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Full Version: Manny won the fight. Compubox is shit. New recount (punches landed)
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(05-13-2015 02:37 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]the left hook that Manny lands at 3:23 alone > everything Floyd did for 12 rounds combined.

he also had floyd stunned in the 4th round with a huge left.

Manny did all the damage.
(05-13-2015 11:46 AM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]I couldn't believe the media highlights. Even Sherdog's big article headlined something like 'TOTAL SHUTOUT".

I think this gives us microcosm image of how the MSM works. Many people will say 'Well WHAT? You think everyone on the news is being forced to lie?'

You can clearly see here it doesn't work like that. People always cave in to the social pressures of their job, and business will always cave in to money and politics. This is how the control grid is created.

Did you have to pay-off or threaten every announcer and give them a script to say what you wanted? No, but they 100% sided with the house in every exchange. They are projecting a distorted reality, but they too most likely live in a distorted reality and know critical thought isn't in their best interest -Just like the MSM. No Doubt, No Guilt.

great post. people instinctively know what is good for their careers.. you don't even have to micromanage.

the top outlets set the tone and the rest follow. it's really how it works.

this manny/pac is a good case study in mass brainwashing.
unbelieveable. great vid.
we have floyd posting on the OG thread now LOL

Quote:From: PrettyBoy
I watched that vid and within 30 seconds you see it counting deflected shots for Manny lol.

This is so dumb. Manny lost get over it. The night of the fight I gave Manny 1 round. A few days later when re watching I think it was possible he won 4. But that's it.

All the scores from credible sources reflect this. Nobody who knows anything about boxing thinks Manny won. Phone Post 3.0
(05-13-2015 11:42 PM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]unbelieveable. great vid.

I guess it is true, Manny is the greatest of all time.

8 titles in 8 diff. weightclasses + beat Mayweather.

I'm guessing there will be a rematch, esp. after this vid. Mayweather is all about his legacy and a lot of people think he won unfairly.
Whatever, it's sports entertainment for the masses. The whole fight they were telling you who won so you don't even have to watch it.

I remember when I was a little kid watching an Ali fight commented on by Howard Cossell.

At one point, I asked my mum if he was watching the same fight we were. I was genuinely confused.

She laughed her head off and explained he had a job to do, and that job was saying that Ali was winning, because he was going to be picked the winner unless he got knocked out.

Mum knew what was up.
another great video. Manny clearly won:

Floyd's constant wrestling, hugging, headlocking and low blows should have lost him many points:

what a disgraceful fighter
Floyd really unsure himself in a post fight interview. He keeps trying to reaffirm that he's a better fighter than Manny. Dude is not secure about his status.

hey floyd, you lost punk.
What's sad about Mayweather is that he's got all that money and he can't trust anyone…and he's obviously insecure. He's as defensive in his speech as he is in his boxing. He's a rich man, but he's not a secure man. He seems very paranoid that people won't respect him, and yet he sucker punches opponents and uses gaming tactics to win fights. It's a very strange kind of bi-polar-ness -rich and yet insecure….successful and yet unpopular…skilled and boring.
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