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Full Version: Biker Gang Shootout in Waco, Texas
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Nine people have been killed and another 18 injured during a shootout between five rival motorcycle gangs in Waco, Texas.

Fighting broke out in the bathroom of the popular Twin Peaks restaurant before spilling into a car park as the bikers attacked each other with clubs, chains and knives before opening fire on each other, Waco Police Sergeant W Patrick Swanton said.

Eight of the bikers died at the scene, with another dying in hospital. Eighteen others were taken to hospitals with injuries including stab and gunshot wounds and 192 people were arrested in connection with the violence on Sunday night.

Sgt Swanton said: "This is probably one of the most gruesome scenes I've ever seen in my 34 years of law enforcement.

"I was amazed that we didn't have innocent civilians killed or injured.

"This is not something we're playing around with. This is a major crime scene... it is a pretty gruesome scene."

He added that the interior of the restaurant was littered with bullet casings, knives, clubs, bodies and pools of blood. Up to 100 weapons are also thought to have been recovered.
[Image: kwtx-tv-1-480x360.jpg]
Bikers mill about in the area near the scene of the deadly shooting

Many of those arrested were detained arriving at the scene with weapons to try and continue the fight.

Authorities in Waco have increased security to prevent outbreaks of further violence. Parts of downtown remained on lockdown on Monday, including the bridges crossing the Brazos River.

Five rival biker gangs gathered at the Twin Peaks restaurant for a meeting about turf and recruitment, Sgt Swanton said. The location, off Interstate 35, also holds a shopping centre.

A preliminary investigation said a dispute broke out in a bathroom, which they escalated with knives and firearms. There were up to 200 gang members inside the restaurant.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara said all nine people killed were members of the Bandidos or Cossacks gangs.

Police were aware of the meeting in advance, with at least 12 Waco officers as well as state troopers positioned outside the restaurant before the shooting started.

Sgt Swanton said: "We've been made aware in the past few months of rival biker gangs... being here and causing issues."

He added that officers shot some of the armed bikers to prevent further deaths and that the restaurant operators were aware of the meeting in advance. It was unknown if any of the nine killed were shot by police officers.

Paul Gadley from KWTX said shots had been fired at police, who had fired back during the incident.

He said the authorities had been aware for some time of the possibility of trouble brewing between rival biker gangs.

He told Sky News: "We've been hearing noise about such a thing being imminent for several weeks.

"Waco Police had been keeping a close eye on this restaurant, especially on Thursday night, when they have so-called biker night."

Rick Van Warner, a spokesman for the Dallas-based corporate franchisor, said the company was reviewing the circumstances around the shooting and was "seriously considering revoking" the Waco restaurant's franchise agreement.

He said the company was "very upset that clearly our standards of safety and security were not upheld in this particular case".
A few of the gangs involved: http://news.sky.com/story/1486180/who-ar...-bloodshed

Who Are Feared Biker Gangs In Texas Bloodshed?

Bandidos are one of the world's most feared and aggressive motorcycle gangs - and "protect their turf hard," say experts

[Image: 117207271-1-762x428.jpg]
Terrified families watched in horror as rival gangs attacked each other with clubs, knives and chains outside the Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill, an infamous biker watering hole in Waco.

Officials have not named the chapters involved, but Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton said up to five gangs were involved. He declined to give names.

Photographs of the dozens arrested show many in leather jackets bearing the names of three motorcycle gangs: Bandidos, Cossacks and Scimitars.

Sgt Swanton described the bikers as dangerous - and added: "This is not a bunch of doctors and dentists and lawyers riding Harleys. These are criminals on Harley-Davidsons."

He said the fight "started over a parking issue" - but another law enforcement official said the rivals need no incitement, and simply crossing paths is enough to spark violence.

The rivalry between US biker gangs began in 1969 when a member of the Outlaws raped the wife of a Hells Angel.

In revenge, Hells Angels members almost beat the rapist to death in New York.

Outlaws kidnapped three Hells Angels and shot them at pointblank range. Their bodies were thrown in a Florida quarry.

Since then there has been tit-for-tat biker gang violence all over the world.

So what do we know about the Bandidos, Cossacks and Scimitars involved in the Twin Peaks bloodbath?

:: Bandidos

They are the largest of the three named gangs, and have an estimated 2,400 members in 22 countries around the world.

The FBI has classified them as an organised crime syndicate, engaged in murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and gun running.

The club was formed by Vietnam War veteran Donald Chambers in San Leon, Texas, in 1966, and their motto is "we are the people our parents warned us about".

Their patch is a man in a sombrero holding a sword and a gun. They have a saying: "Cut one, we all bleed."

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, they are the most dangerous biker gang in the state.

Officials have classified them as a "Tier 2 threat" - the second-highest level - "responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime across urban, suburban and rural areas of Texas".

Worldwide, the Bandidos were involved in the "Great Nordic Biker War" with Hells Angels in Scandinavia from 1994 to 1997.

Gun fights, bombs and even an anti-tank missile fired at a prison cell holding a Bandidos member resulted in an estimated 11 murders and 74 attempted murders.

They were also involved in the largest mass killing in the history of Ontario, Canada, when they carried out an "internal cleansing" in 2006. Eight members were found shot dead in cars.

Duncan McNab, who has written three books on biker gang culture, told Sky News: "The Bandidos are probably the second largest gang in North America.

"They've been around a long time and they've spread into Europe and Australia and more recently South East Asia. They are a very powerful, very aggressive group who protect their turf hard."

:: Cossacks

The rivalry between the Cossacks and Bandidos goes back to at least 2013 when Bandidos leader Curtis Jack Lewis allegedly stabbed two Cossacks outside a restaurant in Texas.

Photographs of Cossacks arrested in Waco show mainly white gang members sporting neo-Nazi tattoos and symbols.

They were founded in Texas in 1969, according to the book The One Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.

Their colours are gold and black, and their patch is a cossack warrior brandishing a sword.

Their motto is "we take care of our own".

Although relatively small in the US, they are one of the major motorcycle groups in Australia.

:: Scimitars

The Scimitars are the least well known of the gangs involved in the shootout.

They are aligned with the Cossacks, and have previously supported them in their feud with the Bandidos.

The gang was formed in Texas and their patch is a red-eyed skull on two crossed scimitars.
Quote:"I was amazed that we didn't have innocent civilians killed or injured.

I wonder if that is because these bikers tend to be well acquainted and well practiced with firearms. In places like NYC or Chicago, the gangsters don't exactly get to practice shooting very often, and they often don't even know how to operate their guns properly.
I heard that maybe it was the cops that shot first. That is not confirmed though, just something I read on the OG.
192 arrested. Waco jail's gonna be a party tonight.
They got a supermax right down the road. Most well-organized MCs have lawyers on retainer though. Dem lawyers going to be earning their keep for a bit.

Here's the OG thread for reference: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2...s/?&page=1

Ever since the Hell's Angels rented out the Ramada Inn in Winnipeg when I worked there, I've been kind of fascinated by biker gangs.

They are very interesting people.
Thank goodness the Sons of Anarchy (SAMCRO), the Mayans and the Niners were not involved!


"SAMCRO keeps meth traffickers and drug dealers out of Charming, which puts them at odds with the meth-distributing white supremacist Nordics (aka Nords), headed by Ernest Darby. This earns them respect and admiration from the townspeople, who believe the Sons do more to protect their town than its own police. SAMCRO also has to deal with a rival, Oakland-based motorcycle club (MC), the Mayans led by Marcus Alvarez (played by Emilio Rivera, who also appeared in The Shield as Mexican drug dealer Navarro Quintero). Other groups in SAMCRO's orbit include the San Francisco–based Chinese mafia Lin Triad, led by Henry Lin; the Italian American Cacuzza crime family; the Real IRA (aka RIRA) of Ireland, which supplies them with illegal Russian-made guns; the "One-Niners", an African American street gang (who also appeared on The Shield, thus possibly putting the two in the same fictional universe) to whom SAMCRO sell weapons; and various affiliates in the state prison system, where many members of the club have been incarcerated at one time or another. These gangs serve important roles in either being enemies of the clubs or soon to be partners with the MC to bring in more money."
[Image: 311b8d25beb0549eaacc6cc6819dba97.jpg]
Quote:Police were aware of the meeting in advance, with at least 12 Waco officers as well as state troopers positioned outside the restaurant before the shooting started.
Quote:"Waco Police had been keeping a close eye on this restaurant, especially on Thursday night, when they have so-called biker night."
Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting Updates: 14 Police Officers Fired “thousands of rounds” on 200 Bikers Killing 9, Wounding 18 – Two Thirds Of Those Arrested Had No Prior Criminal History…

Posted on May 21, 2015 by sundance

IRONY – The death toll from the “Twin Peaks” shootout was greater than the total number of homicides Waco police investigated in all of 2014 – And all of the “Twin Peaks” dead were shot by police.

Previously Waco Police Spokesman W. Patrick Swanton stated 22 members of law enforcement were present prior to the outbreak of the shooting. Including 10 members of the Waco SWAT unit, 2 sergeants, 1 rookie, the Asst. Police Chief and 4 state troopers.

Newly released information today includes the Waco Police stating 14 Waco PD officers were involved in firing shots which killed 9 bike club members and wounded 18 more.

Quote:The 14 officers involved in the gun battle are all now on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer-involved shootings, Swanton said.

In addition Sgt Swanton previously stated that all of the 170 arrested bikers were known “criminal gang members”. However, a review by the Associated Press of court records finds at least 115 of the 170 had no police records.

Full article: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015...ore-101259
Quote:Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that initial police statements claimed they had “an active intelligence operation” on the “Bike Gang” which customarily would include monitoring (camera’s, video, etc) and yet the police release NO VIDEO to support their “we were under fire” claims?

A previous comment by J.D. sums up the strange sniff of it all nicely:

I’m former law enforcement for over 20 years. I have ridden with 2 different LEMC clubs. I worked undercover back in late 80’s and have dealt with 1% clubs many times. I have friends in 1% clubs.

I’m pro law enforcement but have a funny feeling that there is lots of horseshit in the story that Waco PD is telling.

I have family living and Working in that area. They have had interaction with the clubs and never felt scared or intimidated. Always felt safe.

Now are we going get the truth or more bullshit? I’m tending on believing the bikers sides on this deal more with every day that passes. Too many people arrested and charged with RICO that were just spending time at TP.

I think LE has overstepped it’s authority on filing these type charges on most these people. $1,000,000 bonds??? BS…
Quote:Even if you find reasonable excuses for all the LEO contradictions (fight in bathroom, shots inside, all killed were inside/dragged out etc.); even if you ignore all the misleading statements by law enforcement spokesman Patrick Swanton (100 weapons, 50 weapons, 1000 weapons etc); even if you ignore the lack of willingness to produce factual data to support their claims, ….you are still left with a ridiculous assertion that 170 non-criminal people deserve a million dollar bond because they rode a motorcycle last Sunday to a meeting, and possibly witnessed what happened.

The total number of bikers on scene, according to Swanton, was 200. 170 are arrested, 18 were wounded, 9 were killed, that totals 197. So only 3 people were non-conspirators?

This nonsense about weapons found in vehicles etc. is just that, nonsense.

If you go to a Waco Texas Wal-Mart on Sunday, rope off the parking lot, arrest the first 200 people you see and search their pick-up trucks, suv’s and various vehicles you’ll probably come up with a similar set of statistics.
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