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Full Version: Jeb Bush to announce White House Bid
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Bush will announce his election campaign on June 15. He will have to defeat numerous other Republican candidates before he can challenge Clinton, but the chances are fairly good for another Bush-Clinton election campaign.

How crazy is it that this can potentially happen, that we are even discussing it? Dynasties rule America and the people still cling to that nonsense about Democracy, are they all reallly that engrossed in their bread and circuses that they allow this to happen? Sorry for all the rhetorical questions, it really does puzzle me how the people can accept this and allow it to happen.
american dupes have this idea that any reg. joe can become president if he works hard enough within the system. such a joke.

the US is ruled by dynastic families at the presidential level. Behind them, their backers are also part of dynastic banking families.

are people really this naive that after the french revolution the people became the government? Power works the same way everywhere. The principles of power DO NOT CHANGE. The big boy controls the little boy. YOU ARE THE LITTLE BOI

Try not paying your taxes in the US. JAIL. you know what that's called? Authoritarianism. RULE BY FORCE.
There is usually a token 'free' candidate like Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich but he's always marginalized and treated like he's some kind of a nut.
the fringe candidates are used to swing the vote in one direction or another.

in a lot of sham democracies there is a tiny 3rd party that can be used to swing the vote.

the new komeito party in japan operates in this manner
[Image: The-illusion-of-free-choice.jpg]
"The public sucks, fuck hope."

- George Carlin

That guy really was something. He was SNL's very first host and I've never seen that episode. I should get on that.
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