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Full Version: Dallas Police Station Shootout Van Looks Familiar
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[Image: CHXW2CjUsAER3Al.jpg]

Van above is from the shootout last night.

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Identical looking van being auctioned on EBay a week or so ago and was used by the Dallas police department SWAT team....apparently.

so what's the story here? false flag?
where does it say that the van was used (or once owned) by the DPD swat team?
(06-14-2015 02:12 AM)Daglord Wrote: [ -> ]where does it say that the van was used (or once owned) by the DPD swat team?

My sources within the DPD. But they wish to remain anonymous.
On a somewhat related note (not really)...

Is this why Texas is the focal point of the Jade Helm drills?

Gov. Abbott signs bill establishing state gold depository

Texas will soon be repatriating their gold from N.Y.(and serving as an alternative gold storage destination) ...

them's fighting words.
There is no gold.
Quote:Dallas, TX — James Boulware launched an assault with explosives and automatic weapons against the Dallas police department just after midnight on Friday. Hours later he was killed by a police sniper.

Boulware was in an armored van that he purchased the week before in Newnan, Georgia. He planted pipe bombs around the police station and had more inside his van.

During a 9-1-1 call with police, which was placed by Boulware, he ranted to police telling them that he was angry with them for taking his son, according to Chief David Brown.

“We believe this suspect meant to kill officers,” Brown said. “We barely survived the intentions of this suspect.”

Fortunately, no one but Boulware was killed

In April, Boulware lost custody of his son. He said that CPS had taken them away and he said the police were responsible for the subsequent loss of custody.

Boulware had been involved in a number of domestic disputes and was eventually arrested and charged for assault and battery. However, many of the charges would later be dropped.


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