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Full Version: LIVE NOW: RT non-stop coverage of V-Day Parades from across Russia
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I think it is brilliant of Putin to make such a big deal about the 70 year anniversary, such a great way to promote unity among Russians.
Xi Jinping front row center. I can't believe Washington sped the rise of this inevitable Russo-Chinese economic & military alliance. In the long run they no can defend.

It's really sad. This should be a celebration with all the allied leaders or their representatives. My neo-nazi affiliated PM Harper should be ashamed.
The West, specifically Washington, doesn't recognize the victory as theirs. D-Day, rather than the end of the war, is the anniversary they hold dear.
Alexander Ovechkin was wearing a big flower pre the Caps/Rangers game tonight. Or a ribbon maybe?
lol. the broadcasting board of governors are frothing at the mouth watching this
*Breaking News*

We have a live feed away from Moscow Square of a drunken Comrade Dagwood celebrating the V -Day parades with the rest of the average destitute Russians living off a Median wealth lower than that of the average Indian.

[Image: drunk-russian-miner-o.gif]
1.5 hour parade.

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