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Full Version: US money destroys civil consciousness, claims United Russia MP
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US money destroys civil consciousness, claims United Russia MP
rt.com - May 14, 2015

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Irina Yarovaya (RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov)

The boost in US spending on Russian NGOs can be described as “aggressive humanitarian intervention,” the head of the State Duma Security Committee has said.

“This money is destroying civil consciousness, they organize informational provocations and teach technologies that can destroy the nation’s sovereignty and security,” MP Irina Yarovaya said in comments published on the United Russia party’s website.

She made this statement after mass media reported that the US National Endowment for Democracy spent over nine million dollars on support of Russian non-government groups in 2014 alone.

“Ukraine is the most vivid example of their ‘successful democracy’ – with all the murders of civilians, an anti-constitutional coup and the rehabilitation of Nazism,” the lawmaker added.

Yarovaya also noted that Russian citizens had the right to know which groups got paid for bringing foreign political technologies to their country and the so called law on foreign agents rightfully demanded the disclosure of this information.

This is how the U.S. and its allies operate internationally.

They spend billions on clandestine operations, which are tied to fronts such as NED/NDI/USAID/Peace Corps etc, in order to turn a country on itself. Economic sanctions can expedite this as the civilians are always the ones hit hardest by sanctions.

From there, the vultures swoop in and grab as much of the formally sovereign nations resources as they can. The fact that this strategy results in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and displacement of millions (just in the past few years) is irrelevant to the powers that be in the West.

Dupes just keep waving those flags though.
NGOs are the new freemasons, I was the first in the world to point this out.
truth telling is a thankless job.. when what you say becomes common knowledge or a reality people just think it was obvious all along.
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