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Full Version: Don't cure a disease. TREAT it! $$$$
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In the old days of advertising, cigarette companies would just flat-out lie about how cigarettes of a certain brand were healthier and calmed one's nerves better…etc. Of course, the calming came because the addiction was being fed. Once you get addicted to nicotine and then don't replenish the addiction, it makes you get agitated and the central nervous system is being fucked with (nicotine is a poison that targets the central nervous system)….So, when you replenish the addiction, it "calms" you down…Of course, it's a deception.

But, nowadays, everyone….EVERYONE…knows that cigarettes are poisonous and addictive and they have no redeeming value to them -other than to the nicotine addict.

So what?

So the cigarette industry is alive and well and making armies worth of people sick and in need of…treatment. What about a cure for the addiction, though? No. Foregt it. We need the treatment for cigarette smoking. They need the industry that that ONE poison (nicotine) has created. Think about the others now…Sugar…"Instant" foods….Convenience foods…Drive-thrus…Microwaveable things…

Whether fast or slow acting, these are forms of poisons….and they are being dangled in front of every one of us all the time.

The industry of sick people is big, BIG business. Cancer treatment and cancer-causing substances feed upon one another.

And, at the end of the treatments that cost you, your family and everyone's life savings, you still die…because big pharma, doesn't want you to be cured. They want you as sick as they can possibly make you with all the chemicals they put into all the things that they expect (and KNOW) you will consume. Cigarettes taught them that. Cigarettes taught the lesson that, EVEN WHEN PEOPLE KNOW they will get sick and KNOW they are consuming poison (because they put it on the label), they still do it, anyway. And what's better than people willing to sacrifice themselves on the Rx altar? But, on the other hand…What kind of industry can morally base its production on human poison? LOL What a fucking planet, huh? Think about that for just a sec….

Big Pharma walks into a smokey bar filled with alcoholics….millions are made *ba-DOOM-PAH! TSSSH!*Tongue
Speaking of that, I recently read about the new hepatitis treatment that cures over 90% of cases. I believe it's just one pill a day for a few months....but the pills are $1000 each. Apparently congress has tried to take action to force the pharmaceutical company to make the pill more affordable, but does the pharmaceutical company really have that obligation if they can show they spent say, $10bil developing the drug? Also, would making this miracle drug affordable to everyone or available through ACA/medicaid actually have a negative effect by lessening the stigma and risk of using IV drugs? Something like how government subsidized abortion on demand has become a form of birth control for those too irresponsible to practice safe sex?
According to the FDA's bull shit narrative, only toxic drugs can cure or prevent a disease/illness.

The reality is, exercise and a healthy diet are the number one way to prevent and treat virtually any disease or illness. Never a guarantee, but still the best way.

Anybody who hasn't watched Food Inc. needs to check it out. Doctors in Mexico have CURED CANCER by injecting their patients with a few hundred thousand IUs of VITAMIN C. Antioxidants fight free radicals, and the vitamins empower the immune system to fight the cancer. This procedure is of course illegal in the U.S. because since vitamin C is not a drug, it can't possibly cure any disease or illness.

Compare this approach, empowering the immune system, to the standard practice of Western medicine. In Western medicine, they use chemotherapy in the attempt to destroy the cancer. Of course, your immune system is also crushed by the treatment.

This entirely anti naturopathic view point began over a hundred years ago. The main culprits were key members of Skull and Bones, the Rockefellers, and Johns Hopkins University.

"If it ain't toxic, it can't prevent or cure shit."

-The FDA
A lot of Dr's prescribe preventative medicine, i.e. nutritional diet and exercise because they know it's effective and they know that the body's immune system does the heavy lifting. However, that's not textbook treatment. That's rogue care... which is insane because it's also common sense.
(06-13-2015 07:31 AM)Penxv Wrote: [ -> ]A lot of Dr's prescribe preventative medicine, i.e. nutritional diet and exercise because they know it's effective and they know that the body's immune system does the heavy lifting. However, that's not textbook treatment. That's rogue care... which is insane because it's also common sense.

Ya, just like cops, not all doctors are bad. Also just like cops, plenty among the medical community have God complexes. Only fitting for priests and acolytes of the new religion of the state.
Doctors have little to do with it. The way it works is this: Pharma creates a drug…They "make it available" to doctors to prescribe. If the hospital or clinic or whatever doesn't write "X" number of prescriptions for it, then the moneys funding the hospital or clinic "mysteriously" dwindle. So, these places are coerced (but not in a technically-illegal sense) to sell the poisons to the patients….thus, maintaining a population of sick people who will never get well. Since the doctors are not chemical researchers, they depend that the information about the drugs is accurate….And, again, technically, all the information is written down on a sheet that is included with the prescription -a sheet that describes the chemicals, the purported effect and the known side-effects -which are OFTEN much worse than the original malady!!!

The doctors are often very nice people with their minds and hearts in the right place…but they, too, are being manipulated and lied to by the place that makes the wheels go 'round and 'round.

It is my personal belief that aging men should avoid getting hooked on all the bullshit blood thinners and testosterone pills and pretty much anything. Aging men should exercise more, eat fresh foods and try to avoid stressful situations in order to maintain a healthy life. Listen….We're all going to die. You'd best try to find a few hours to explore the world around you and really take a look up from what you've been doing most of your life. It's all that focus on money and making it and doing it under fluorescent lighting and people getting pissed at you and all the social crap at the job. If that sounds familiar and you are approaching 50 years old, then you better consider it. Because, I can almost guarantee you that if you think going in for regular checkups and having your colon probed is going to help you live longer, and you can't see the irony in that….then you're likely going to be in for a surprise. Eventually, they WILL find something inside you. You WILL have an organ that will start to fail. You will suffer great back pain. Your vision and hearing will wear out. Do you need to be treated for any of it? I say NO! I say that's normal wear and tear and it's t be expected. It sucks, yeah. But don't stress about it. Don't sell the farm to pay for the treatment. Just accept it and roll with it until you roll out of this world. You can't live forever. But you can live BETTER.
Everything is a money grab and it's a goddam shame.

How much money did Terry Fox alone raise for cancer research? Probably over a Trillion by now.

Yeah, cancer ain't never, ever going away when there's that much cheddar involved.

What a fucking world we live in.
Oh and if anyone here knows or knows about anyone who became a medical doctor because they genuinely wanted to help people I'd love to hear about it.

People become doctors for prestige and to get rich.

Shame that.
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