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Full Version: Mayweather - Pacquiao Discussion thread
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love the use of inspirational christian music in the intro.

Who are you rooting for Prof?
great narration too.

Guy has a good voice, enunciation.. not cheesy.

Super well made doc.
Manny all the way.
If Manny wins this he will be the greatest of all time.
pac has to beat him twice..

floyd has a rematch clause.

I hope pac KTFOs him so he would be scared of a rematch.

pac needs to finish him.
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I think pac can expose mayweather. Mayweather does not handle lefties, speed, active fighters (who throw a lot of punches), and most importantly straight punches very well. Watch all his previous fights and you see him consistently get hit (albeit minimal because the fighters he picks are not greatly skilled at the above traits) with these type of punches/punchers. Pacquiao will be a nightmare for him to handle. I’m glad they met face to face so Mayweather can think he is bigger, taller, stronger.

The last time Mayweather had doubts was against Cotto and he struggled in that fight, landed a low percentage of punches and got bloodied up. I think he's going to have serious doubts going into this fight and it will show.

Foreman was undefeated like Mayweather. Ali had losses like Pacquiao. Foreman was untested like Mayweather, Ali had won battles like Pacquiao. Foreman was favored like Mayweather, Ali was indomitable like Pacquiao.
There’s hype, and then there’s greatness. There will be an upset on May 2.

Pacman will rise to the occasion!
Its going to be a tough fight for Pac I think, but he has God on his side, I think he has the bigger heart of the two, and this could make the difference. Pac's fighting for an entire nation, Mayweather is fighting for the money and the fame.
yes but according to the christians satan has dominion over this earth
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Punch Drunk?

^Maybe just senile.

The show begins in 90 minutes
the event has started.

manny will fight in 88 minutes.
Watching now, my feed may be in Spanish though.
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