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Full Version: "Sam Harris and the dangers of false atheism"
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Recently, a heated email exchange occurred between Noam Chomsky and Sam Harris. It was another nail in the coffin of a movement that was almost taken seriously when it was launched ten years ago. But something was rotten in the kingdom of New Atheists from the very start. Christopher Hitchens brought all of his newfound love for war to the movement. Sam Harris was writing things like “Some beliefs are so dangerous that it may be ethical to kill people for believing them”. And soon it became obvious who we were supposed to be “ethically killing”. It just so happened to be the same people that were already being killed – in Iraq and Afghanistan – and the whole thing was just too convenient. In the eyes of many progressives around the world, New Atheists were nothing more than apologists for neoconservative militarism.

None of Sam Harris’ efforts in this matter are about making the world a better place. There is nothing atheistic in replacing the concept of God with an absolute faith in the country one lives in. There are dangers in not thinking, and negating every single fact that contradicts one’s view of the world. In fact we have a word for that: fundamentalism. - See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/05/harris-dan...V2xHR.dpuf

Why Don’t I Criticize Israel?

Sam Harris
[Image: gaza.jpg]
Israeli bombing of Gaza

What do we know of the Palestinians? What would the Palestinians do to the Jews in Israel if the power imbalance were reversed? Well, they have told us what they would do. For some reason, Israel’s critics just don’t want to believe the worst about a group like Hamas, even when it declares the worst of itself. We’ve already had a Holocaust and several other genocides in the 20th century. People are capable of committing genocide. When they tell us they intend to commit genocide, we should listen. There is every reason to believe that the Palestinians would kill all the Jews in Israel if they could. Would every Palestinian support genocide? Of course not. But vast numbers of them—and of Muslims throughout the world—would.

These incompatible religious attachments to this land have made it impossible for Muslims and Jews to negotiate like rational human beings, and they have made it impossible for them to live in peace. But the onus is still more on the side of the Muslims here. Even on their worst day, the Israelis act with greater care and compassion and self-criticism than Muslim combatants have anywhere, ever.
How many Israeli kids are in Palestinian jails?
Hundreds of Palestinian kids are in Israeli ones.
they are all neocons.

nothing really to see.

Hitchens was exposed as a neocon and lost most of his cred.

and not surprisingly Hitchens was a trotskyite just like all the other founding neocon warmongerers.

I love how they play a little controlled opposition thing with his bro HAHAHA.
Sam harris is totally delusional.

these pseudo intellectuals have been exposed.

being verbose and flowery with your writing doesn't impress people that much these days.

Cut the bullshit.
Noam "gatekeeper" Chomsky.

gimme a break boy.

You've been exposed.

this guy has said nothing of substance for a long long time.

pseudo intellectuals.

I suggest people read Thomas Aquinas or Marcus Aurelius.
noam "UN socialism" Chomsky vs. Sam "Zion" Harris

pick your controlled opposition
Atheism isn't a philosophical or political system. Why do these idiots keep trying to make it one?
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