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Full Version: Cool Prank. Homeless offers people money.
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Pretty cool vid. Good social experiment.

If that happened to me I would instantly assume it was a scam, and decline his offer.
^ good call
the problem is I don't think some of the rejecters saw it as a scam.. they thought they were too high class to take the money.
^^ Probably, but I wouldn't take money from a stranger in the street, there's no such thing as something for nothing, no free lunches in this world.
Wow. Some real assholes in this world.
Can't believe anyone would take his money. Let alone taking his money and calling him a prick. Wtf was that about?
^ LA.
I think my reaction would be the similar to the chick.

"I got no money sorry"
Then feel shamed into giving him some money when worked out he's actually offering money.
Good way to busk really
i have called out these types before.

I say "social experiment" and they just laugh.

painfully obvious by their demeanor and attitude.
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