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Full Version: Stevia's a contraceptive
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Book written in the 70's contributed by Obama's science advisor Paul J. Holdren about the various ways to decrease world population including the use of stevia, a known contraceptive.

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Pretty interesting and definitely worth further investigation.
Seems pretty cut and dry. Eugenicists don't joke around when they talk about depopulation.

Avoid stevia like the plaque unless infertility sounds like a positive thing to you.
Did some quick reading on this today, there's a lot of debate on this.
Could be much ado about nothing. And also this.
I'm more concerned about the effects of aspartame and such. Certain people need to watch their sugar intake and stevia is, hopefully, a healthy and natural alternative.
I recently discovered that there's an artificial sweetener, called sucralose (I've probably seen the name many times before but never paid attention to it). As near as I can tell it has no negative side effects, has no calories, is several times sweeter than sugar so you need less of it, and doesn't cause tooth decay.
splenda has sucralose
This might explain why Coca Cola has released a new version of Coke, which contains Stevia.

What does an illuminati corporation name a drink that makes you sterile?

Life, of course, they love irony.

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Coca-Cola Life: 35% reduced kids.
I had such high hopes for "The Violin: an Apology to Women"

I think he should refocus on that.
DQ, man. He's great on the Internet.
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