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Full Version: A Recipe For Success - Zuffa Enters Asian Food Market
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Having secured the eyeballs of Asia, martial arts entertainment producers Zuffa are now poised to capture the stomachs of hungry Filipino fight fans with a tasty offering. Brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta know a thing or two about spaghetti and the launch of their newest offering, UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce is based on the traditional Sicilian spaghetti sauce recipe of Mama Fertitta with a unique Filipino twist developed by chef Lorenzo himself while tirelessly travelling the Asian continent spreading the cage fighting gospel. It's a protein-packed Fertitta family staple guaranteed to burn fat and add muscle to even the most sedentary cage fighting fan.

You too can look like a fight producer!

lol pretty funny spin
Now I'm starving for some chicken parm and spaghetti
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