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Full Version: A section of men in Nyeri welcome metallic genital protector
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On Tuesday we brought the story of a rather unique innovation following the upsurge of incidents of women chopping off the genitals of their men in Nyeri county and now a section of men in the embattled county have welcomed the mettallic anti- chop gear, saying that it will go a long way in protecting their manhood and that aside, they are even calling on the government to subsidize the cost of the gadget to salvage a dire situation. Franklin Macharia reports.

I think I would prefer to remain single in that culture.

They chop off a man's dick for being drunk and irresponsible. Will that help, do they think?

lol @ this
An officer commnading a police division in Nyeri has cautioned men to be very alert especially when near angry women in Nyeri. This warning came after yet another woman allegedly chopped off her husband’s privates.

There is hope for the Nyeri men who had their genitals cut as reconstructive surgeons confirm that not much damage was done. Already reconstructive surgery has been done on the latest victim and he is recuperating. Irene Choge spoke to a reconstructive surgeon and also a Urologist and tells us what such a process entails.

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