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among college educated couples. 90% of divorces filed by the woman.

this statistic is absolutely mind blowing. basically any female that eats up modern education/culture is a ticking time bomb.

snatch a small town traditional girl of peace and prosperity.
foreign art students yo

worked for me
Yeah just go for high school ones


if you can bag the high school love. then that's your best chance of making it in today's world.

[Image: Heritage.jpg]

if you can bag a virgin. you'd be low risk. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Heh, you said snatch.
[Image: Heritage.jpg]

Isn't this just saying the more promiscuous you are, the less likely you are to stay married?

Wow, what a shocker.
trend is only true for women tho. they become psychologically damaged with promiscuity.
(05-25-2015 09:27 AM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]trend is only true for women tho. they become psychologically damaged with promiscuity.

Harder to produce oxytocin, which contributes to trust and forming bonds.
isn't this what I told you before?

I told you education doesn't matter. you were using education as an argument as a credit I remember.
you got the wrong guy.

i've broken up with every educated intellectual girl i've ever dated in my life. i know this is true. i don't like intellectual type of women.

i need my women emotional and clingy.
i remember I was criticizing one of your girls.. and you were like "she's educated with a master's degree blah blah blah"

and I was like education has no bearing on the emotional/moral quality of a woman.
Dont get married, period. Odds are always against you. Why would a seasoned gambler bet the rest of his life on a real longshot? Just keep rotating gfs every couple of years. IMO.
^ if you do not have children you have failed biologically.

i would only advocate not having children getting married for people who want to speak against the establishment.

this is why the celibate priest class was able to hold down the new world order for so long.
I think you either have kids out of love or you don't. cant be rationalized. If you look at it as just a biological mission then its no different than accumulating a lot wealth. Its masonic way of looking at life imo.
there are a lot of benefits to not getting married.. esp. if you're in the arts or music.

i find when people have kids and get married they start losing some of that creativity
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