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Full Version: 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup: Thai'ladyboy'land National Team
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Uhhh... Not positive about this, but I'm guessing FIFA must not have enough money left to cover gender testing for the Women's world cup after all the international delligates' bribes are factored in. AHAHAHA!

I started watching the first match Norway vs Thailand. When they panned over to the Thai girls I fell on the floor howling hysterically. Went to the FIFA website to confirm what I actually just witnessed then had to put together a little montage for you guys. Enjoy. Smile

I would imagine the team handshakes was the first time the Norway girls saw their opponents. Yikes!

[Image: screen10.png]


[Image: tha.png] THAILAND
[Image: 262407.png][Image: 262409.png][Image: 387002.png]
[Image: 227262.png][Image: 387003.png][Image: 227280.png]
[Image: 387007.png][Image: 227259.png][Image: 387009.png]
[Image: 262413.png][Image: 387010.png][Image: 387011.png][Image: 227264.png][Image: 262415.png][Image: 387012.png]
[Image: 348414.png][Image: 200458.png][Image: 387014.png]
[Image: 387015.png][Image: 387016.png][Image: 339794.png]
[Image: 387017.png][Image: 387018.png][Image: 341873.png]
This should be satire, but I'm betting it's not.

LOL! That is hilarious!
This is actually a real problem in international women's soccer. I know a few of the Iranian women's team were found to be men, and I believe another Asian team was suspected of having men on the women's team.

There's some manly lesbians on the US team, but as far as we know they were all born women.
this is not fair
If they cut off their penis its okay though right? Or do they merely have to declare they are a woman on the inside. I am not clear about the rules here.
One, maybe two girls, haha. Good for them, it's high time someone made a mockery of this.

I hope they win gold. I want to see everybody choke to death on PC vomit.
It's funny because some of them are not even trying to look feminine, they are just guys.

In a world where Bruce Jenner is labelled as heroic and Fallon Fox can fight women in the UFC, I see no reason to discriminate against these "women".
(06-08-2015 11:38 AM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]One, maybe two girls, haha. Good for them, it's high time someone made a mockery of this.

I hope they win gold. I want to see everybody choke to death on PC vomit.

I am using that boss! It's gold!
[Image: thai-girl-vs-thai-guy.jpg]
Personally, as a rabid feminist, I find this unfair and degrading to women.

So now all a man has to do is claim he's a woman on the inside and then go and take their spot on a team?

Maybe they should create a separate league of these type of people.

It's not fair to people who are actually born a woman and want to compete IMO.
Yeah, and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

If you say anything against it, you're a hater and Social Justice Warriors will try to get you fired, because they're so tolerant.

Wonderful, isn't it?

Mega had it right: I want to see everybody choke to death on PC vomit.
FIFA has been shamed into only making teams & their doctors do their own self administered gender verification then signing a document for them. lol. They/IOC/everybody have been murdered in the press for even doing and Gender-type verification being called sexist & outdated in today's modern feminist/LGBT/politically correct world. Well I see that works for a level playing field here doesn't it. Someone needs to go to the press and push for investigation. There is a huge story here.
This is the REAL team, no?

[Image: playboy-Team-thailand.jpg]
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