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Full Version: Baltimore Riots. Wilding out
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Race war is already here.

crazy vid. going after the girl. they seem to be going after anyone that's white


(04-27-2015 02:42 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]

so sad. arrest all the thugs

poor russian girl lost her bag.

She needs to know about the hood
[Image: 11193367_10153205326810726_2866816115595...a3a69b180c]

"take her purse. it's our fault!" - white cuckold
(04-27-2015 02:46 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-27-2015 02:17 PM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]crazy vid. going after the girl. they seem to be going after anyone that's white

sup with the techno music in the background

seems like its coming from the bar where its all white peepo.
And people here think that beauty (Negerdämmerung / the twilight of the blacks) is a complete joke, or that I am trolling here.

This is just a small TASTE of what you nutless cuckolds are going to see in the future.

Whites are today a minority of people born in the US. The US is on its very last legs culturally, economically, and socially.

You think the Afro-American blacks is bad enough in the year 2015? Today he benefits from food stamps, subsidized heating, government housing, welfare, and all other benefits. He is pacified by marijuana and a prison system where he is surrounded by armed guards.

Just wait until the US government is unable to provide these basic services. Then you are REALLY going to wish that your ancestors had picked their own cotton.

This shit is going to make the Liberian civil war look like a middle school sleepover. Your daughter will be raped. Your sons will be raped. Your dog and cat will be raped.

Shitty economy + no government services + guns everywhere + blacks brainwashed by liberalism + weak, cuckolded whytes = Category 5 disaster. You better believe 'dat!

on the hot trails of beauty.

is this real life right now?

The US prison system is so overloaded that the government has to turn to private contractors in order to fulfill their quota of blacks inmates.

What's going to happen when the government can no longer provide even basic services? Hey, it could happen here. Look at Spain. Look at Greece. Austerity had totally destroyed their quality of life.

Greece is so poor now that kids are starving at school and houses go dark at night for want of electricity. But Greece is not infested by millions of thirsty orcs.

California is setting inmates loose in the streets because the government can no longer afford to house excess criminals. This is going to end in complete pandemonium.

Young, urban white people are 100% subverted by liberalism, so you can guarantee that they won't do shit to stand up for themselves, either.

(04-27-2015 02:14 PM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]Race war is already here.

Look how well fed and well dressed those negros are. And yet they are angry and belligerent.

Just wait until the US cuts back on food stamps, subsidized housing, education, etc.

Imagine how much worse Detroit would look if negros had to steal in order to feed themselves.... Detroit already looks like a third world dump, and the crime there would spiral out into all neighborhoods within a 50 mile radius.

If you really want to get angry, don't bother watching youtube videos of negros rioting.

Go look at social media sites that are the voice of this young white generation... buzzfeed.com, Gawker, xojane, jezebel (these two are VERY popular among white females), VICE news, reddit, etc.

Virtually all of them are blaming their own race and making excuses for this blacks tomfoolery. To give you one example, right after the Ferguson riots:

[Image: IkOMVaV.jpg]


I had a bunch of white friends from college post this BS on facebook. There's really no point in teaching them that this is a retarded false equivalency. The brainwashing runs too deep.

The ONLY whites that are halfway sane live in rural areas, never went to college, or were raised with conservative Christian values... Today they are a small minority of white, college age millennials and are rapidly shrinking.

And even the US conservatives are being brainwashed into supporting Israel / evil jewish agendas. The rabbit hole never ends here, it only spirals deeper and deeper into a Africa-sized pile of feces.

It is you nutless cuckolds who drank the Jewish kool-aid and turned back on the wisdom of your ancestors. Young white Americans are the ONLY people who are not allowed to be proud of their ancestors, their heritage, or their history. You did this to yourselves. If you have any conscience, you will stare at yourself in the mirror every night and cry yourself to sleep in repentence.

You do not stand a sodomite's chance in hell when beauty happens. It is what it is. The war is going to be long and devastating.

And then there are these retards who go:

"BUT YOU GUIS! THE blacks is NOT the problem here! It's the fault of the elites! WE need to OVERTHROW THE ELITES!"

Yeah we know that banksters, war contractors, lobbyists, etc. are destroying the country. No shit sherlock.

What's ironic is that you want to overthrow the "white man in charge" (actually dominated by Jews) but ALL of these left/wing anarchist movements are also being directed by cultural elites. Dumb dumb.

What race do you think contributes the vast majority of intellectuals and cultural Marxists? Jews, Jews, and goyim who are friendly to the Jews. They are the ones diverting your anger into useless channels.

Even Alex Jones is subverted by Israel. LMAO

Imagine if the southern plantations had only used pygmy slaves. Hindsight, I know, but the outlook today would be quite different.
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