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Full Version: Major "coup" for Masato....k.d. lang now posting over at his forum under "Som Pong"
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With already a bevy of "heavy hitters" posting over at the "desert" as it's called to us regulars, k.d. will make an EXCELLENT addition to an already stacked line up. I mean with big names like Anti D, superCalo, daglord, Megatherium, The Diet Butcher, Masato Toys and even the Shropshire Lad himself EVILYOSHIDA posting as his alias Edge Guerrero it's quickly becoming a dream team for any forum.

Strange that despite being an ardent/militant Lesbian and Feminist she would use the screen name of a banned EY.com member in the much to EY's chagrin still loved and respected Som Pong. This guy could simply could NOT stop posting cocks. I think he suffered from what seemed to be a psycho sexual disorder and I hope he got it sorted.

Seems Galt is in a bit of a financial situation right now and has resorted to panhandling over at the 'desert'. This is strange because of the fact that Som Pong claims he is friends with "the guys who run Pirate Bay" as well as running a lucrative ''loan shark'' operation. The loansharking and exploitation should come as no surprise and Som Pong knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about (1/4)

I also find it odd that as an experienced ''fluffer" who is still in his "fluffing prime" as he claims REFUSES to charge for his services which are pretty well known around the gay community according to scene queens like PUBLICnoose and CanUCKster®.


(Here is a picture of k.d. lang posted with a Thai fan after a performance recently in Bangkok. Seems the Thais LOVE k.d. lang due to her openness and freedom with her sexuality)

[Image: article-1020446-0145295D00000578-441_634x418.jpg]

[Image: kd_lang-250x333.jpg]
"I wanted to join EY.com at first but was a little thrown off at by all the incessant talk about the various cock sizes and colors. Yes its true Galt seemed to post ginger cocks nonstop but when he did it was very Pavlovian of him."

-k.d. lang

[Image: GALTBanner.jpg]

[Image: Xx2RPAQ.gif]
LOL, you're such an asshole dude I love it.
WTF happened to that dog?
(06-03-2015 10:33 PM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]LOL, you're such an asshole dude I love it.

Here Winnson you can have this one, This gif is appropriate now and can be used in the future if you find yourself in a similar precarious situation.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Quote:WTF happened to that dog?

I would think you of all people would understand and sympathize with Marnie. It's a Texas thang mane. H Town. North Side. 2 Cups. Purple Drank got him leaning sidewayz.

[Image: 11bbb3c6a62b0e4950b1ba5e5c51e4ef]

Ask EY who represents the Big D or G.A.L.T who reps the whole state with his dog adoption agency and moving that cheese all across Da Lone Star State.

[Image: 5gFmKBAMMIe9iaM65ua--l3gZ5oeEP0mzOJFftWk...426-h240-n]

Lol, don't think he'll take the bait. But maybe he will.
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