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Full Version: Photoshop experts. No legs? Sandy Hook
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[Image: article-2296922-18D5CB10000005DC-682_634x419.jpg]

little girl on left appears to have no legs. Or am I just seeing things?
It does appear that way, but maybe it's just an optical illusion?

The family did admit to photoshopping their children into pictures so it's possible this one has also been altered in some way.

It does seem like their legs should be visible but you can really see any.
the girls's legs seem just to melt into robbie's thighs

yeah I think the mom was forced to admit she photoshopped some pictures because some of them are just too obvious

but still.. why photoshop the pics?

these are clearly pics originally shot in a pro studio... why the need for photoshop?

Well, the mom is a professional photographer. So I'm not sure they bothered using a studio.

I would assume there's a good chance they just made these themselves.
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