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Full Version: Manny Pacquiao: From Catholicism to Zionism
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Boxer Pacquiao packs punch with Israel support

Ahead of ‘fight of the century’ against Mayweather, promoter recounts pugilist’s mansion full of mezuzahs and steadfast backing for Jewish state

There might not be any members of the tribe in the ring when Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather duke it out in a highly anticipated title fight late Saturday, but one of the boxers likely glanced at a mezuzah on his way to the bout.

Pacquiao, a Filipino born-again Christian, has the Jewish ritual door amulets all over his house, promoter Bob Arum told an Israeli journalist recently.

“All over, I couldn’t believe. Every door has a big mezuzah,” Arum, who is Jewish, told Israeli journalist Elie Seckbach at a pre-fight gathering in Las Vegas. “I never had a fighter put a mezuzah up.”

In a video posted on YouTube, Seckbach tells Arum that Pacquiao told him “boker tov” and “baruch Hashem,” Hebrew for “good morning” and “God bless,” before making a statement in support of Israel.
Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao Names Son Israel, Mezuzahs Revealed

Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee welcomed a baby boy last Sunday whom they named Israel, Phil Boxing reported.

Too many punches to the head.
Not really surprising if he's Born Again. They tend to think that the apocalypse is imminent and want to be "right with Israel" in God's sight.
Elie Seckbach rhymes with smelly ballsack.
Maybe he thought the jew god would be powerful enough to defeat floyd mayweather.

clearly he wasnt.

Even more reason to be in Floyd's camp.
Your God determines your religion.

Same God same religion.
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