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Full Version: Chinese dog leather
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Good lord! I'm warning you…DO NOT GO TO YOUTUBE and put that term into the search….This is your last warning. I don't get disturbed by hardly anything, btw…but…holy fuckig shit….

Do not buy leather goods that are made in China.

That is all.
i'm trying to put a stop to a lot of this stuff in China. I'm doing actual work to stop this.

I donate to and work with a lot of pro-dog welfare causes.

In the big cities there are actually a lot of animal lovers.. but in the 2nd tier cities, esp. in the south a lot of people abuse/eat dogs. it's sickening.

what's sad is domesticated dogs are actually from CHINA. the oldest dog breeds can all be traced back to the NE Chinese region.
There is a picture doing the rounds on social media, of a young Asian girl screaming when she finds her pet dog, roasted and for sale at a food stall.
I'm not convinced of the story behind the photo, like, why would the girl have a pet dog in a region that eats dogs and sells them at food stalls? But either way, its still a gross image.
^ yeah i've seen that one. probably fake story behind it. what worries me is that most people are just content to engage in net activism.. reposting sad stories or pleas for help. very rarely do they actually spend money or time to help dogs. I actually help dogs PHYSICALLY. i just rescued a stray that was dying of distemper. took him to the hospital for treatment. total damage 1000 USD. fixed him up and gave it back to the homeless man.

I'm also at the point where I feel worse for poor dogs than most humans.

Humans are just not that good in general.. but the best examples or humanity rise above all animals.
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