.

Although the chinese immigrants there are quickly ruining everything.

Sent from my Samsuck Clone S3 using Crapatalk
Well, we do have an immigration-based economy. They're bringin' in those bucks!
Im going to personally see to it that no Commonwealth nation accepts you.
Don't do that ol' fren. My situation is tenuous enough here.

(04-16-2013 04:28 PM)Hellfire Awaits Wrote: [ -> ]British Columbia is so beautiful. I would live in Vancouver over Seattle any day.

Although the chinese immigrants there are quickly ruining everything.

Sent from my Samsuck Clone S3 using Crapatalk

Well I do wish they'd stop throwing their damned Asian carp into my local trout fishing lakes, I will say that. Damned invasive fish species will kill those lakes soon enough, I reckon.
Try carp fishing, they taste like shit but make good fertilizer + they go harder than bitch ass trout.
I did catch a big sturgeon on the Fraser River when I was a kid. It was like hauling in a tree.

Wasn't near as big as this one though!

North America has such great land.

natural beauty.
Megatherium, that looks like beautiful territory. Do they allow permanent camping/car sleeping? Wink
Yesterday on the OG, you were getting hammered by everyone after you stated that the city tweeted they were going to be detonating bombs, like it was a pre planned drill. Everyone was saying how stupid you were for saying that and that it wasn't part of a drill, but it was the un-detonated bombs that they had found.

Well, the Governor came out and stated, there were no unexploded bombs found. so, you were correct. I can't find that thread on there so I can point this fact out. But I wanted you to know.
Thanks, Gonzo. I got frozen there after that so I can't post now....lol

Pathetic thought control going on over there.

Hey, you should post the Family Guy link I just posted here. That should stir up some shit.
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