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Full Version: The Official Thread of Official Threads
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Hahahahahaha I was going to make this thread last night...but then I got bored...... bravo.
My God man! I thought this was going to be just some smart-ass thing.

I was not prepared for the level of meticulousness in OP!
Ladies and gentlemen, I have checked and every single link in OP is legit.

Excellent work!

*Rushes off to make the official thread of Excellent Work!*
The big question now is if the Official Thread of Official Threads be cataloged in alphabetical or chronological order.

I say alphabetical, for the ages.
Yeah this is pretty sweet.

I think it deserves a sticky.
I'm bookmarking this thread for sure!
You could also make this a sub forum.
(05-10-2015 10:11 AM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah this is pretty sweet.

I think it deserves a sticky.

Done and done.
Perfect. I think Anti-Dis one upped you though. His thread has gifs.

Go ban that guy or something for basking in the glory of all your hard work.

God I love this place!

If he had come here first and linked this thread to the thread he linked to this thread, I would think he was a genius.

antisestablishmentterrianism, you have been measured and fallen short. Stay in school.
So close, yet so far.
Missed it by that much....

great thread, which is rare because I usually fucking loathe the word 'official'.

This should be stickied!
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