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Full Version: 6/26 and gay marriage in relation to the next Presidential election....
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...what's not mentioned in the mainstream press, amidst all the celebration and congratulations, is that the majority of the black electorate in America is conservative and does not in same-sex marriage. the Supreme Court, in making same-sex marriage legal, may have handed a lot of votes from the normal Democratic bloc to that other bloc that could take advantage of that issue???!!!
I would've thought that the passage of the ERA would have come before this. Meryl Streep the other day was calling for Congress to get to this...as have been a lot of prominent actresses have been very vocal about this lately. But looks like there hasn't been a lot of ground-swell, across-the-board support to get this going back on the fast-track...fascinating???!!!
What would the ERA do? There isn't a single right that men have that women don't.

Personally I don't think gay marriage will do anything for converting blacks to Republican. The way to get the black vote is to change your name to something that sounds black and then only have black people in your television ads.
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