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Full Version: I have returned
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It's not really my style to make a thread announcing my return, as a semi-humble, self-deprecating individual, but it seems to be the theme of the last 24 hours here, so I'll complete a trifecta of return threads.

I hate to possibly overstate my importance, fearing to be perceived as pompous rather than truly seeing myself as insignificant, but I have contributed a lot to the Jew-awareness of this message board, and likely a factor in more of that at mma.tv as well. I used to feel like the only one rowing in that direction here, though there was always at least one or two others, if not as frequent of posters.

The last time I returned turned out to be very short lived. "I'm back." (not in a dedicated thread of course) and then immediately gone again even longer until my return early this morning. I suppose I was inspired by how I've gotten sucked back into posting on mma.tv in the last week, and after seeing EY in a couple threads I posted in, I thought, "It's time".

I've been trying to get more stuff done outside the internet lately, without much success, as I remain far from the self-mastery I seek, but I have used the time of reflection (more than you can imagine, no pun intended) to come up with great plans for myself moving forward. Even though I'm a bit old for it in my early 30's now, I'll be going back to school in the fall after hopefully cramming in three math books of knowledge in the mean time (would've been nice to start a month ago, might be too late, setting me back six months). If I successfully apply myself at that and in small college, I'll be in one of the very top engineering schools in the US in a year and a half.

As much as I feel like I can educate people online and so forth, I think the cause of truth needs more money behind it more than anything right now (plenty of voices, not enough distribution), and since I know I can earn well if I apply myself, that is the thing to do. I was essentially too much of a nihilist in my younger years to care about anything beyond living in reasonable comfort and pursuing my interests, but I now see higher stakes. Even if part of me wishes to just give up, the intelligence tests I've done in the last year, knowledge of my creativity, and knowing I'm part of a minority of freethinkers beyond that shows me, for better and worse, that I have a duty.

Now that the self-important diatribe is out of the way, it's very nice to see EY, Redneck, Don Johnson, you others, and even Hellfire Awaits when he surfaces again.
good to have you back Reflexion. I love reading our archive from time to time, you'll find that I repped a couple of your old posts while you were gone.

welcome back reflexion
Thanks guys, good to be back.

EY, you've rescinded that you "always enjoy my posts"? Sad Lol

edit: Maybe I dreamt of it, unless you have the magic ability to edit without it being on the record, haha.
i was going to add something more to my post but I think I deleted it.. was going to comment about some of your thoughts

i do enjoy your posts.. whether I agree with them or not

you put thought into your stuff
So, it's been a time of Reflexion then?

*I have always enjoyed your posts!
Right on, I kinda thought maybe it was "Taking this long to acknowledge those welcoming you back? Fuck you, no more 'enjoy all your posts.'" hahahaha.
(06-19-2015 03:43 PM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]So, it's been a time of Reflexion then?

*I have always enjoyed your posts!

Most certainly.

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