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Full Version: Manny won the fight. Compubox is shit. New recount (punches landed)
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changes everything. the biased commentating really fucked with people's heads. Manny landed more punches.

thanks to CTSAR for the find.
Manny is the greatest of all time.

Thanks TECHNOLOGY for helping Manny.

you guys can slow it down to .5 for 30 fps. count it yourself.


This just in from our 1950s newsdesk: boxing is fixed.
i was shocked when even the chinese commentators kept praising floyd every round. whenever manny landed they didn't say anything. ridiculous.

i trusted my eyes...and I know what I saw.. that's why I kept saying MANNY WON. this recount is very accurate.

compubox's numbers are totally made up

it's actually a shill clicking a button. it's not even scientific.
(05-13-2015 06:17 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]thanks to CTSAR for the find.

thanks to CTSAR for keeping it in the right forum Wink

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^ what I usually do is put some of the more significant stories out in the main forum and then move the threads to the PND forum later on.

More action at first.
a bada boom!

[Image: 886f5a6803.png]
(05-13-2015 07:37 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]a bada boom!

[Image: 886f5a6803.png]

we called it even though we were watching a choppy 240p stream, wtf are those judges smoking? fuck Vegas.
yep. we have strong minds.. we weren't thrown off by the biased commentating and the biased reporting afterwards.

manny being the humble guy that he is didn't make a big deal out of it.


big ups for sticking with our guns

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It's ironic: Manny played Floyd's game (getting points) and won. He also had superb defense (which is Floyd's specialty)--dude absolutely nullified Floyd's counterattack strategy. I, like most, thought he lost because Floyd was getting clean shots on him. Manny blocked those shots with his arms or just avoided it with head movement (and the way his head moved and his hair flopped made it seem like he was getting clocked.)


yep. once you watch the HD slow mo you can tell that Manny wasn't even getting hit by a lot of those shots. he moves his head back really fast and it looks like he got clocked really hard

what's funny is Manny fought with basically a bum arm and out of his prime.

I think the jury is out.. Manny is the greatest of all time.

It's quite clear now
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I can't say I really blame the judges completely.. they did not have the benefit of HD slow mo replays.

Both fighters are lightning quick so it was hard for them.
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another cool comment:

Thank you for exposing the truth. When the fight ended I knew for sure that Mayweather had won. But the following days, I saw a comment on facebook, that said to watch the video without the sound. So, I did, and I was surprised to see that the fight was close. The fight could've went any way, with all outcome being arguable. Many punches from Floyd were being blocked, or dodge narrowly by Pacquiao. Commentary really affects your view and judgment of the fight. Again, great job! Let's SPREAD THE TRUTH!


seriously the commentating can really affect your judgement. watch it without sound like I did.
Aston Bright 14 hours ago
A f**king men. Compubox figures were lying as well as commentators being paid to make out Mayweather kicked Manny's ass. Shots that were missing or hitting Manny's gloves were stated as absolutely "clean hard punches" when they were not. Mayweather missed as much as Manny but Manny landed more frequently.
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dieselpepi 20 hours ago
The commentator Roy Jones during the match was always saying that Mayweather was winning and always talked about Money's 'greatness'. That is why a lot of people (including me) thought that Mayweather was really winning (mind conditioning). Then I found out that Mr. Jones is working for Mayweather! I watched the replay without Jone's ridiculous commentating, and indeed Pacman is the clear winner! This match reminded me of the 1st Bradley-Pacman fight where Bradley unfairly won.

Hugging and running should be banned in boxing! I don't care if it's an art or science! It's killing the sport!

Sportsfans want to see boxers punch each other, not hug and run away. Hugging we can it in the movies. Running we can see it in basketball. Not in boxing. Imagine seeing hugging and running in UFC!
some UG turds are trying to argue that the vid counted arm and shoulder shots without even watching. They're all clean body and head shots.
^ you reading my thread? lol.

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Sur2eaL - Not once during that fight AFTER the first 2 rounds did I think that Pac was going lose, Mayweather lost that fight, it was sad and comical listening to the commentators, Pac would just get done DOMINATING a round, could see clearly that Mayweather was eating punches and his "counters" were missing the mark, but low and behold some how the commentators were trying their hardest to spin it in favor of Mayweather and they were stretching FAR too swing it that way.
Hell, the dead giveaway on who was having the better rounds, look who they were focusing highlights on. Damn near every round was Pac doing work. It wasn't until the fight was over and the decision announced that they flipped and showed the same looping 4 highlight moments from Mayweather. Phone Post 3.0

good post. the whole time I thought manny was winning but the stupid chinese commentators were SO ADAMANT that floyd was winning.. I was also concurrently playing the US stream and again the commentating was in favor of Floyd... yet I stuck to my guns and felt Manny was robbed.

Manny should not have given in to all of Floyd's demands. Floyd probably arranged for the commentators to be that biased. I think most reg peeps like Manny.. everyone wanted floyd to lose..

manny won.. and is the greatest of all time.
I am, I can only lurk though, they froze me yesterday for re-posting a bad Alpha Brain review from Amazon. Sad
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