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Full Version: CNN confuses sex toy banner for ISIS flag at Pride
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stupid cunts

[Image: cnn1.jpg]

After a day that has seen Britain come to terms with the deaths of a high number of British tourists in Tunisia, following an attack linked to ISIS (Islamic State), CNN claimed that an ISIS flag was flown at London’s Pride celebrations. Earlier today, PinkNews reported that security was stepped up at the event following yesterday’s terrorist attacks in France and Tunisia.

[Image: cnn2.jpg]

“The ISIS flag amongst a sea of rainbow colours was spotted by a CNN international assignment editor,” said the show’s anchor.

Fortunately for the organizers of Pride in London, but unfortunately for CNN editor Lucy Pawle, the flag shown to shocked viewers across the world was in fact a celebration of anal sex toys. The varieties can be seen in the closeup below.

[Image: closeupcnn.jpg]

listen to the stupid bitch propagating this garbage, she doesnt know what a butt-plug looks like lol

[Image: twitterrt.jpg]
"the marking on that flag isnt arabic its dildo's"

bwa ha ha, yizzall fucked lulz
Lol. CNN is going to root out terrorism wherever they find it.
It's amazing how bad a news station can suck at news.
Nah, CNN gave up covering news years ago. This is great stuff though.

* "they were weapons of ass destruction..."
Lol. Great thread.
Considering ISIS consists of a bunch of A-holes, the flag seems appropriate.
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